Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Charlie Clips - Scooby Snacks

I dont even think I have to tell you to click the link, but just do so anyway. Clipss finally dropped this joint and I already know it's the HARDEST tape out at the moment.
Charlie Clips - Scooby Snacks
Tracklisting below

The song you were never suppose to hear

A few days ago you may have seen this tweet:

Overheard: "Im not trying to be THAT kind of friend!"

A few nights ago I hit up this event at the Expo hosted by the lovely Nekya Badd. Nice crowd, nice music, upstairs was a little heated but I blame myself mostly for wearing the long-sleeved button up (but i was trying to kill em, let me make it) but for the most part, it was a very nice event. As @DeeWoodz and I started finagling with the ladies and making fools out of ourselves, time started flying and drinks started pouring.

#8 Arianny Celeste

WHO DAT? Ariy what? Celeste!? Yes, Arianny Celeste comes in at number eight on my list. One, if NOT the ONLY reason I tune into UFC Events. Arianny is an UFC ring girl who also graced the May cover of Maxim this year. She has it all, all meaning "the LOOK."
Nice top, better bottom, and everything in between. Mexican/Filipino!? WOW! She will be turning 25 this year so yeah, she's still a youngin, maybe the youngest to make me list, but she deserves it. Enjoy the pics below.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Let's put an end to it...PERIOD.

I apologize to those who come to my blog to look at sexy women and to get free relationship advice but I had to address this one issue at the moment. If you have listened to music lately, I'm sure you have heard this new "rap style" that has been adopted by Drake, which was STOLE from Big Sean. It happens when a rapper recites an entire line FIRST, then adds the noun for which it stands at the end of the sentence. Here are a few you've probably noticed so far.

"In your city faded off the brown, Nino"
"Swimming in the money come and find me, Nemo"
"I can teach you how to speak my language, Rosetta Stone"

#9: Kimora Lee Simmons

Yeah, that's right. Kimora made it into my Top 10. Yesterday we kicked off my Top 10 Women at the Moment with Gabrielle Union and today we follow up with Kimora Lee Simmons.

Blame it on my love from Asian/Japanese/African American women if you may but there's just something about KLS that does it for me. She's just flawless in every pic I see. Of course, that's MOST of Hollywood and all but still, Kimora is a bad chick in my book.

Monday, June 28, 2010

"We Just Kicking It, Right?"

Last night, I was watching the best movie ever made, screw BOOMERANG my favorite movie, Love Jones. There was a scene where Nia Long Nina asked Darius (Larenz Tate) if it was cool if she went to New York to "settle some things" (seeing her ex boyfriend was one of them.) Darius replied, "Sure, no problem. WE JUST KICKING IT, RIGHT?"

#10: Gabrielle Union

Today I kick off my list of the Top 10 Women at the Moment. Whether you agree or disagree, this is my list and I'm sticking to it. They may not be HOT or the best singers, actresses, models etc but at the moment, this is my Top 10. These are the top 10 females I would probably cheat on my girl with, not saying that I do those type of things but hey, just saying. Also for some of these women, I will TRY to give you their TWITTER EQUIVALENT. For Gabby it's none other than @KiaDeLis.

We start with #10: Gabrielle Union. What can I say? Nice smile, a few curves, long legs. She's most definitely a sight to see. Every now and then you just see a female who is just "pretty." You hardly ever hear that word anymore but that's what comes to mind when I think of Gabby (oh yeah, that's what I call her, we're cool like that). For more pics, see below:

Chris Brown's Michael Jackson Tribute

Most definitely the highlight of last nights BET Awards. The young boy did his thizzle fa'shizzle, word to Snoop.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mark Milly x Tragedy - Callin All Shots

@MarkMilly and @Tragedy_YHGM dropped this earlier, fresh off the latest #FuckMarkMilly: the brief-tape Mixtape.

Upgrade Your Life: Ubertwitter

A new version (.0974) of Ubertwitter was released earlier and a few people on the innanets went crazy. I myself, am an avid user of SocialScope but for those who do not have SS, Ubertwitter is most definitely the next best Twitter application for the BlackBerry. Yeah, Twitter for the Blackberry is cool and all but Ubertwitter has way more features.
For those of you who had the last version of Ubertwitter, you may notice a few changes.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Remember when #FollowFriday use to be cool? Me either!

The good ole Follow Friday (or as the twitter veterans call it, #FF). Yes, a few years ago, seems like ages, #FF took the twitter world by storm on one lonely Friday morning. Yes, this was a way to show those who were new to this thing we call twitter, some interesting people they should follow. What started off as a great way to meet others and learn fun facts about people who had the same hobbies as you, has turned out to just be a self gratification tool for some who are running low on their REAL life friends. Click the link for further explanation before you start cursing me out about you having friends in the real world and all that...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fuze B - Pardon My Sarcasm

Finally, this drops! I sat down with Fuze yesterday for an interview which should be uploaded by Monday and he promises that this is his best work so far. 22 songs of REAL HIP HOP.

Get it here

Tracklisting after the jump.

Thursday Throwback

Wow, who DOESN'T remember this one should be the question. If you don't, please click DisneyLand and enjoy yourself browsing their site for a second or two.

The year was 2000, graduating year for me, when this cd dropped.

Next BBM Conference..

If you missed the last BBM Conference, you missed alot. These things usually happen out of nowhere but this time I'm giving you a little time to be available. Some people ask me why don't I start a BBM GROUP? Mainly because BBM GROUPS are for SUCKERS *Mac Shrug* Really tho, groups only last one night, after that you just get random messages popping up at 4am when someone can't sleep.

So we're going to keep it like this. Just be on standby THIS WEEKEND for the BBM invite. We will be discussing ways to move on after being in a relationship. I'm finding that some people don't know how and THAT is a major problem.

Scream at me on twitter @imfreddiemac if you would like to be apart of this.

Top 5 Things That Make a Woman Sexy

In today's society, a woman's sexiness has been downplayed or categorized by who has the biggest ass and nicest rack. Sad but true. Ass, breast, face (in that order) usually sets the level of how sexy a woman is. So with that said, I can't blame women for trying to buy clothes that show off these features when some feel like they have to compete with others who have gotten ass implants, breast implants, etc.

To give you all a little hope, there are SOME of us who do not judge women by those characteristics. I'm here to bring you the top five SEXIEST features of a woman and NONE of them are physical. Find a man who goes by this list and you just might find the man of your dreams.

1. If she has a nice personality - there's nothing like a woman with a nice personality. We all know someone who is just glowing every time we see them. Someone who can get along with anyone. A personality can be the difference in whether WE want to continue seeing you or not!

One Day Away:
Fuze B

Take a look at what I'm listening to at the moment. Finally, Fuze B drops his long anticipated project #PardonMySarcasm tomorrow, June 25th. I'm sure you all can wait a few more hours for this AND I'm sure you know which site to come get it from.

Hint: It rhymes with Smut Dee Fool Sneakers Need.

Until then, here's the track number 2. Pardom My Sarcasm Start

Follow on Twitter at @Fuzeb

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jumpoffs are people too, arent they?

Yesterday evening a couple friends and I had a discussion via BBM (this happens often so you might wanna join). A little confusion was erupting about the difference between jumpoffs and sidechicks. One of the main points we discovered were that jumpoffs could care less if you had a #mainchick or not.
However; sidechicks most often KNEW you had a #mainchick but at the same time wasn't trying to get that thrown in their faces 24/7.

Word of the Day

Here you go boys and girls, now use it in a TWEET!
Urban Dictionary

F1 Diamond - Mama Cry (Video)

Money, clothes, and hoes, all a nigga knows Finally, some music about something other than popping champagne and making it rain. Check out the boy F1 Diamond.

Nice, right?
Follow on twitter at @F1Diamond

Why I agree with Albert Haynesworth
and YOU should too

Over the past few weeks I haven't been able to escape this story, especially living in the DC Metropolitan Area. We've all heard the story on how Albert has missed OTAs and is now declaring that he wants to be traded, mostly because the defense scheme has changed to a 3-4 instead of the 4-3 that he's comfortable with. Adding the fact that he played like COMPLETE GARBAGE last year, it really doesn't help that more than a week ago he collected a check from 21 more MILLION DOLLARS.

Alot of people have spoke out about how selfish this act was. Some coaches, radio personalities also criticized Albert for acting in such a manner. The latest came yesterday from teammate, Lorenzo Alexander, who says, "To me, it comes across as being very selfish. You've been paid to play football, not a 4-3, not a 3-4, just football."

Now this is where I come in with my own opinion, but who am I? To me, Albert WAS paid to play with a certain defensive scheme. He directly told his agent when negotiating contracts, "I do not want to go to a team that plays 3-4!" That is what his agent sought after. Snyder however; came and through all this money at Haynesworth and said "Yes" to everything Albert wanted as long as he signed with the Redskins. I agree that was an AWFUL contract, but then again, how many of us would turn down 100M?

With saying that, I say this. He was paid to play a certain position, in a certain defense. Now that things have changed, is it wrong for him to feel as he wants to opt out? I don't think so. If I was contracted for three years to be the manager of McDonalds and upon the second year they moved me to 'MOP DUTY,' Im going, "Heeeey, something's not right here. I want OUT!" Sure you would do the same or I would hope.

Sally Jenkins, Washington Post Columnist, writes an amazing article on Albert Haynesworth and how things should be worked out.

Here's an excerpt where she compares this to a similar situation with John Elway:
"It's upsetting for fans, because of the size of Haynesworth's talent and apparent ingratitude. But it's not an uncommon standoff in the NFL. In 1983, remember, John Elway used a similar ploy when he was drafted by the Baltimore Colts, a team he refused to play for because he didn't trust them to use him right. He threatened to sit out and play baseball, and his bluff forced a trade to the Broncos. You could call that selfish, or you could call it savvy and self-protective."

If someone is stupid enough to pay me a million dollars for a weeks work, Im not stupid enough to turn it down. - Elizabeth Taylor

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The "Day After" Phone Call..

Okay. I dont think I have to explain this one but I will. A couple days ago some friends and I had a few conversations regarding SEX. I know right, nothing new. A few of these things I will blog about, this one is the first one. The "Day After" Phone Call.

For those who don't know, the day after phone call is the phone call placed the 'Day After' you and your jumpoff female companion participates in ANY sexual relations. It has been known to be more so of a courtesy call. A 'hey, how are things' type of call.

Now I thought that call was MANDATORY but my friends had other opinions, so I wrote down a few. Let me know if you agree or disagree:

No Day After Call If:
-She's just a jumpoff (mostly because you can hit/smash anytime you want)
-She was horrible in bed (because she doesn't deserve it, maybe a day after the day after call IF THAT)
-She played hard to get and you hit anyway..
-It was a one night stand

I even tried to convince them that the "Day After Text" would work as well. Its not as up front as a phone call and it only would take maybe a minute or two to send. Even then, they said the same rules applied.

Oh yeah, shout out to Supbishes. check his blog on the Wink Face Text Message when you get a chance.

Let me know what you think, is the day after phone call expected/needed?

..and the CYPHER izz SO MEAAAN!!!

Today we'd like to present you a new feature on the site and hope to continue this for as long as possible. As fans of hip hop, we all know there is nothing like a CYPHER, usually consisting of two or more emcess going spitting ridiculous either acapella or destroying someone elses instrumental.

This first one comes from a guy I've known on Twitter for a good minute but like some of his followers, NEVER knew he rapped. Of course when he told me, I thought the usual, "Yeah yeah, now everybody's a rapper!" Just being honest, then I watched his vids and immediately FAVORITED them.

Check out the video below as Whyte-Out (@MaybackOne) and London Kash goes in on a few instrumentals.

Yea. Told you.
Check out more of their vids here.
Also follow these on twitter.

Be Shay Be interviews Freddie Mac..

Our good friend BeShayBe scoop an interview from Freddie Mac to ass to her #30interviews30days project. From here we learn a little about his upbringings, thoughts on the current state on hip hop, the recession, and more.
Click here for the interview in its entirety.

You can also follow these guys on Twitter:
Freddie Mac

Nicole Schrezinger covers MAXIM, July.

Spotted this while I was at the workplace last night and I immediately put her in my Top 10 women list (which is coming soon). Maybe it was too soon, but I think the wet t-shirt photo had a little to do with it. Then again, after seeing some of the other pics inside, maybe not. You decide!

Ok, maybe not Top 10, when I come to think of it she's not the cutest thing walking down the street. Top 20 will suffice. She had a few interesting things to say in the article as well. She admits to having a "girl crush" on Halle Berry. Knowing how much of a freak Halle is, I'm sure we'll see these two kiss in the near future. I am waiting on that moment as well!

You can check out the Maxim article in its entirety here.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Ron Artest - Champion (Video)

Ron Artest dropped the video that he hinted about during his post game interview on last Thursday night after defeated the Boston Celtics. Song is average to me, better than I thought for sure.
Check out the video here:


Whats NEW to the iPhone 4G is OLD to Blackberry Users

Earlier today Apple released some of the 'NEW' features of the iOS4, which was rarely new and amazing to iPhone users but umm, most Blackberry users have been using these for the past 10 YEARS.

Here is two of five:

Multi-taksing (which we Blackberry users know as either holding down the menu key or pressing Alt+Escape)

Folders (which we Blackberry users use to move certain apps around already)

To see more, head on over to Crackberry.

G.McGee x Lac x Ki x Twon - i Know

More than happy to bring you THE FIRST What The Cool People Read EXCLUSIVE! Please remember where you heard this, most definitely will be The Anthem of the Summer DOWN in the DURTY. These four guys WENT INNNNN on this joint entitled 'i Know.' Please make sure you you request this from your local djs and radio stations!

i Know:

Download here.

Follow these guys on twitter as well:
G. McGee

Fuze B x Keyz - State of Danger

Fresh off the 'Pardon My Sarcasm' dropping any day now (June 5th to be exact), Fuze B surprised us with this new joint 'State of Danger' ft Keyz. Listen for yourself as these two go back and forth showcasing their lyrical talent.

Fuze B ft. Keyz - State of Danger

Download this track here.

Also follow on twitter:
Fuze B

J. Cole 'Who Dat' (Video)

The much anticipated 'Who Dat' video dropped today as scheduled and it looks like a keeper. Way better than Drake's first attempt 'Best I Ever Had.' Check it out below!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Ja Rule gives his two cents on the Lil Kim/Nicki Minaj fiasco

Mr Jeffery Atkins himself spoke with DJ VLAD earlier and gave his thoughts on the Nicki Minaj & Lil Kim debacle. Stating the two shoud be "making hot records together because it's obvious that Nicki likes Kim..." Ja Rule who is no stranger to hip hop beef also told Vlad " I think hip-hop beefs are wack because the beef I was in, n*ggas act like I didn't battle back, I didn't make rap battles, nah, y'all motherf*ckers didn't want to hear my raps back at 50 [Cent].."

View this article in its entirety here. There have been many takes on this particular topic. I would also suggest you go over and read my good friend, Delania's (@MyMassAppeal)write up on Lil Kim versus Nicki Minaj.

Lakers win 16th NBA Championship

Last night the Los Angles Lakers won their 16th NBA Championship in what was one of the sloppiest games I've ever see. However; they came away with the win over the Boston Celtics. You would think that W would be the highlight of my night, with me being a Laker fan and all but no, what came after the game really did it for me.

Check out Ron Artest's interview after the game was over.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jail.. good look or bad look for rappers?

There once was a time in this hip hop era when having TALENT and a gift of rapping had you on your way to star status. Somewhere over last decade and a little before, rappers buzz started being on the level of thugness you could show, and JAIL was a major factor. This however doesn't work for everyone, but for some, being locked up behind bars for 6-12 months have been the best thing that could happen to a career, next to being placed on a 'WOW:Now thats what I call music project.'

Take Gucci Mane La Flare.
After Gucci spent some time in the joint, his buzz was big as ever. He had a few tracks before he was locked behind bars but cats really paid him no attention from what I could see. As his time came closer to being served, what I would describe as Gucci-Mania took place. Every song released by this guy was a classic club banger. From sold out shows to packed concerts, Gucci even became listed No. 6 on MTV's list of the hottest rappers. In this case, jail was a GREAT LOOK for the rapper.

However things don't always pan out this way just from doing a little time in the bing. Take Lil Kim for example. After doing his year and a day, she was released to many welcome homes but not many head nods to her music at all since then. Even lately she has been spotted taking shots at Nicki Minaj, stating that she needs to pay homage to her. Tough luck, make a hit or shut up.

Another mishap from jail recently and one of THEE MOST sadest situations would have to be Shyne. Yes, Mr. Jamal Barrow himself. Once labeled as the NEXT Biggie. After serving time upstate for being Diddy's "throw on me" guy, he returned to the states, for a brief moment before being deported, and got right back to the music. Only thing is now everything he released has been HORRIBLE. What happened to this guy? What happened to these two and Im sure their are others.

We are now in the wake of other rappers who are getting out of jail. T.I. for one, Mystikal another. Lil Wayne a lil later this year. What do you think will become of their POST-Jail careers? Better or worse than when they went in? If you ask me, jail isn't worth the buzz. I've never been but I've heard stories, haha!

Keep those bars, I'm good with mine!

Brian Ennals - Self Titled

I must admit I deserve more than a #latepass for sleeping on this project. Going through some of my favorites from Twitter earlier, I ran across a link that I had saved from @bease which included his mixtape. Usually I get mixtapes and toss them to the side, but this one has officially made me put Drake's Thank Me Later to the side for a minute or two just to see what this mixtape sounds like. What has me interested you ask?

Just listen to how he goes in over this Exhibit C instrumental:

Convinced yet? I am, I'll be back with an update after I've finished the mixtape.

Download Brian Ennals

day dates > night dates

..the other day I tweeted that day dates were better than night dates. I had a few people ask why. To my surprise, even one of my followers had NEVER went on a day date. Really this is no surprise to me, I should have been able to tell because all she does is participate in #twitterafterdark so I should have known better. Back to the subject at hand, I decided I would post some of the reasons I preferred day dates over night dates, and here are a few reasons:

- Most day dates gives you the opportunity to talk, to find out more about the person you are with. Its the openess of the situation that gives you this advantage.

- Many day dates are short and to the point. Whether is a walk in the park, picnic, museum, etc. They are usually over in a matter of 2-3 hours as to dates at night where dinner and movies are involved.

- Disagree if you want, but I think day dates are MORE romantic than night dates. I would take a picnic in a cool spot under an oak tree before I would take a meal at home, but then again that's just me.

Sure the "invite over" night date could be fabolous. I have had a few of them as well. I'm not knocking them at all, they really are awesome but I find myself either thinking 'when is she leaving' or 'when are we fcuking?" These are just my thoughts though, please tell me what you think.

Mark Milly releases #FuckMarkMilly: the brief-tape

The homie Mark Milly comes outta nowhere and drops this "brief-tape" out of nowhere, following up his last project Memory Loss, which was known as a classic to some.
On #FuckMarkMilly, Mr "Who Tweetin" once again shows his versatility on every track. Earlier in the month Mark Milly joined Candice Nicole PR's roster which was a major move and goes to show Milly is still hard at it.
Keep an eye on this guy, no really.. I mean keep a close eye on him, here's his twitter, stalk him if you have to..

Download #FuckMarkMilly: the brief tape

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Charlie Clips hit us with this new freestyle off.. well check it out

Tweet from @CharlieClips


Team Twillie - Never Let You Down

The boy Team Twillie is back at it again with the unleash another freestyle. This time going in over TI's 'Im Back' instrumental and he does the track quite justice. If I wasn't working on projects now I prolly would Lil Mama the track and jump on for a second verse but I would really have to go hard because he killed it, take a listen!

Team Twillie - Never Let You Down

Download this track right chea

Click here to here more freestyles. Also follow Team Twillie on TWITTER

Monday, June 7, 2010

Slim Thugga Wiki Page..

After the controversial article, I checked out Wiki. Take a look at the last paragraph.

Click the article to zoom in

Sheesh. Those guys at Wiki be on it!

And they keep at it, updated:

Obama in Videos?

Someone on Twitter posted this earlier stating that President Barack Obama was in the 'Whoop There It Is' video by Tag Team.. Is it him? Do we need Barry to come out and make a statement? Lemme know..

Smh, these innanets are no joke.

I just wanna know why dude has on all those rings, must be a Jack Napier fan.



Quotes: Those we will never forget..

In these time and even before now, there have been quotes, whether daily life or movie lines that we have never been able to forget. They stick in our heads and occasionally pop up from time to time, and we giggle and think back to the moment we heard them.
For me, being a HUGE Seinfeld fan, every time I get thirsty, I say "These pretzels are making me thirsty." For others, you may remember, "We're gonna need a bigger boat," or for those who can't get enough of Sandlot, "You're killing me Smalls."
Either way, you get the point. In todays new viral and reality tv world, we have been introduced to some new quotes that will stick with us for a lifetime. See if you remember these:

"I have the text messages to prove it!!" -Que of Day26

"Who's gon check me boo?!" - Sheree (Housewives of Atlanta)

"Cornball." -Chris Brown (in reference to Jay-Z at the AMAs)

And the latest I would like to add from the Notorious K.I.M.

Around the :27 mark, Kim says, "Ay, Puffy should be ashamed of his fuckin’ self!."

Can you think of any I've left out? Please feel free to share.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Freddie Mac - Listen (QwikVid)

Yours truly took a few minutes yesterday to put together on of his favorite songs from the Thank You All mixtape titled 'Listen,' where he goes over advice and opportunities missed throughout his twenty-seven years growing up.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Charlie Clips x JR Writer - Gun Muzik

Charlie Clips and JR Writer dropped off this jewel a little earlier produced be Aut0matik. After a listen I had to post it on the site, reminds me of the first time I heard JR Writer, back in those Diplomatic Immunity days. Hopefully we'll see those days come around this fall.

Charlie Clips x JR Writer - Gun Muzik

Download right cheaa

Follow these guys on Twitter:
Charlie Clips
JR Writer

Freddie Mac hints at new song

Yesterday Freddie Mac hinted that he wanted to jump on that Goapele - Closer Instrumental. If you remember like I do, that song was sick. Drake also used it before on Comeback Season. We can only wait until this track is released but according to a few tweets that came after, we can tell that this one may be a little personal and they usually make the best type of records. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Let's just hope the #MM stands for Music Monday. *fingers crossed*

Freddie Mac mixtapes..

We've decided to post ALL the mixtapes at once to get you all caught up on the latest and greatest Freddie Mac verses up to date. Besides working on other projects with artist from the East Coast, Dirty South, and West Coast, he has put out FOUR mixtapes this last year that we think are worth the 2 minutes it takes to download.

In June of 2009 he, along with DJ Sporadik released 'More Than a Remix'
On this mixtape he added verses to some of the hottest songs of the summer. Some of which included Trey Song's 'I Need A Girl,' Jeremiah's 'Birthday Sex,' and Jadakiss ft OJ da Juiceman's 'He's Not Real' just to name a few.
You Can Download More than a Remix HERE!

After a few months of listening to the streets, the people said they needed more bounce music. That down south club type music. Being FROM Mississippi, this kind of music was easy to provide. A few weeks in the studio and 'Back To 811 Timothy Lane' was released in

Novemember. Ranging from club bangers to

dance songs, this mixtape was most definitely for

the CLUB. This one is a must have as well,

especially for those days and nights when you

want to let get loose and go all out.
Download 'Back to 811 Timothy Lane' here.

What seems like forever and a day later, in March of this year he released the much anticipated 'Chilled Milk of Choice' which some has said to have been his best release overall up to date.

This project showed the versatility and talent of Mac a song writer and overall artist. Showing that he could switch his style up and adapt to any kind of beat also working with some of the most talented artist you can find. This mixtape included features from Megan D, Trav Dave, Willy Dope, and Six Deuce to name a few.
Listen and Download CMOC Here.

Many of you who know Freddie Mac, either by way of life or even by twitter, knows he is as humble as they come. Very appreciative and always gives thanks. His latest project was just that. A thank you mixtape entitled, what else, 'Thank You All: The Appreciation Mixtape.'

This was a collection of studio moments, outtakes, freestyles, and even some new unheard tracks all combined and released just for the fact that you all had showed interest and enjoyed the music he has released so far.

Download Thank You All: The Appreciation Project

Now you should be completely caught up on all of Freddie Mac's music. New things will be coming this summer and we want you to be apart of it, so stay tuned to the blog and feel free to follow on twitter at @imfreddiemac.