Wednesday, April 28, 2010

DJ Heat Remembers When..

Call me nerdy, geeky, weird or whatever but as a fan of hip hop, I love when artist, djs, or even producers get in their zone on twitter and flashback and tell their story. Maybe I'm the only one who likes reading where others have come from. If so, well let me be. Its just shows how far someone has come and I think that's a great thing that you get to see now that Twitter is here.

A few days ago, one of my favorite DJs from the DMV area sent a few messages about things she remembered as she started DJing, and also a few tidbits about others who she has noticed along the way.

Being that I'm from Mississippi, there's a whoooole lot I'm not familiar with about DC music altogether. So this was something I was very interested in reading. I told her she needs to do more and she said "Maybe" so we'll see. Haha

Here are some tweets from April 22, 1010 that I like to call
"Dj Heat Remembers"

click HERE to ZOOM

You can also follow DJ Heat on Twitter.
Check out her blog DC MUMBO SAUCE as well.
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The Y.H.G.M.'s 2nd Annual Cook Out

The flyer says it all.. Come out and enjoy yourselves. You can bet whatever the #CookoutCrashers will be there. That's what we do!

An Afternoon of Shopping with
Candice Nicole

Fresh is THEE hottest spot in Georgetown for the latest in fashion. This Ultra-Chic boutique has the latest fashions, hottest designs, and the trendiest attire for all festivities.

This weekend, Sunday May 2nd between the hours of 2:00-4:00pm, Fresh of Georgetown is hosting "An Afternoon of Shopping with Candice Nicole." This is an event you do NOT want to miss, especially with the sales they are having. Spring is here and I'm sure you do not want to fit in with the crowd.

Fresh is where you need to be! They will be serving cupcakes and champagne as well, what more reason do you need to come out and support. So ladies, clear your schedule and make your way to Fresh. As for you guys with gals, this will be a great place to bring them for the evening. They are predicting nice weather and there is no better place to be than Georgetown.

Fresh is located at 1205 Potomac Street Washington DC 20007.

You can also follow Candice Nicole on Twitter.
If you plan on attending this event:

B.O.B. presents
The Adventures of Bobby Ray

B.O.B. dropped his debut album this past Tuesday, May 27th. This was one album I was looking forward to, mostly because Bobby reminds me of Andre 3K (which is one of my top five rappers) and since he has been away for a minute, Bee Ray fills this void. The album starts off dope as you would expect and gets better the more I listened to it.

There were even a few songs that I quickly went back and listened to before I even finished the whole project. There are a few features as well. "Past My Shades" ft. Lupe Fiasco is an instant classic. The KING also steps in on a couple tracks and holds his own.

Surprisingly my favorite tracks are those which B.O.B. handles himself. The ones where he's singing and just going into his own world of some sort.

Dont Let Me Fall, which is below is probably my favorite track on the cd.

This cd is most definitely worth the price of purchase. I havent purchased a lot of cds but this is one I'm glad I spent a few bucks on. He deserves it.
You can cop this album from iTunes.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Y.H.G.M. presents
TO Whom It May Concern (Webisode 4)

The good ol guys are back with webisode four..

To Whom It May Concern (Webisode 4) from Mark Milly on Vimeo.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Freddie Mac ft. Mike Epps - Lolly Gaggin

You knew it was only a matter of time right? Once again yours truly does what he does on this Big Sean - Bullshittin instrumental. Why not? With the help of Mike Epps stand up, I show you all what the fcuk I'M DOING and what most are doing as well.

This song is off the upcoming project entitled "Freddie Mac presents Thank You" due out May 25th. More info will be given shortly. Enjoy this track for now, I'm sure more will leak a later in the week.

Freddie Mac - Lolly Gaggin

Download this song here.

the GAME
400 BARS

Now I must say I went into listen to this track with the LOWEST EXPECTATIONS. I'm just keeping it real. Why? Because Game has been letting me down lately with this half ass songs he's been putting out. I must say though, this is the Game I loved, the one who killed everything he killed when he first came out. Even though its 20 minutes long, its worth it. This is what I needed to get ready for The Red Room. I woulda have provided you all with the music player like i usually do but 20 minutes is a li too long PLUS with the link I provide, you can listen to the track while it's download. Please do.

Download 400 Bars here.

PAR-CITY presents
Held Up: The Hold Up Pt 2

Yes, today is THE DAY for Hip Hop and you know who always hold you down for Music Monday. I told you a few days ago that the Bronx most talented rap group, Par-City, was releasing their new mixtape today, on 4/26. The wait is over. This is by far the best product out at the moment, with my Chilled Milk of Choice coming in a close second OF COURSE.

Hosted by Shade 45's Mz Stylez, these guys go in from the first track to the last track. Download this mixtape and if it's not worth it please let me know although I find that highly impossible.

You can cop it here.
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

They shoulda never gave you ninjas

So last night, as I doing what I usually do on Saturday nights which is reading the Bible (#ShoutouttotheLord), I checked in with the twitter fam to see how things were going. To my surprise, it was a little too much going on at the moment and thanks to tweetphoto, I felt like I was there.

Let me try to explain. This is the message i saw:

I mean, c'mon. I had to click it, wouldnt you? So then my trusty BlackBerry uploaded this image:

I really dont know if Im more upset that shorty has on white panty draws or the fact that I think I spot khakis, reebok classics, and a pair of polo slip-ons in this same pic.
Either way it was most definitely not a good look.

Follow KiaDeLis for more entertainment.
And oh yeah, blame Kujho and Rob Hollywood for this fuckery. Im sure they had something to do with it!
Ha! Shout out

Friday, April 23, 2010

Trending Topic of The Week

Earlier this week the Hip Hop world were saddened with the passing of Guru who lost his long term fight with cancer on April 19, 2010. After this news broke, a letter surfaced as well, supposedly wrote by Guru on his death bed. This letter was made available to the public by Guru's long-time friend Solar.

Many are questioning if this letter is authentic and if it in fact was wrote by Guru himself. Guess we will never know, but later that evening a trending topic appeared on Twitter that will never be forgotten, #SolarWrote. Seems as if many people don't only believe Solar wrote the letter BUT has written other great things over history as well.

Have a look see:

SMH @ this guy's life (Solar) never being the same again.

Envy Joy - Heart

The great thing about Twitter which I've mentioned a few times before on this site, is that you have a chance to connect with the most talented people all across the world. It is even better when you run across someone who is located in your same area and is so passionate about MUSIC. This is the case with Envy Joy.

A few days ago, what started out as a simple @reply on twitter, ended with the forming of possibly a great networking possibility and friendship. After a few back and forth tweets and WAY to many compliments from me, I found out that she was a very talented artist right here in the DMV area.

After begging her to send me a few songs, she did. I must say, each song sounded better and better, which now has me waiting on a whole project. Her style, to me, reminds me a little of Lauryn Hill, and that is a very good look.

Below is one of my favorite tracks entitled Heart:

You cop this track right here.

You can also follow Envy Joy on Twitter. Tell her I sent ya!

Mixtape Thursday Strikes Again

Last week I warned you all about how Mixtape Thursdays got down, hosted by DJ Laser and this week was no different. If for some reason you have been missing out, you can catch LASER from 7-9pm each Thursday on WE SO LIVE. You can also call in and show love as well by hitting 914.595.4284. Trust me, you dont want miss this next week. It is truly hip hop at its finest and you'll LOVE the music, its far from the everyday radio songs we have already gotten tired of. Thank him later, no Drizzy.

You can get hear his latest here:
DJ Laser - 'Mixtape Thursday' PrimeTyme Mix 4.22.10

BONUS: check out LASER as he goes in with his GANG STARR Tribute
DJ Laser - Guru Gang Starr Tribute - 4.22.10

DJ Alizay - Real Mango Juice 420 Mix

For those who missed out on receiving this link I'm coming through just for you. Dj Alizay for those who don't know is a legend here in the DMV (DC, Mayland, & Virginia). If he's djing you best believe its the place you want to me. He released this 420 mix earlier this week and I must say it is quite on point! You'll hear some Pac, Biggie, Scarface, and even a little Three Six.

Download The Real Mango Juice 420 Mix.
You can also follow DJ Alizay on Twitter

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Product - Im Beaming REMIX

What better way to start your day off than hearing NEW MUSIC from Product! If you haven't heard of him by now you're sleeping. One of the DMV's most talent artist by far, Product has been making his name known daily by releasing new material, producing some the hottest beats, and killing every feature he's asked to get on. I know, I have a track with him coming soon.

This is his latest song where he goes in on Lupe's 'I'm Beaming" song and completely zones out!

Cop this track right here.
Be sure to check out Product's album on Dat Piff Mixtapes
You can also follow Product on Twitter

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Par-City x B.O.B. x Bruno Mars:
Nothing On You

New music from Par-City from their forth coming mixtape entitled "Held Over: The Hold Up Pt 2" hosted by Shade 45's own Mz. Styles, dropping next week so the wait is soon to be over! Par-City really GOES INNN on this track but I dont have to tell you, just press play below:

Yeah, you like it I know. Cop this track right here.

You can also follow Par-City on Twitter:
Willy Dope

Young Legend - Say Yes

Neeeew Shiiiiiit! Mississippi's own Young Legend leaked another joint earlier called Say Yes featuring Lou Writer. Joint goes hard, check it out for yourself.

Cop this track Right Here

Young Legend has been killing tracks for a minute, for those of you who are new, I posted his Fuck Rap Freestyle a few weeks ago. Check it out and get familiar!
The 'I Hate Mixtape' is COMING SOON.
Follow Young Legend on Twitter. Tell him I sent you.

To Whom It May Concern
(Webisode 3)

Mark Milly and the rest of the Y.H.G.M crew released the third segment to their new webisode entitled "To Whom It May Concern." You may want to check for these guys, sooner than you think. Then again, you probably already know them by now.

To Whom It May Concern (Webisode 3) from Mark Milly on Vimeo.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Basseyworld Live

Join us May 7th, 2010 for this special event.

This Nigerian born spoken word artist has appeared on HBO’s Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry five times. She has opened up for Grammy nominated artists India Arie, Les Nubians and Luther Vandross. As a member of the all woman poetry collective, Diva Diction, Bassey appeared on the NAACP Image Awards as part of a tribute to Venus and Serena Williams. Bassey has also been a featured cast member of the National Touring Company of the Tony Award winning Broadway show, Russell Simmon’s Def Poetry Jam. In the Summer of 2003, Bassey was a part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. Bassey has also been seen gracing the pages of magazines such as Nylon, Marie Claire, Glamour and Bust. She also recorded an original poem for the Kaiser Foundations, HIV/AIDS campaign, Knowing Is Beautiful. Bassey’s personal and heartfelt work has made her a much sought after performer. She is currently working on her first collection of Poetry and Prose entitled, From This Safe Space and can be found performing and colleges and universities across the country.

Also check out Bassey here on Def Poetry Jam:

Visit Basseyworld to read and hear her poems and for more Bassey

You can also follow her on Twitter as well.

Drake - Miss Me

Over the weekend this new Drizzy leaked. From what I'm seeing it's suppose to be off Thank Me Later and features Lil Wayne (who is not included on this snippet)

Drake: Miss Me

I just want to say it sounds pretty good to me but I've been seeing alot of comments from others who's saying it should have less this and more that and everything else. It's just crazy how everyone is a music composer now. GTFOH! These expectations of this guy are waaaaay to high, the song is nice and if every song on his album sounded like this, it would be an pretty good album to me. That's just my opinion. That's all. As you were.

Lyriciss x Brokn.English x Emperess
2 Dope Radio Cypher

Ahite, fresh off my vacay I come back to find NEW music has hit the innanets. You and I both know it's nothing like a cypher. Nothing like the raw form of hip hop, this is where talent is exposed and you see the artist for who he or she really is.

2DopeBoyz has started a special segment called 2Dope Radio, which broadcasts every Saturday. You should check it out.

This past weekend Lyriciss stepped up to the cypher along with Emperess (another DMV artist), and the Jersey based group Brokn.English.

Check them out on the link below:

Lyriciss x Brokn.English x Emperess 2Dope Radio Cypher

You can also follow these artists on Twitter.

Fat shouts 2DopeBoyz

Friday, April 16, 2010

Let's Talk About Sex
....or the lack of

A few days ago we started #FridayNightConvos which will happened every Friday night from here on out, unless I run out of crap meaningful things to talk about.

Here is the first installment, let me know what you think.

The other day a female friend came out of NOWHERE and asked me, "Would you stay with a girl if she told you that she was celibate?"
Before I could even think about the question, not wanting to sound like an ass, I immediately said, "Oh yeah, of course. Sex is not a big deal to me."
She then said, "Wow, that's great that you think that way!"
We then got went into comparing what would happen if the circumstances were different.
I asked, "Would you stay with a guy if he claimed to be celibate?"
She answered, "No, I would think he was gay. Mostly because ALL GUY I KNOW want to FCUK!!" I somewhat agreed, not on the gay accusation (Not that there's anything wrong with that) but on the thought that 99% of the guys I know usually do wanna smash something. I also know a high percentage of women who need their fix as well. I started thinking could I really wait for a chick? ONLY if she was worth waiting for, but how long would that last. Honestly speaking, for me...Two months. Is that wrong? I mean two months should let her know that I was "semi-serious" right? "Am I MAAAAAAAN, Aint I?"

A couple of my friends from twitter weighed in, let me know what you think:

Thursday, April 15, 2010

C'mere Lemme Coach You..


Need I say more? Ask anyone down south who frequently visits the club scene and they will tell you once a NOLA MIX comes on, it GOES DOWN. Weaves usually get sweated out, ass is thrown, and those guys who can not keep up usually gets embarrassed!

My guy Kujho has been grinding hard as ever. Even when I went to school with him at the University of Southern Miss back in 2004. It's really good to see the progress and determination that he has shown.

A few weeks ago he released two NOLA MIXES after popular demand and YES, I was all on them. Being up top, you rarely ever get to hear music like this so it was just what I needed.

Check out the first:

Download this mix here.

Exactly. You're welcome.

You can also listen and download the second mix here.

Follow Kujho on Twitter. Tell him I sent you.

What the people are saying...

A few weeks has passed since I released Chilled Milk of Choice and the feedback has been incredible. Last time I checked it was over 200 plus downloads and to me, that's major!

Once again, thanks for the support and please spread the word to anyone who hasn't had a chance to download it yet.

You can listen and download the mixtape RIGHT HERE.

Mixtape Thursday..
presented by DJ LASER

Just like everyone else I've ran into over the last few years, Dj LASER and I met through twitter. After seeing his name on my timeline a few times, I had to get to know this guy and what exactly had everyone talking about #MixtapeThursday. After visiting his site I realized what all the talk was about.

Laser is a VET in the game with a mixtape catalog like no other. While a lot of people had went away from mixtapes, he is one who has embraced the hip hop culture by steady providing some of the hottest mixtapes after mixtape year in and year out.

Mixtape Thursday is his way of showing the world whats hot, what the people want, and who are doing what. Another thing I like about his segments is that he doesn't play favors. If its hot, he adds it to the mix.

Check out DJ LASERS latest Mixtape Thursday Mix HERE.
Also check back for today's segment as well.

You can follow DJ LASER on Twitter as well. Tell him I sent ya.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

go DJ...

Yea yea yea, I know you hear all the stories of this dj is the best, and this dj GOES IN, and this DJ is the hottest.. WHATEVA! I've listened to a lot of djs, club in and club out and most of them do the same mix same same same...

So honestly, when this guy, Reality The Don told me he was a dj, I was like "ooooh, ok you just SPIN RECORD (shout out to Dolla Bill & Kid Capri)" that was UNTIL I heard him DO WORK.

So I was so estatic when he posted a mix for people to hear his work. I didn't even ask, I just snatched the link my damn self so you all could hear it. Please believe, dude gets busy.

Check out a few of his mixes below.

Oh yeah, he also spits too! Video coming soon!

Until then, you can cop his latest mix RIGHT HERE

And oh yeah, he comes fresh outta that YHGM camp as well. Shouts out to Mark Milly.

Scream at Reality The Don on Twitter for all your dj needs. Tell him Mac sent ya!

BET picks up THE GAME

So as I was scrolling Trending Topics on Twitter today, I came across #TheGameonBET. Knowing that the rapper, The Game, has been having a hard time getting fresh music out, I was thinking the worse. Like maybe he had taken some BET execs hostage until they played some of his latest music, but that was not the case.

Seems that BET has picked up The Game (tv show) for a couple new episodes. Im sure this means ALOT to a few. Me? I've never watched 2 full episodes, but hey..

Here's the press release:
(click to enlarge)

So, there you have it.

Clap for em

IPOD WORTHY x Arrogant Empire
Champagne On A B*TCH

A few weeks ago while attending this cookout in Baltimore (shout outs to FuzeB & the #CookoutCrashers) I ran across this movement, known as The Arrogant Empire. Yeah, I know, I like that name as well. Here is where I met Pot. Dude was very cool peeps and he put me onto his blog. I've been checking up on it lately and yesterday a NEW joint was posted called "Champagne on a Bitch."

Check out the track for yourself.

You can also cop the track HERE, I know you want it.

Also follow Pot on TWITTER.
Tell him Mac sent ya!

Let's WORK

I'm always excited to work with new artist, producers, videographers, graphic designers, you name it. Networking is the key in any business you choose to pursue. With that being said, gladly ADD ME. Lets work.

Now dont say you dont have my info..

Freddie Mac x Roger That Freestyle x Video

Freddie Mac - Roger That Freestyle from Freddie Mac on Vimeo.

Team Twillie x Goin In (Video)

If you have heard the Chilled Milk of Choice Mixtape by now, you have heard Team Twillie. He's the artist featured on track #7 entitled "Get it in." Yes, the one who describes him self as the 'Sadity Hillbilly' has been making his mark in hip hop for a good minute. I was glad when I reached out to him about the mixtape, he came through with no problem.

Below is his latest video from his mixtape Brangin Smoke.

Show him some love by following him on TWITTER. Tell him I sent ya!
You can also listen and cop Brangin Smoke for your own listening pleasures HERE.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Who holds down #MusicMonday like I do? I'll wait...

New music from NICE people and when I say nice I'm not talking about "let-you-borrow-some-sugar-from-ya-next-door-neighbor nice" but really NICE with the pen and pad.

Check out this joint from DOE x Trav Dave x Young Wise.

Drizzy on the hook. He made it a hot line, they made it a hot song. Yea, you knew that was coming.


For those of you who have not downloaded the mixtape or have been having problems trying to download it, you can now cop it from DatPiff Mixtapes.

You can also listen to the mixtape track by track as well.

Thank you all once again for the support. More things coming soon.



Once again, NEW MUSIC from yours truly. This Alicia Keys song seems to be everyone's fave, including myself. So it was only right that I gave you all my rendition of the song. Truthfully speaking, I loved the way it came out.

Take a listen and tell me what you think.

Fat shouts to J. Will for the instrumental.

Grab this track HERE.