Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Trav Dave Weekend!

The homie @TravDave visited DC for his birthday weekend and we went out and explored the city for a good minute. Check out the footage and stay tuned for that YBR project coming late April/Early May!!

Texting/Calling The Morning After? The Proper Protocol

Okay, we've all done this before in our lives. If not, shame on you. You know, the "infamous" morning after text/call. Usually after some type of sexual relations have went down the night before, but what does this mean? Some of us may get confused and by us I mean, GUYS, because we are the ones who are usually left with the decision to text or call the next day.

From the get go, let me say that the next time you contact your partner/jumpoff/person you just had sex with,
it SHOULD NOT be a text. I know we live in the textual world at the moment and some of us LIVE off texting but please don't send a text as your NEXT REACH OUT. It's LOW. Very low I must say. A phone call goes a long way in this day and age, especially since the guy she just left was probably an habitual texter also.
Is it needed? Of course it is and don't give the excuse that you just didn't know when to send it, or it slipped your mind because you were busy doing other things. Nah, not buying it. You weren't busy when she texted you back last night and told you to come over, so don't be "busy" the day after.

But what does it mean and when is the perfect time to hit her up the next day? I mean, I don't want to feel like a pyshco or tooo pressed. Don't worry I got ya!

The very first PHONE CALL you should make should be when you make it home. Call them to let you know that you made it, because I'm pretty sure when you left your spot, you told her,

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bux - Six Duece - Freddie Mac : Got Bars?

Fresh off hiatus, I'm back with a little something I found in the stash from a few months ago. Hit that play button below.