Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Earth Hour? Not for these couples..

If you are not familiar with Earth Hour (which you may have seen pop up on twitter yesterday) it is suppose to be a time where WE, us good citizens, take an hour out of out day and try to save the planet. On March 25th around 8:00 pm EST, we are suppose to all join in and cut off all of our lights. Seems to be a good notion, right? Usually it has been, but not for these couples, who were ROBBED during this hour.
Read the article below.

March 25, 2010.
Earth Hour was suppose to be something good to celebrate. What started off as a friendly caring guesture to help our planet with global warming, ending with two couples being robbed.
William and Mary Lewis, from Albany, NY decided to participate in Earth Hour with their kids. They had explained to them what they were doing and what exactly it was for. This however took a turn for the worse around 8:20pm.
"We heard a windown break, coming from the kitchen. It startled us both," William describes the occurence. "I asked Mary if I should turn the lights on to see what the noise was and she told me NO! I would ruin Earth Hour."
The burglars rambled throughout the house from twenty-five minutes, leaving with ipods, television sets, and even a valuable set of golf clubs.
They also had one major request upon bumping into the Lewis' in the darkened hallway.
"Freddie Macs latest mixtape!!" They screamed, Mary explains. "They told us numerous times that they were not leaving without it. We explained that it is scheduled to be released on March 30th but they wouldn't let up."
After back and forth arguing and constantly walking into items in the house, the burglars left without harming anyone.
This was indeed a sad case. If anyone has any information, please contact your local authorities.
The Lewis' were unable to give a description due to the darkness but they did say the robbers used a lot of slang and referred to one another has 'homie, cuzz, mayn, and maah nigga."


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