Monday, May 31, 2010

Tonio From Da Top - Grind Hard of Find God

A few hours earlier, Tonio blessed us with his much antiicipated mixtape Grind Hard of Find God. I'm 10 tracks into this project at the moment and I must say its pretty nice. Dont take my word for it, download it NOW. No better way to spend ya holiday than pumping this music out ya whip.

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Be Back In a Few..

Memorial Day Weekend is here.

Hope you all enjoy it.

It's family time for me so see ya when I see ya.

New, big, and better things coming next week.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kujho - Ju Music Mix

Yeah you know what that tweet from my boy Rob Hollywood means! Kujho dropped ANOTHER mix a few days ago and it is FIYA! Did you expect anything else though? Really?

Get it right here

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Tonio: From Da Top x Lil Man- Chopper Boyz

The homie Tonio dropped this link/vid off for us a few days ago on twitter. Featuring Lil Man, they both go in on this Plies track.

Check it out:

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Where Were You When...

In this new series we discuss the moments in time where you were when certain happenings in Hip Hop took place. These moments are the times you hold on to, times you remember being a part of something. Let's try to not only look back at the past, but also appreciate the things that are happening RIGHT NOW in this culture as well.

Our first moment in time deals with the day, the hour, the minute you heard Jay-Z's 'Takeover'

My recollection:
Sophomore Year. Dorm Room. The regular college bootleg kid comes by the room for his weekly sales and tells me, "I got some new shit, I know you be on that East Coast rap and all."

Everyone knew me as that guy as well. While everyone else were in this Cash Money taking over the South from No Limit phase, I was letting Jada, Styles P, DMX, and the other east coast rappers blast out of my 626.

He then handed my Jay-Z's "The Blueprint." I don't know if I was more excited about getting some new Jay or the fact that I was receiving it damn near 3-4 weeks before its scheduled release date.

I remember listening to the first verse and thinking, Ok, this regular cocky Jay. Second verse. Hmmm, he's going at Mobb Deep!

By the time the second verse ended, I rewinded it again and took it from the top. When he got to the third verse, I could not believe what I was hearing. Jay's going at Nas!?!

Sure other people may have knew there were beef and what not, but not I. Back then my resources on all the up and coming hip hop gossip and beef were limited to whatever the radio in my city let us in on, which was not much.

This track will forever be a classic!

Take a look at what some of my fellow twitter com padres had to say:

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Don Juan x Que The Future x Dawn Richard
Lookie Looky Remix

Late last night I was blessed with this new HEAT. Don Juan continues his wrath on the hip hop world with the release of this Lookie Looky Remix featuring Que and Dawn Richard. Even Dawn spits a few bars for the first time and I must admit it was better than Dj Khalad's attempt, just my opinion.

Check out the track here.

Download here

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wow, just wow.. REALLY!?

This story took place in Jerfferson County, Alabama recently. It's really sad to see things like this still goes on, but being form Mississippi, I'm not surprised at all.

Story comes from

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ala. - A high school math teacher has been suspended for using the best angles to assassinate President Obama in a geometry lesson.

Gregory Harrison was teaching his students at Corner High School in Jefferson County, Alabama about parallel line and angles.

Students say he used the example of where to stand and at what angle to shoot the president. One student says Harrison said, "If you're in this building, you would need to take this angle to shoot the president."

The school board initially let him off with a warning. After the school received complaints for the lenient punishment, Harrison was suspended pending an investigation.

The superintendent says Harrison showed a lack of judgment and embarrassed the school district.

The Secret Service investigated him but did not find him a credible threat.

Really tho? My question is other than the obvious, why did it take multiple complaints for the school board to finally take action? Smh..


Freddie Mac x Team Twillie - Get It In

Off the highly successful CHiLLED MiLK of CHOiCE mixtape, yours truly hooked up with Team Twillie for this classic track entitled 'Get It In.' Working with Twillie for the first time, even though I had knew him through mutual friends over the last couple years was a pretty smooth transition. It's nice knowing all you have to do is send him a track and you're sure to receive it back within a few days.

Listen for yourself and let me know what you think:
Freddie Mac ft. Team Twillie - Get It In

Download here.

You can also check out Team Twillie's latest project Brangin Smoke and download it for free. If you are on twitter, follow Team Twillie for music updates.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

15 years ago...

Wow, who remembers these guys? Crazy to think they were all FRESHMEN!!

Who Does It Better pt.1

Now I can really testify that these guys have been putting in work since day one. Dating back to 2006, has been on the cutting edge of marketing and advertising. Its nice to see someone I know personally STILL going at it 4 years later.

Here's a statement from their website:

Since 2006, JackMobb has provided advertising services. Over the past four years, we have established a web presence by attracting over 1 million hits a month. We have supported social organizations, music artists and other event promoters.

In 2010, we have decided to offer our merchandise online in addition to the services we've offered in the past.

As a company, we understand that planning an event or running a business can be a very challenging task. So, we provide a number of marketing services to give our clients the ability to reallocate their focus on other areas, thus maximizing their profit potential. was launched in 2006. After extensive promoting, our website received over 1 million hits a month. This opened a broader window of opportunity for our clients a more visible presence online.

I have worked with Young Jones, CEO of on many projects and the guy is very serious about his work. Trust me, you won't find too many of his cloth in the game today. I'm happy to say I know this guy personally and professionally.

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All Drae - Can I Get To Know Ya

New music from DMV's own.. Heard this track a few weeks ago, please give me the #latepass for JUST posting it, but if I post it, then you know it's pretty nice to listen to. All Drae dropped this single to me and it's been in regular rotation since then. Nice radio track, can't knock it. Take a listen and see for yourself.

All Drae - Can I Get To Know Ya

Download the track right chea..

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Monday, May 17, 2010

*I-pod Worthy
Miz Smurff - Lil Friend

Yes, its about that time again.. Miz Smurff leaked a track from her upcoming mixtape Stilettos In Da Trap 2, the follow up to the highly successful Stilettos In Da Trap hosted by Dj Boosie.

Her latest leak entitled 'Lil Friend' is a nice starter and I must admit I have NOOO PROBLEM being a chicks "lil friend" especially with a body like HERS, #justsaying. Listen and download the track below. It was produced by Heartbeatz, check it out!

Miz Smurff - Lil Friend

Download right cheaaa

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*I-pod Worthy*
Fuze B - Gone Off

Aiyoooo NEW MUSIC from the boy Fuze B. His much anticipated mixtape drops a lil later this summer and its gonna be ridiculous from the songs that he's shared with us so far. I finally got the go ahead to post one of his new joints on the new mixtape. This one is called Gone Off.

This joint has been in my head for the last few weeks, hate to admit it but you cant knock GOOD music. You can download this track right cheaaa.

You can holla at the boy Fuze B on TWITTER.

Mixtape coming soon..

If you've heard my last couple mixtapes, you've heard me scream out BUX a time or two. He has done numerous tracks with me over the past few years. I'm probably just excited as he is to hear that he is finally dropping his mixtape later this year. He came through the studio a few weeks ago and dropped off this interlude to the upcoming "Sardines with Mustard" project he's releasing a lil later.

Bux - Interlude

You can cop this track here.

Just incase you forgot, Bux spit on this joint with me as well entitled "Take It Back," download and listen to it here

Young Legend host 1st Annual Pool Party

The homie Young Legend, whom I've mentioned on the blog a time or two along with his Money Bag Fam are hosting the 1st Annual Pool Party. Special guest include Team Twillie, Tony "Lou" Writer, and Miz Smurff. With the lineup of guest, crawfish, AND LIQUOR, I'm really hating I will miss this event!

Hope everyone else who is close by is able to swing thru and shoot me a few pics as well. Make sure you add this to ya calendar, its a MUST ATTEND!

Lyriciss - Hot Music

Brand NEW Music from DMV's own, Lyriciss. This aint for you new school backpackers, but you'll prolly dig it tho. True HIP HOP HEADS will LOVE IT!

Cop it HERE

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Drake - Find your Love (Video)
....and Maliah Michel

Drake debuted his newesr video a few days ago and this is BY FAR his best video to date. Even though the song is nice and the video is damn near flawless, the model in this video is REEEDICULOUS!! Her name is Maliah Michel, view them both above and below.

Oh yeah, thank me later.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

30 years ago, today...

Well, I wasnt around 30 years ago, but pops was probably making plans for me around this time, but 30 years ago today on of the most AMAZING shots in NBA history happened.

Check it out here.

Also, Jamaal Wilkes was argued to have on the one best forms of shooting as well, check him out.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Word of the day: Double Talker

There you go boys and girls, now use it in a sentence

Meth & Redman vs Kiss & Styles P

Last night on twitter we posted the question "Who's back and forths are the sickest, Method Man & Redman or Jadakiss and Styles?" All hip hop heads KNOW that whenever these guys are on a track together, its an instant CLASSIC. This, we can not debate, BUT who's the sickest.

See if you remember these..

Remember when this debuted on Rap City? Yeah, me too..

Hmmm, I think that shuts down the conversation.

Check out what Twitter had to say..

YHGM 2nd Annual BMORE Careful Cookout (Video)

Last week I remember telling you all about this YHGM Cookout and it was a GREAT look.

Press Play below to see what you missed.

YHGM 2nd Annual Bmore Careful Cookout from Freddie Mac on Vimeo.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Luxury Life Pt.1: Aston Martin Rapide

Last night while I was suppose to be doing some work, I was flipping through the pages of the newest Upscale Magazine. As I got to the back there was a segment on the newest unique automobiles of 2010. This is where I ran across the Aston Martin Rapide. Nice huh? It could be yours for 200K as well. Whew!

Check out the walk-around video below for more drooling action:

Friday, May 7, 2010

Why Terry Crews will be the next
Samuel L. Jackson

Some of you may have seen the video above. Maybe you haven't, if not you now have. When I first saw this video, the first thing I thought was, "Daaamn, dude sho is making an ass out of himself." Sure it's an endorsement, he has to feed his family (I saw heard about the tv show a time or two) but I mean come on. Do you have to look like a complete FOOL doing it?

Ok if the commercials (there are more) were funny, not for a second, but had a LASTING appeal, I wouldn't have a problem with it. But it's not. Are gigs in Hollywood THAT hard to get? Which leads me to believe this guy will become the next Samuel L. Jackson. Mr. "Give-me-a-script-and-tell-me-what-to-wear." We all know Sammie doesnt turn down ANY ROLES. Granted, he has been in GREEEAAAATTT movies! A Time to Kill, Jungle Fever, Coach Carter wasn't that bad, who cant forget Pulp Fiction? Ok, thats cool. Do ya thang Sam. But what about Snakes On A Plane? Sphere? Even Shaft? But hey.. Feed ya family mannn.

I can dig it.

OSU shows off it's GLEEKS

Now I'm not a big fan of this show, never watched an episode, but I've been ambshed recently everywhere I go with info on this show called GLEE. It seems to be the newest phenomenon that's taking over in this day and age. I have to admit after watching this video, I may catch the show just to see what all the hype is about. This video was shot in what looks like Ohio State University Student Union.

Check it out.

You can catch new episodes of glee every Tuesday night at 9/8pm cst on Fox.

Jadakiss x Nicki Minaj
I Think She Likes Me

The Jadakiss mixtape The Champ is Here 3 dropped this past weekend and I'm just getting around to listening to it completely. This joint has some old rugged Jada (you the one we got accustomed to back in the Ruff Ryder days ) tracks throughout the entire mixtape which is most definitely a plus.

He has one track with Nicki Minaj called 'I Think She Likes Me' where Nicki still proves that whether you hate her style or barbie following, that she still is NICE AS EVER on the mic. Maybe she writes her own material, maybe she doesn't but you can't knock nice lyrics, smooth delivery, and punchlines.

Jadakiss x Nicki Minaj - I Think She Likes Me

Also Jada brings back Styles P for that classic back and forth action we always loved on a track called 'Top 5 Dead of Alive,'which now has me wanted a mixtape from Styles P ASAP! Check it out below.

Jada x Styles P - Top 5 Dead or Alive

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I must admit this was one of my favorite songs off Wale's Attention Deficit album, glad he put out a video for this joint!

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What The Cool People Are Saying About
Chilled Milk of Choice

Still, weeks after the release of Chilled Milk of Choice the love and approval from fans are still coming in. I find that to be major that people are still listening to my mixtape when others have been released (Game, Jeezy, etc). So you know its only right that I follow up this month with another one right? Yeah, gotta give the people what they want.
I snatched a few screen shots from my BB earlier to show some of the love I've been receiving. Ignore the replies will ya? Haha..

Yes, we are still working over here. I took a few days off but Im back as you can see. The post will be the place for the cool people to hang, what would you expect. This will be a hot summer for those who didn't know already. Follow me on twitterfor more entertatinment. C'mon, you know you wanna..