Friday, December 31, 2010

Freddie Mac - #MSDMV

What better way to end 2010 than a NEW TRACK from your truly. Click play below to hear one of the hottest records of this year and soon to be in the weeks and months to follow.

Download Freddie Mac - #MSDMV

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Favre From Over

Um, yall do know Brett Favre is coming back next year right?

After being hit with a hefty fine calmly being asked to hand over $50,000, stemming from the findings from Roger Goddell and his investigative reporters for the whole Jenn Sterger debacle, this year has pretty much been Favre's WORST YEAR EVER. A lot of people believed him when he told time that this would be his last year. I did as well.

That was until his season was full of disasters, over and over. Syndey Rice not being healthy, the injuries, the voice-mails and dick pics being sent, and even the collapse of the roof at the stadium. This was FAR from what we thought he would deliver. Being one play away from the Super Bowl last year, we thought the Vikes would be a team to be reckoned with. That was wrong. If you think Brett Favre will not come back and redeem his legacy, even at 42, you'll see. Just wait.

Just mark my words, next summer we will be discussing if he is returning or not. That along with the Lakers 3rd title in a row. #LakeSHOW baby.

Best Year Ever: Freddie Mac

Kaylee Addison McGee

Team Twillie x Young Legend x Chris Carter - We Roll [Video]

A few days ago we brought you this song and the behind the scenes footage of the video. Team Twillie came through with the completed project and ended the year off, as they use to say, PROPER LIKE. Check it out below.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What We Could Have Been..

Sometimes it's not good to have this much alone time. I rather be busy. I rather my mind be on a thousand different other things because when my mind wanders, you always seem to pop up. Maybe this is what happens when someone feels guilty about the way some things have played out. Not only played out but the way that I LET things take a turn for the worst. What I've found out is that, what I thought was for the BEST then, turned out to be far from it. Now what? How much longer does this need to go on? What's the solution? Maybe I need to take advice on this one because i took no ones advice the last time around. I'm a Leo though, we don't ask advice, we always know what's right, right? We're always in control, right? Maybe I should just ask another Leo, nah. Guess we'll see.

Crackhead's need love to; except this one..

Here's a video I've prolly watched 100+ times, dating back to the first time a I watched it, over a year ago. You've prolly seen it too but just in case I wanted to bring it to the site to show you that not all people need love, some need a cold jail cell.

The new "I'm really cheating on you" excuse

Over the past few years, there has been a few reasons and excused that us guys give women AND vice versa that just scream out, "I'm really cheating on you." For one, remember the "I'm working late," excuse? Yeah, that pretty much got found out but some guys still try to use it and some EVEN think they are getting away with it. Trust me, if you use that excuse and your girl/guy goes along with it, THEY KNOW you are cheating and are just waiting for a good time to leave your ass.

Another one that was popular was, "Oh, he/she's just a friend," now this one had a good one, only because we really wanted to believe you, because we loved you, because we wanted things to work, but after some time, 'just a friend' became "just someone I'm fucking, but I don't care about them at all." Yeah, those are two of the most popular "I'm really cheating on you" excuses.

Now, in this new age of technology, with the social sites of the innanets, I've found through doing many studies and putting in hours of work, that there is a new phrase to tell when your guy/girl is cheating. A few will say I'm breaking the "manlaw" or hating on women trying to get theirs but I feel like I owe this to all the broken hearts of 2010, men and women. Over the weekend, I was in the middle of a little "relationship squabble" between two love birds when the female fired off questions about another young tender who was at my table, the guy responded with, "Oh, we just talk on twitter."

Hmmmm. It hit me. This is it. This is the new "I'm really cheating on you" excuse. Sorry I didn't warn yall earlier but I was just giving you all a little time to receive Christmas gifts, to see if you got what you wanted or not.

Please enjoy the rest of your holidays and keep a hear out for that phrase if said by the one you love.
No need to thank me.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Juicy J x Lex Lugar - Rubberband Business [Mixtape]

Yuuup, you see it! This is for all those who love that down south music. Beats are crazy, lyrics are ehh but what you expect from a producer. If you like LIL B, OJ da Juiceman, or Gucci you'll probably OD on this tape! This sounds like some of the old Three Six music so, yeah, it does just what it's suppose to do. Check out one of my favorite tracks so far:

Juicy J x Roscoe Dash: Party

Juicy J x Lex Lugar - Rubberband Business

All Drae - Zone Out

I finally got around to checking to this tape out by the homie All Drae and so far so good. 'Smoke Somethin" is my fave so far but you can check them out for yourselves with the link below:
You can most definitely look forward to that Drae/Mac collab in 2011.

All Drae - Zone Out

Bux x Freddie Mac - Real Talk [Video]

Finally the visuals have arrived for 'Real Talk.' Check below. Share it with a friend if ya like.

Still stuck on 69? Step ya sex game up..

Just in case you've been trying to work it out, ooowwwww..


Gunplay x Waka Flocka - Rollin

I peeped this a few days ago, hidden on the Rick Ross 'Ashes To Ashes' mixtape. I've come to find out that it's actually Gunplay, from Triple C's featuring Waka Flocka. This is his first single off his mixtape, Valkrie, coming next month.

My run in with Luscious, the prostitute.

Yeah. I bet you can already imagine. Well, nah, you probably can't. I'm sure you're wondering how did this happen? What really happened? Why and where were you at when everything took place? Don't worry, I got all your answers below, and trust me when I say, I'm still a virgin when it comes to ladies of the night.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Charlie Clips - 6'7 freestyle

When I saw this pop up on twitter, I knew I had to check it out asap! Sorry you're just getting it now, maybe you need to follow Charlie Clips on twitter also. Check the track below.

Download Charlie Clips - 6 Foot 7 Foot

Monday, December 20, 2010


Twitter is at it again. This time Freddie Mac, Anti [of ParCity], J.Osceola, and TravDave let loose on this 6 Minutes Instrumental for a flawlessly lyrical freestyle, prolly the best of 2010. After the vid, scroll down below for the download link, I'm sure this will be one you want to add to your iTunes.
Disclaimer: If any of these bars touch you in a certain way, "Put your feelings in a 16 and get back at me."

Freddie Mac x Anti x J.Osceola x Trav Dave - Lyrical Accountants

Friday, December 17, 2010

Freddie Mac - Hard In The Paint [Freestyle]

Freddie Mac starts his #FreestyleFriday epidemic with an oldie but goodie, click below and watch as he goes in on young Waka Flocka's 'HARD IN THE PAINT' instrumental.

Download here

Freddie Mac - Far From Average [Trailer]

Freddie Mac FINALLY gives us a preview of what he's currently been working on. Looks pretty fascinating, but so far, NO DATE has been set. There is however a title at the end of the video which we can expect to be the name of the mixtape/ep but we'll have to wait and see.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jamie Foxx - Fall For Your Type [Video] ft. Drizzy

Jamie finally threw the visual together for his track featuring Drake. I still think Drake's version

Oh, if you're wondering who that lovely lady in the video is, I gotchu covered. Click here for pics of Jessica Burciaga.

Thank Me Later.
sounds better but hey. That's just me.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Team Twillie x Young Legend x Chris Carter - We Roll

Twillie comes through and drops his street single, We Roll featuring Young Legend and Chris Carter. Check it out below for yourself and you'll see why Mississippi is on the way up!

Download right here

Also check out the Behind The Scenes footage of the video:

1/2 Cent Cranberrys To Be Release 12/18

The Nike 1/2 Cent "Cranberrys" will be releasing this Friday, December 18th. A few spots, such as DTLR are having a midnight release. This is not really my type of color but it would be pretty nice to run up on a pair of these since I GAVE my first pair of 1/2 cents away to my cousin who now builds houses while wearing them, SMH. Anyhow, if you want them, get them while you can. They won't be around long.

Ladies, what would you do? [Poll]

Honest women only please.

You're at your place with your guy and he steps into the bathroom to take a shower. After a few minutes you hear his phone ringing, on the counter of the kitchen where he left it. Answer the poll below.

His phone rings, he's in the shower. What do you do?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lil Wayne ft. Corey Gunz - 6'7"

New Wayne, featuring Corey Gunz.

Download here.


Par-City - Motivation [Video]

The Bronx Bombas - Par-City - have released their first original single - "Motivation." It has already received over 10,000 downloads in less than a week. "Motivation" is the first single off of their first original project entitled Fueled by Revenge EP due out February 2011.

The Video for "Motivation," Directed By Mills Miller (, is a cinematic take on "What Motivates" the Par-City boys. "What Motivates You?," Hopefully this video can help you answer this for yourself.

Follow them on twitter at: ThisIsAnti, GifTheGreat, WillyDope.

Bux [Real Talk Freestyle] ft. Freddie Mac

Bux comes through with another banger, Real Talk, spitting a few bars over Kanye West's Devil In A New Dress instrumental. With the help of our own, Freddie Mac, add this one to your YouTube playlist!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Spooning is good; but FORKING is better!

Is this you? Are you a spooner? If so, that's cool. Good for you and the guy or gal who joins in this passionate display of affection. I, on the other hand, am more a FORKER. It can even happen in the same position. You should try it. Let me know how that works out.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Blackberry Playbook: Hmmm interesting..

Coming from a family full of MAC users, the iPad was a given to be purchased as a Christmas gift, that was until I came across this. The Blackberry Playbook. Over the last few weeks I've been thinking very hard about leaving Blackberry due to Sprints inability to secure a touchscreen 4g Blackberry. After doing a little searching around, I saw that a few were in the making but not sure if they would come to Sprint. I really just wanted to upgrade so I could use FACE-to-FACE and also the Angry Bird app which is really addictive. This, The Blackberry Playbook may be the one thing that keeps me put.

It's completely compatible with your phone. Meaning, you can sync EVERYTHING. You can read emails, view pictures, and even USE BBM!! Wow, BBM on a TABLET! It also has a camera on the front and back unlike the iPad, also a flash and slots for memory cards, ALSO unlike the iPad.

It's scheduled to be released early 2011 with a price range from $399 (8gb) and up.

Read more about The Blackberry Tablet at Gizmodo.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Miz Smurff - Stilettos In The Trap [Get Use To Me Edition]

Mississippi's own Miz Smurff is back with her latest mixtape, Stilettos In The Trap [Get Use To Me Edition]. I'm actually listening to this at the moment, so please come back for the review. So far so good. Way different than what I expected. Not your average "throw this pussy on a nigga" music that you probably would expect from a female. It's most definitely worth the download. Click the link below to do just that.

Miz Smurf - Stilettos In The Trap [Get Use To Me Edition]

Tangie - Well It Is

Tangie is back with another track off her upcoming project. On this one she gets a lil deeper into why men are so vane. Click play below and see why she won't "take NO for an answer."

Download Tangie - Well It Is

Team Twillie - #MobbLick

The highly anticipated project from Team Twillie dropped today and by the looks of the innanets, it's a CLASSIC. What else did you expect, he's the guy who brought you #TeamTwillieTuesday on a consecutive pace for WEEKS. Check out #MobbLick with the link below, where you are able to listen to the mixtape in its entirety and also download.

Team Twillie - #MobbLick: THE Mixtape

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Do Women Know What They Want?

Some say they want a relationship. When a guy makes a commitment, they say he's moving to fast.

Some just want to have a good time. When a guy prolongs the commitment, they say he's not serious.

Some just want to be taken care of. When a guy shows he's has everything covered, they want to claim they're Ms. Independent.

Some want to have a large family. When a guy decides to get them knocked up, they no longer wants to have kids.

I know this does not go for ALL women. Maybe any women, maybe this falls in a whole different category. Maybe I should say "GIRLS" because there is NO WAY a WOMAN should not know what she wants, right?

The Slanderers - Banned From Twitter

Just a little friendly competition we need your help with. It's all fun at the end of the day but take the time to do us this one favor. Listen to the track below and vote on who had the best verse. The verses in order of appearance are as follows: Taylor Boy, Gleams, Dash, Trav Dave, and Freddie Mac.

Hottest Verse on Banned From Twitter?
Taylor Boy Gleams Dash Trav Dave Freddie Mac

Thanks for your participation!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tangie - Crazy

Check out Tangie's FIRST video "Crazy" directed by HoodRoach

Monday, November 15, 2010

A Life on Facebook

This is THEEEE BEST VIDEO you will see this week!! Just watch.

A LIFE ON FACEBOOK from maxluere on Vimeo.

Arrogant Empire - Hi I'm High

I told you all this video was coming, very much worth the wait!!

ArrogantEmpire "Hi Im High" from Arrogant Empire on Vimeo.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

What's New Mac?

Freddie Mac discusses future projects and sheds some light on artists he's working with. Also gives a little insight into Freddie Mac Films coming soon.

Friday, November 12, 2010

J Cole - Friday Night Lights

Download J.Cole - Friday Night Lights

Friday Question of The Night

Paul Pierce Comments After South Beach Visit

Now, being a Laker fan, I'm not the biggest fan of Paul Pierce, but I will say THIS TWEET after their victory over the Miami Heat, it made me like HATE him a little less. You must admit, this is kinda funny.

Like that Bron Bron?

Someone You Should Know: Akira Dixon

If you've been on twitter over the last year, it's no way you've gone a week without seeing a link to some of the hottest celebrity and entertainment gossip news to ever hit the blog sites. That site would be Kira's Koncept. When I first saw this site pop up in my timeline, I kind of figured that it was just one of these other blogs that copied every other blog on the internet, meaning, if I checked it, it probably would have anything new. Was I wrong. Upon checking out the site, I saw that it had more to offer its readers other than the regular Rihanna pics and cheating wives. This site had substance. It had a meaning. It had the truth and ALSO a fair opinion. When I saw found out that she was from Mississippi, my home state, I had to get to know more about her. So after a few messages exchanged here and there, we finally set some time aside to discuss things she was working on and what were her plans for the future.

Kanye West: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy [Review]

I wish I could say I had high expectations for this album but after hearing over half of the tracks that were listed to be on the album, I kind of knew what to expect. I would say after seeing his 30 minute movie, I was a little excited to hear the songs I haven't heard. With that being said, I scored a link to the album last night and gave it a listen while I was at work. The picture below POST-PLAY.

Yep. Deleted. Please take my word, it's down even worth the download.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Par-City - Motivation [Behind The Scenes]

Par-City gives up a sneak peak of the making of their FIRST ORIGINAL VIDEO, titled Motivation. Directed by the infamous Mills Miller, it seems to be a pretty hot one. Dropping later this winter, make sure you come back to the site to check it out. In the mean time, check out their latest mixtape Back 2 The Basement.

Chilly Chill Radio Vol 23

These boys are back with Chilly Chill Radio Vol 23. Check their website to get caught up on the earlier episodes AND a rack of other hip hop related material. JONASTY and HOVA enters a friendly competition with the mixes below to see who receives the most downloads. No way you can lose with these two, completely a win win for us. Check the links below and get to it! Thank him!!

Chilly Chill Radio 23



Charlie Clips - Legendary (Street Album)

The boy Clips is back at it with his street album release, LEGENDARY. I've said this before and will continue to stick with it, he's the ONLY BATTLE RAPPER I've seen be able to MAKE COMPLETE SONGS!! Check out this album and see for yourself.

Download Charlie Clips - Legendary

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WTCPR presents Freddie Mac & Friends

Next Thursday, we (WTCPR) are releasing our FIRST project, Freddie Mac & Friends. Judging by the cover you should be able to tell that this project will feature Mac's latest tracks featuring some of the nicest artist on twitter. Some collaborations include Asi Frio (Arrogant Empire), Mark Milly (YHGM), Team Twillie (JackMobb), and more.
If you are on the mailing list, you should receive this no later that Monday. If not, and want to, please email to be placed on the list.

Cam Newton; Super Ugly.

It seems like EVERY MORNING we wake up to more and more news about Auburn's Heisman hopeful quarterback, Cam Newton. Last Friday a man admitted that he sought payment on behalf on Cam Newton and his father from Mississippi State. This past Monday, it was reported that he was caught cheating on test while attending Florida University.

Although he and his father have denied these allegations, more findings are being brought to the table. I really feel like it's only a matter of time before all the information comes out. If anything was offered or negotiated, they need to bring it out now instead of waiting until five years from now like Reggie Bush. I guess it's all about the Heisman. I believe the reports. Sad as it may be, I think money had to be involved. Where there's smoke, there's a fire.

Your thoughts?


Foor those who missed it yesterday, Allure Radio brought you all TurnD Up Tuesday featuring Christine Klien, the Ex-Grilfriend of R. Kelly. She joins to talk about her tell all book and gives hints at some juicy details included. Also listen as Ms. Nique plays some of the hottest new songs out at the moment.

Listen to internet radio with AllureRadio on Blog Talk Radio

You can catch the next episode, UR2CENT Thursday; I'm Coming Out + Girl on Girl Action on 11/11. You can also follow Ms. Nique on twitter.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

NeYo - Libra Scale

NeYo's upcoming album Libra Scale comes out on 11/22 and it is a must purchase. With hits such as Champagne Life, One in a Million, and Crazy Love, it's a very nice cd to just listen to. My favorite song on the album is Telekinesis, which is posted below. Check it out, but not if you're alone, yeah, it's one of those!

Download here.
Preorder NeYo Libra Scale on iTunes.

Do Women Really Know What They Want?

A few days ago, #whatwomenwant was a popular hashtag on twitter. Some of the things I saw had me very confused. There were some women who said all the right things and then, there were some who were completely losing me with the things they were asking for. Maybe the hashtag should have been #whatwomenneed, but for one, I saw a few saying that they want to be taken care of. I found this kind of hard to believe due to the amount of women who scream that they are INDEPENDENT. A few women were saying they wanted someone who could just slang the pipe and pay a bill every now and then. What the FCUK?! Maybe I'm just following the wrong people, what do you think?
Do women really know what they want?


You may have seen this hashtag HEAVY on twitter over the last week, now listen and find out what #SlanderTheTitans is all about.

Download here

Artists in order of appearance: Freddie Mac, Chick Dash, Jay Arroyo, Taylor Boy, Trav Dave, & Gleams

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The 2nd Date.

Ok, so by someway possible, you've made it to the second date. A few questions float in your head on how things should go, what you should do, things you should talk about, where will you take her, what does she expect out of this one? All common concerns, but chill. To me, a second date is ALL POSITIVE from what I've seen. For one, she likes you, hence the reason she's out with you on a second date, and even if she doesn't like you from what you've shown her on the first one, you still have one more chance to show her why there should be more dates in the future.

A lot of people disagree with me and my labeling of this date as, the "spend out" date. I say that to say this, the first day for me is more so of a meeting, a walk and talk type of environment. A quick lunch, stop and drop small gifts off type of date. Nothing major. After a few more phone calls, text messages, retweets and dms, the 2nd date is where you show her what you are about and what she can get use to. I label this one as the "spend out" date because this is usually where the dinner, movies, live music, etc takes place.

ING Direct did a survey on how much money women expect guys to spend on a FIRST date. Most women said somewhere around $85 was a reasonable amount. I guess that really depends on where you are living as well. However; the second date has always been known to me as I stated above.
I asked a few of my friends on twitter questions about the #2ndDate and I really enjoyed some of the answers they provided.

When asking "What Do Women Expect On A #2ndDate," I received:

So what if sex happens on the #2ndDate, what does that mean? To me, I always thought if that happened on the #2ndDate, it very well could have happened on the first. Does it means she's easy, of course!! Just kidding. No, it just means, well I asked that to a few followers and they responded as follows:

Hmm, so what do you think? How do your #2ndDates turn out? Lemme know.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tonio From Da Top - No Hands (Gstyle)

Tonio came through and dropped off this joint just in time, because I was getting tired of hearing "Put her on a train, little engine that could, Wale." Check below and see why he's one of the hottest doing it. Does this shit rock,

Download here

Monday, October 25, 2010

Mark Milly x Naturalbrown - Come Back

Milly drops off another jewel featuring naturalbrown on what seems to be a fall classic so far. Check it out below. Those YHGM guys stay at it:

Friday, October 22, 2010

Freestyle Friday - Barry Bonds

I felt it was only right. #BecauseItsFridayFreestyle. I haven't gave you all NEW MUSIC in a while but I got you NEXT MONDAY. Stay tuned. Until then, download and rock with this one for the moment.

Oh, download right here.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Baracka Flocka Flames - Head of the State

I got this link passed to me earlier. It's craaazy! Press play!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Creations By Christina

My good friend Christina passed this site on to me a few days ago and at first, I treated it like almost every other site which I hear about, you know, say I'll check it out and never get around to it. I'm not the only one that does that I know.

So one day while during a little internet surfing, I decided to check it out and was really impressed by what I saw. This site, which sales hand made jewelry, was very "cute" if I may say in my most manly tone (so you won't get the wrong idea). I was surprised to find out that every piece is one-of-a-kind. The prices are also VERY AFFORDABLE.

The First Dance

I most definitely think you should check this site out if you are into custom jewelry and are looking to update your collection. Guys also should scroll the site and check out a few pieces, with Christmas right around the corner, you may as well get started early.

Visit for more info.
You can also follow Christina on twitter.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Young Scolla - Built For More

I ran into Young Scolla a few weeks ago at Modi's "Kobe" event. During a cypher, there's always one guy who stands out. From the crowds reactions with the regular "oohs" and "ahhs" I could tell this guy had flow.

The next day I scrolled on over to and got familiar with some of his latest work and I was impressed. His freestyle over J.Cole's Blow Up was SICK.

Today, he dropped Built For More, and I can't wait to check it out. I've heard and red a lot of tweets about it over the past two weeks since a few copies were handed out at the AC3 event. I'm sure he doesn't disappoints. Click the link below and check it out. Also hit him on twitter and ask him when the people are gonna get that Scolla & Freddie Mac collab!! Haha!

Young Scolla - Built For More

Monday, October 18, 2010

SocialScope Update + Shortcuts

Nah, this post is not to give out a link for a SocialScope invite. You can request those here.

On another note bout to take another vacay on another boat if you do already have SocialScope, you may notice a few changes with the shortcut keys (if you use them at all). The list is below but there's ONE missing, which was the one I loved the most. The "SEARCH" (S) shortcut key is no longer the same. S now takes you to the Share screen. I know we can Menu > Search and so on, but it's not the same. I'm lazy, hence the reason for this post. So if anyone comes across the shortcut for Search, please pass that along.

Shouts out to FoxxFiles for the update pic above.