Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Miz Smurff - Stilettos In The Trap [Get Use To Me Edition]

Mississippi's own Miz Smurff is back with her latest mixtape, Stilettos In The Trap [Get Use To Me Edition]. I'm actually listening to this at the moment, so please come back for the review. So far so good. Way different than what I expected. Not your average "throw this pussy on a nigga" music that you probably would expect from a female. It's most definitely worth the download. Click the link below to do just that.

Miz Smurf - Stilettos In The Trap [Get Use To Me Edition]

Tangie - Well It Is

Tangie is back with another track off her upcoming project. On this one she gets a lil deeper into why men are so vane. Click play below and see why she won't "take NO for an answer."

Download Tangie - Well It Is

Team Twillie - #MobbLick

The highly anticipated project from Team Twillie dropped today and by the looks of the innanets, it's a CLASSIC. What else did you expect, he's the guy who brought you #TeamTwillieTuesday on a consecutive pace for WEEKS. Check out #MobbLick with the link below, where you are able to listen to the mixtape in its entirety and also download.

Team Twillie - #MobbLick: THE Mixtape

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Do Women Know What They Want?

Some say they want a relationship. When a guy makes a commitment, they say he's moving to fast.

Some just want to have a good time. When a guy prolongs the commitment, they say he's not serious.

Some just want to be taken care of. When a guy shows he's has everything covered, they want to claim they're Ms. Independent.

Some want to have a large family. When a guy decides to get them knocked up, they no longer wants to have kids.

I know this does not go for ALL women. Maybe any women, maybe this falls in a whole different category. Maybe I should say "GIRLS" because there is NO WAY a WOMAN should not know what she wants, right?

The Slanderers - Banned From Twitter

Just a little friendly competition we need your help with. It's all fun at the end of the day but take the time to do us this one favor. Listen to the track below and vote on who had the best verse. The verses in order of appearance are as follows: Taylor Boy, Gleams, Dash, Trav Dave, and Freddie Mac.

Hottest Verse on Banned From Twitter?
Taylor Boy Gleams Dash Trav Dave Freddie Mac

Thanks for your participation!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tangie - Crazy

Check out Tangie's FIRST video "Crazy" directed by HoodRoach

Monday, November 15, 2010

A Life on Facebook

This is THEEEE BEST VIDEO you will see this week!! Just watch.

A LIFE ON FACEBOOK from maxluere on Vimeo.

Arrogant Empire - Hi I'm High

I told you all this video was coming, very much worth the wait!!

ArrogantEmpire "Hi Im High" from Arrogant Empire on Vimeo.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

What's New Mac?

Freddie Mac discusses future projects and sheds some light on artists he's working with. Also gives a little insight into Freddie Mac Films coming soon.

Friday, November 12, 2010

J Cole - Friday Night Lights

Download J.Cole - Friday Night Lights

Friday Question of The Night

Paul Pierce Comments After South Beach Visit

Now, being a Laker fan, I'm not the biggest fan of Paul Pierce, but I will say THIS TWEET after their victory over the Miami Heat, it made me like HATE him a little less. You must admit, this is kinda funny.

Like that Bron Bron?

Someone You Should Know: Akira Dixon

If you've been on twitter over the last year, it's no way you've gone a week without seeing a link to some of the hottest celebrity and entertainment gossip news to ever hit the blog sites. That site would be Kira's Koncept. When I first saw this site pop up in my timeline, I kind of figured that it was just one of these other blogs that copied every other blog on the internet, meaning, if I checked it, it probably would have anything new. Was I wrong. Upon checking out the site, I saw that it had more to offer its readers other than the regular Rihanna pics and cheating wives. This site had substance. It had a meaning. It had the truth and ALSO a fair opinion. When I saw found out that she was from Mississippi, my home state, I had to get to know more about her. So after a few messages exchanged here and there, we finally set some time aside to discuss things she was working on and what were her plans for the future.

Kanye West: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy [Review]

I wish I could say I had high expectations for this album but after hearing over half of the tracks that were listed to be on the album, I kind of knew what to expect. I would say after seeing his 30 minute movie, I was a little excited to hear the songs I haven't heard. With that being said, I scored a link to the album last night and gave it a listen while I was at work. The picture below POST-PLAY.

Yep. Deleted. Please take my word, it's down even worth the download.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Par-City - Motivation [Behind The Scenes]

Par-City gives up a sneak peak of the making of their FIRST ORIGINAL VIDEO, titled Motivation. Directed by the infamous Mills Miller, it seems to be a pretty hot one. Dropping later this winter, make sure you come back to the site to check it out. In the mean time, check out their latest mixtape Back 2 The Basement.

Chilly Chill Radio Vol 23

These boys are back with Chilly Chill Radio Vol 23. Check their website to get caught up on the earlier episodes AND a rack of other hip hop related material. JONASTY and HOVA enters a friendly competition with the mixes below to see who receives the most downloads. No way you can lose with these two, completely a win win for us. Check the links below and get to it! Thank him!!

Chilly Chill Radio 23



Charlie Clips - Legendary (Street Album)

The boy Clips is back at it with his street album release, LEGENDARY. I've said this before and will continue to stick with it, he's the ONLY BATTLE RAPPER I've seen be able to MAKE COMPLETE SONGS!! Check out this album and see for yourself.

Download Charlie Clips - Legendary

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WTCPR presents Freddie Mac & Friends

Next Thursday, we (WTCPR) are releasing our FIRST project, Freddie Mac & Friends. Judging by the cover you should be able to tell that this project will feature Mac's latest tracks featuring some of the nicest artist on twitter. Some collaborations include Asi Frio (Arrogant Empire), Mark Milly (YHGM), Team Twillie (JackMobb), and more.
If you are on the mailing list, you should receive this no later that Monday. If not, and want to, please email imfreddiemac@gmail.com to be placed on the list.

Cam Newton; Super Ugly.

It seems like EVERY MORNING we wake up to more and more news about Auburn's Heisman hopeful quarterback, Cam Newton. Last Friday a man admitted that he sought payment on behalf on Cam Newton and his father from Mississippi State. This past Monday, it was reported that he was caught cheating on test while attending Florida University.

Although he and his father have denied these allegations, more findings are being brought to the table. I really feel like it's only a matter of time before all the information comes out. If anything was offered or negotiated, they need to bring it out now instead of waiting until five years from now like Reggie Bush. I guess it's all about the Heisman. I believe the reports. Sad as it may be, I think money had to be involved. Where there's smoke, there's a fire.

Your thoughts?


Foor those who missed it yesterday, Allure Radio brought you all TurnD Up Tuesday featuring Christine Klien, the Ex-Grilfriend of R. Kelly. She joins to talk about her tell all book and gives hints at some juicy details included. Also listen as Ms. Nique plays some of the hottest new songs out at the moment.

Listen to internet radio with AllureRadio on Blog Talk Radio

You can catch the next episode, UR2CENT Thursday; I'm Coming Out + Girl on Girl Action on 11/11. You can also follow Ms. Nique on twitter.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

NeYo - Libra Scale

NeYo's upcoming album Libra Scale comes out on 11/22 and it is a must purchase. With hits such as Champagne Life, One in a Million, and Crazy Love, it's a very nice cd to just listen to. My favorite song on the album is Telekinesis, which is posted below. Check it out, but not if you're alone, yeah, it's one of those!

Download here.
Preorder NeYo Libra Scale on iTunes.

Do Women Really Know What They Want?

A few days ago, #whatwomenwant was a popular hashtag on twitter. Some of the things I saw had me very confused. There were some women who said all the right things and then, there were some who were completely losing me with the things they were asking for. Maybe the hashtag should have been #whatwomenneed, but for one, I saw a few saying that they want to be taken care of. I found this kind of hard to believe due to the amount of women who scream that they are INDEPENDENT. A few women were saying they wanted someone who could just slang the pipe and pay a bill every now and then. What the FCUK?! Maybe I'm just following the wrong people, what do you think?
Do women really know what they want?


You may have seen this hashtag HEAVY on twitter over the last week, now listen and find out what #SlanderTheTitans is all about.

Download here

Artists in order of appearance: Freddie Mac, Chick Dash, Jay Arroyo, Taylor Boy, Trav Dave, & Gleams