Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wind Down Wednesday: Jesse Campbell - When You Cry

Whatchu know bout this?

Take the time to press play and just let it take you back to when..

You're welcome.

Christina Milian Covers Latina Magazine

Whether you agree with me or not, I still think Christina Milian is one of the hottest women in the industry to this day. Sure she had a few run-ins, set backs, and got cheated on a few times by someone who should have never got the chance to be with her in the first place but hey, THAT'S ALL WOMEN.

Well this month, she covers Latina magazine and also gives us a little insight on the events that ended her marriage. Check below for the behind the scenes footage of her shoot with Latina.

Why Betting On The Super Bowl Is A Win/Win: For Raven Fans

When the betting lines for the Super Bowl were released after last weeks AFC/NFC Championship games, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The Packers were FAVORED to win by 3 1/2. This really threw me for a loop, I couldn't figure it out. The Steelers have won 6 Super Bowl titles in their history. It was Rotheisburger against Aaron Rodgers. Then it hit me, SO WHAT!! This is the best betting opportunity ever as a Ravens fan!! Let me explain.

As you can see above, with a picture taken earlier, the odds have changed by a point, so you need to make it happen soon if you want to take advantage of this! As much as we, Raven fans, hate Pittsburgh, we have the chance to BET WITH THEM to Win the Super Bowl. If they end up winning the game, WE WIN MONEY. If Pittsburgh loses, well yeah you lose your money but so what, THEY LOSE. Isn't that what EVERY RAVEN FAN wants?!

So, that's it. Take advantage of this opportunity before the lines change and start to favor Pitt. Paying for PITT to lose is WORTH IT, trust me!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Top 5 Tuesday: No Limit Albums

5. Mystikal - Unpredictable

4. Silkk The Shocker - Charge It To The Game

3. Fiend - There's One In Every Family

2. C-Murder - Life Or Death

1. Master P - Ghetto D

Just Because It's Tuesday: Frieda Pinto

Cap City Cipha 2010 [ROUND 3]

A few weeks ago, the Cipha of all CIPHAS took place in Midieast Studios. Round three was the ladies round and after watching the clip below, you'll agree that they all put in work.

Follow these ladies on Twitter:
Tese Fever

Freddie Mac - Properly Tagged

Here's the BWW inspired track that all of yall a few have been waiting for. You get two for one. Enjoy it!

Monday, January 24, 2011

CASHFLOW - Start It Up [Freestyle]

Yup. Them boys from NY are back at it. Here's their latest take on Lloyd Banks 'Start It Up' instrumental.

Check these guys out on twitter as well:
London Kash
Guillotine Guapo
Mayback One

BunkBuddy [dot] Net Raffle Giveaway

(click flyer to enlarge)

Yeah, you see the list. It really doesn't get more TRILLER than this. The homie Mr SneakerKing along with BunkBuddy are raffling off these items in the next few weeks. All it takes is a purchase of a $10 ticket and you could be the winner of one of these prizes.

All information is listed above on the flyer. For more information, hit Mr SneakerKing on twitta!

Six Duece x Freddie Mac - Got Drank [Video]

Shot in the heart of the DC, Macksamillion adds his visual direction to what will most likely be the anthem of the SPRING & SUMMER of 2011! Press play, copy?

Got Drank from Macksamillions on Vimeo.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

February: The Easiest Month To Begin A Relationship

Jason: Nigga, February, before Valentines, is the EASIEST chance you'll ever have to holla at a female you like. Trust me!

Brian: Ah hell, here you go with this shit again. Why is that?

J: Just think about it. What's the hardest part of trying to get at a chick you might be feeling? What's your biggest obstacle when you trying to holla for the first time?

B: Shiiiid, I dunno. For me, I'm always wondering what I'm going to say to her first.

J: Exaaactttlllyyy!! That's why before Valentine's is the best time to approach em nigga. All that "coming up with slick line" shit, it's out the door. All you have to say is, "Will you be my Valentine?" Nigga, that's the only line that works from kids up to old heads I'm telling ya.

B: Geettt the fuuuck outta hereeee... Man all these hoes dun heard that too many times. They hear it every year. Don't you think they get tired of it?!

J: If they do, then that's that. You move on. But that question right there will let you know if you're in there or not. Cause a broad just wont say yeah and not mean it. If she says NO, then that means she either has a man, or two, she's not interested. You win on both accords because if she would have said yes and had either or the two, she just woulda been playing you.

B: Yeah and I prolly would knocked that bitch out!

J: Chillll.. But on the real tho, if she says Yes, then it's up to you to take it from there. To plan the date. You have to do everything you can to make her feel like she was right on picking you to be her Valentine because like you said, females get asked this shit every year, so if she's single this year, that just means that nigga from last year didn't make the cut.

Hmmmm. Just a conversation between homies, whadda you think?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Diana Krall - Let's Fall In Love

With the weather we're having, sometimes you need to put on that "let's-stay-inside-and-cuddle" music, not that I do any of that sort, BUT maybe you can press play on this video below and try to rekindle that flame that you once had.

Yeah, figured you'd like that!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nominate Candice Nicole for "Best PR"

If at any time there was a person MORE deserving of receiving an award in the Public Relations department, it would be at this moment, and Candice Nicole would most definitely be that person. Stemming back to 2008, when I first joined twitter, her work ethic has only gotten stronger as I've watched and studied her drive over the last few years.

Anyone in this area (DC/Maryland/Virginia), and many others, can vouch for her in every aspect of what it takes to be a strong, business driven, independent young lady. Never taking a day off, Candi embodies what we all wish to achieve in our daily life. As one of her followers on multiple social sites, I see her battle the ups and downs of this industry we are in but always bouncing back stronger and better than ever.

Now is the time to show our appreciation to one of the best and HONEST (which means more than anything these days) PRs we know. I need you to visit Elite DC Awards and nominate Candice Nicole as Best PR. It also would be helpful if you passed this message along to those you may know as well.
Even without the award, she still will be placed on top of my list as PRs in the game, but I would love to see her win, it would be a great start to this new year.

Let's make this happen!!

Thanks for everything,


Friday, January 7, 2011

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

back to what's important...

This new social web world we living in is slowly killing one of the most vital parts of the human species as we know it. That is the feeling to care. Throughout the day, whether through email, facebook, twitter, or however you interact with people you've never met, there's thousands of jokes, quotes, riddles, even deaths, that we read about, hold our attention for a moment, and then as fast as it came, it slowly goes away. That's the world we now live in. Every thing is so fast paced. It's not about what's happening now, it's about what will happen next. How will this person respond? What will we do after this happens?

Twitter has been one of the mose highly successful social sites ever. I agree I was one who became addicted to posting tweets and reading about the lives of others. I often see on twitter, whether it's breaking news or from whoever, that someone has died. It happens. Someone posts it. Someone retweets it. Everyone shares their respect and a week later, it's forgotten.
Earlier tonight, I went onto Facebook to see my cousin had wrote, "RIP uncle Warren." Uncle Warren was that uncle whom everyone loved. He taught everyone in the family how to swim. Over the past few years he'd been diagnosed with cancer. I read the post on the wall, saw a few people "liked" the comment. What's even worse is that in the comment section, another cousin of mine had wrote that our OTHER cousin, Mark, had died the same day as well!! That's two deaths I've read about in 5 minutes.

Before leaving out to work, I commented on his post. As I was walking down the steps to my truck, I sent out a tweet saying basically, I'm out, be back later, family issues whatever. This still had not hit me yet. I started to think why is that? He was one of my closest uncles. His son and I were best friends growing up, spent every summer together. Why am I not bawling my eyes out on the way to work?? I got a little teary-eyed but that was it!

I think it's just the way we've become. Unless it's immediate family, I don't get that same feeling anymore. Of course when I go to the funeral, I'll be in all tears seeing my cousin and aunt lower him into the ground but what about after. How could I just move on from this so quickly?
With that being said, I'm leaving twtter for a good minute. I've realized that you have to live every second, every minute, as it's your last and at this moment I don't think sending out tweets are doing anything for my life at all.

From this point on, I want to appreciate the loved ones I have left. I talk to people on twitter that I haven't even met more than I send my brother a "hello" text. It's gotten ridiculous. I also know I have real friends on twitter as well. Some of them have even done things that some of my family members probably wouldn't have done but I'm sure they will understand.

I just need to get back to what's important and at this moment, what's most important can't be made to fit in 140 characters.

I wish you all the best,