Friday, September 17, 2010

gLee - Empire State of Mind

Leaked a few days ago, we get a glimpse of what this season of gLee will have to offer. Check out the video below to hear the gLeeks take on Jay's "Empire State of Mind."

Google Music Storage Locker Details

Over the past few months Google Music has been leaking more and more information about how their new music database will work. Unlike iTunes and others who store music, Google has said that their program will create what is called a Storage (Cloud) Locker which can be accessed from ANYWHERE and not just by logging onto a computer.

This is a very good look for those who want to listen to their music but are not at their computer. You could log, access your cloud locker, and download or stream any music you have uploaded.

However, this feature is not free, so far it's said to start of a cost of $25 per year. More details on this can be found by checking out CNN: Wired website.

Backstage with ParCity

ParCity gives us a look at what goes on backstage as they prepare to open up for Ice T at the Brooklyn Knitting Factory this past Saturday.

Their latest mixtape, 'Back 2 The Basement' can be downloaded here.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


The time has come again for the South to represent and give back to the ones who put in work ALL YEAR. Those who put for the effort, the time, the hard work, the sweat and tears and the passion, THEIR EVERYTHING in what they live for. The SEA AWARDS are around the corner and you can go to their site and vote for the movers and shakers of the entertainment industry. Going through the ballots, I was excited to spot a few names of artists and djs I knew personally who REALLY DESERVED their NOMINATIONS. There names are listed below.

Congrats to ALL the nominees but a special one goes out to these few:

Miz Smurff (Female Artist of the Year)
Young Legend (Best Freestyle on a Mixtape)
DJ Jonasty (Best Radio DJ)
Big Krit (Best Indy Artist of the Year)
Core DJs (Best DJ Crew/Family)

ALife presents FALL/WINTER 2010

Dope. Just watch.

JOsceola performing w/ Freeway

This Friday, Ohio's own JOsceola will be performing at Skullys with Philadelphia Freeway! This should be a MUST ATTEND for those in the surrounding areas! It's not too late to purchase tickets, you can still get yours from holla'n at JOsceola, TeamOsceola, or BUFALOpete.

Check out JOsceola's "Now You Know" (Produced by A.U.) below

Michael Kors Spring Summer 2011 Fashion Show

Michael Kors debuted it's Spring/Summer line for 2011 a few days ago. Press play below for a view of the runway.

Michael Kors

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Friday Feature:
Nekya Badd

Yea. You see the pic above? The face. The style. The legs. The COMPLETE LOOK. You're looking at one of the hottest models in the DC area. Nekya B, originally from Arlington, Virgina, throughout her hard work and dedication, has managed to create a brand for herself and also a MAJOR name in the modeling industry. From book covers, magazine articles, and numerous campaigns, Nekya shows to be on a high road to success.

Between her busy time, she set aside some time to answer a few questions. In this day and time, we tend to get the industry mixed up, with the amount of models, video vixens, and the others. I wanted to find out from the source and also give her a chance to give her opinion on a few topics.

Mac: First of all, I want to thank you for giving me the time for this interview. I just felt it was only right to learn more about the person behind the photos.

Nekya: Well, first let me say THANK YOU for choosing me to be featured.

mFashion Magazine
launches music section

For those of you who may not know, M Fashion Magazine is a quarterly publication that is dedicated, but not limited to, the fashionistas of the south. Over the past few months, it's shed light on fashion, beauty, and the fabulous lifestyle most southerners enjoy.

Recently, it added a music feature to its website. This gives local artist a spotlight to get their music heard and even tell others about their lives as well.

You can read more about M Fashion Magazine by visiting their site. Be sure to check them out and also follow on twitter.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nike Air Max Lebron VIII "USA"

I'm far from a Lebron fan, even though he BALLS. Neither have I been a fan of his shoes, other than the Nike Air Max LeBron VII "All-Stars", but the ones I spotted yesterday (pictured above) are NIIIICEEEEE!!!

NiceKicks gave us a preview of these sneakers dropping sometime this fall. It reminds me of the Jordan VIIs for some reason. They are most definitely a DOPE PAIR and I will be copping!

However, it is still all about the LAKESHOW!

Red & White Blackberry Torch
Coming Soon

I found this mosey'n along over at Crackberry recently. Looks pretty nice, I remember back in the day everyone wanted an all black phone because there were not that many out, now it's like everyone wants an all white one. Read more about this phone here.

Trey Songz: Passion, Pain, & Pleasure
Album Review

First, I have to say I went into this album with low expectations. I know he's the hottest r&b act out at the moment, but to me, until he stops talking about SEX ON EVERY SONG, I really can't take his music serious. With that being said, I've listened to the album 2 to 3 songs, all the way through and I must say I'm impressed.

Yes, there are still a whole bunch of sex songs, but they are nice I can't front. I really can't wait to SMASH off this cd. That's what really matters right?

Some of my favorite songs are 'Massage, Alone, Can't Be Friends and a few more I will place below.

Overall, nice! Worth the $9.99. Get it!!

Trey Songz - Red Lipstick

Trey Songz ft. Drake - The Usual

Trey Songz - Unfortunate

You can purchase Trey Songz: Passion, Pain, & Pleasure on iTunes.

DJ Finesse IPhone App

I have to admit, THIS is THE ONLY TIME I've been jealous of iPhone users. Yes, you all win this one. Why, because of the DJ FINESSE iPhone App! For those of you who have never heard REAL DOWN SOUTH MUSIC, this is for you!!
This is a major look I must admit. Once it comes available for Blackberry, you can believe it's copped! Until then, iPhone users, download this app from the iTunes store and you can thank me later.
Also, if on twitter, you can follow DJ Finesse for all sorts of entertainment. Trust me!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Arrogant Empire
Hi, I'm High [Trailer]

Check out the trailer for the Arrogant Empire's upcoming video, directed by Puma.

DJ O Sharp's
mIDnIgHt maYHEM Vol. 1

A few days ago the Usual Suspects sent me a mix by DJ O Sharp and after sitting in my favorites for a day or two, I got the chance to listen to it and I must say, it's FIYA!! I mean, you probably wouldn't expect anything else if it's on this site, right? I knew you wouldn't take my word for it though, so I went through the trouble of uploading this mix JUST SO YOU COULD LISTEN TO IT from this site. After the first few minutes, you'll want to download the entire mix. Thank me later. Check out the mix below. Major look for Columbus might I add.

Download this mix here

Freddie Mac x Marsha Ambrosius - Cheats On You [Video]

Without further adieu.. enjoy.

"Can We Talk About Marriage?"

Yesterday before the football games kicked off, I popped the question, "Can we talk about marriage?" Didn't think I'd receive THIS much feedback but I had a lot of people chime in and give their opinions and we had a REALLY NICE CONVERSATION before the 1:00 pm KICKOFFS. I may try this again next week.

This question came up because I had been conversing with a few friends who were talking about marriage and the importance of it. Also a time frame in which that "marriage" conversation should come up if you are in a relationship.

So I took to twitter and these are some of the responses I received:

I would like to thank all who gave their opinions and shedding some light on the topic at hand. If you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Arrogant Empire's Pot:
The Life of A Snob

Remember I told you about this guy Pot a few months ago when I visited the Arrogant Empire HQ, yea, this guy! If you're not following him on twitter, you're really missing out!

Well last night, he gave us the ability, through his tweets, to see what goes on in THE LIFE OF A SNOB.

Cheats on You Video Premiere

And the support still GROWS!! After releasing "Cheats On You" ft. Marsha Ambrosius this past Friday, the feedback has been AMAZING.

In no way do I plan on stopping. With that being said, on Sunday 15th, I will be premiering the visuals to this song as well. During halftime of Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins, make sure you tune in to watch the video that has been put together. Of course, it will be available to watch on your mobile device (granting your devices ability to access YouTube Mobile).

Check out the preview here:

New songs are sent out almost weekly to those who are on the mailing list. Please feel free to send me your email if you would like to be included.

Thanks again.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Flocka ft. Wale & Roscoe: No Hands [Video]

When I heard this song on Wale's More About Nothing Mixtape it was kinda catchy. It's one of those songs that wears off after the first 30 seconds but best believe it comes on in the club, I'm getting it in! Nice video, I guess.


Freddie Mac x Marsha Ambrosius:
Cheats on You

You know I couldn't let Marsha get away with that 'I Hope She Cheats' record, right? It was only right that I revamped this, for the BETTER OF COURSE. After hearing this song a few times over the weekend on the radio, and ROCKING to it, I had to do it for the guys who felt the same. Take a listen below and REPLACE THE ORIGINAL on your ipod.

I gave twitter a sneak peak Thursday morning around 2:00 am [shouts out to the insomniacs] and here are a few things they had to say about the record.

Download Cheats on You

Reggie, Reggie, Reggie

Over the last few weeks, Reggie Bush has been under fire about the Heisman Trophy award and whether he'll be able to keep it or not. I find it sad that they would even be THINKING of taking this trophy back, something they've NEVER done in it's entire history. Whether Reggie Bush took money or not, his performance was what won him the Heisman a few years ago. He was the most explosive, dominating, aggressive running back to watch that ENTIRE SEASON. He deserves it.

Does SEX really matter?

Ok, numerous people have told me before, SEX doesn't play ANY type of role in their relationship. It's all about caring, loving, trusting the person you're with. If the birds are chirping and dogs are barking when you and your lover walks Lover's Lane, then everything is right with the world. My thoughts; you've gotta be f#@king KIDDING ME!!

Let's start off by saying that I am in NO WAY, one of these sexual maniacs who puts sex above breathing. Sex is what it is, it's SEX. On another note, I do think that sex plays a major part in a relationship. You may think different, and that's totally cool. That's you, but what about your partner?

If the sex is terrible, what happens then? Are pointers given out? Do you move on? Do you go the drastic route and get it from someone else? I would most certainly hope not, but there are are some who have AND has used that as an excuse!!

How much of a role does SEX play in your relationship? Can you stick around if the sex is horrible? If your guy or girl has NO CLUE of what's going on in the bedroom, what is your next move? Does SEX REALLY MATTER?

I've given you my take, let me know what you think on the issue.

Trav Dave x Bobby Fame - Speaking in Tongues

Ut oh! Trav Dave is at it again, this time with the help of the Iconic Bobby Fame. Like always, Trav crushes this [Speaking in Tongues] instrumental while Fame adds fuel to the fire. Check out the track below and hear for yourselves.

Download here.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Par-City : Back 2 The Basement [Mixtape]

Those good ol boys are back with another heater. This time hosted by the WORLD FAMOUS DJ O.minaya. This has been the year of Par-City if you haven't noticed. Mixtapes, radio features, blog posts, twitter trending topics, videos, these guys are really putting in work!

This is their latest project and from what I've heard so far, maybe their best. Click the link below to grab a copy or two.


Child's Play: An Adult Field Day

This flyer ALONE should be enough to have you in attendance. This is looking like one of those events you will NOT want to miss, I'm sure you will be hearing about it AFTER. You can scroll on over to DCtoBC for the full details.

Freddie Mac x Trave Dave featured on JukeBOX

The love and support for Freddie Mac and Trav Dave's track, 'iKnow, iKnow' is still growing. After landing a spot on one of the Distict's (Washington DC) hottest blogs CandiceNicoleInTheCity, it's also being featured on JukeBOX, which is a very nice look as well. We would like to THANK YOU ALL for the kind comments and feedback . It's very much appreciated!

Team Twillie ft. Young Legend - Hustlin'

Team Twillie and Young Legend return fresh from the 3 day weekend with 'HUSTLIN' Peep it below. After that, scroll back up and download here.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Chris Cooley x Orisue x Major DC In-Store!

The homie Modi threw me onto this event happening later this week in DC. It's looking like something you most definitely will want to be a part of.

Whether Skins fan or not, this is a MUST ATTEND. Click here to check out the article in full.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


TMZ broke the news last night that TI and wife Tiny were arrested for "possession of a controlled substance."

With all the chances that this guy has been given, people took to the innanets to share there opinion on what the justice department should do with this young man.

#KeepTip was the outcome. Check out some of the tweets from below:

Q&A with Mom and Pops

This weekend I will be traveling back to Mississippi for a couple days. Nothing like going home, everyone knows that. I will also be doing a little filming for MacTV while I'm there. Since there are a few people who always ask me where I got my eyes from and other random questions on twitter, I figured that this would be the perfect time to have a Q&A with my parents. With that being said, it you have any questions you like to ask them about me, living in Mississippi, or being the parents of a FAMOUS RAPPER, please let me know and I will ask them during the segment.

You can tweet me or you leave a comment here. I will be taking questions all weekend long so let me know.

MacTV: CAKEing in DC

Remember I told you MacTV was coming back for a 2nd season, well here is the first episode, 'CAKEing in DC.' Watch below.

MacTV: CAKEing in DC from Freddie Mac on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gordo Brega - Monster

I'm not sure how old this video is but I just came across it this morning and it's DOPE as FCUK! Song is DOPER! Check it out below.

Studio 43 and 1st Impressions Studio Present: Gordo Brega - "MONSTER" from KENNY BURNS on Vimeo.

Follow on twitter!

Par-City @ 17th Annual Gerald Kelly
Bronx Cookout

ParCity was spotted in the Bronx for the 17th Annual Gerald Kelly Cookout recently, which they were scheduled to perform at before the coppers shut it down. They give their takes on the ongoing activities, which include 'the requirements of being a Male dancer' and trying to find out how Anti (one of the members of ParCity which reps the BRONX ALL DAY EEY DAY, somehow got LOST on his way to the cookout).
In other news, ParCity is still scheduled to perform at The Brooklyn Knitting opening up for Ice T. Their next project BACK 2 THE BASEMENT is scheduled to be released September 7th. Make sure you check back to get that!

Learn more about ParCity at

Meet Ciroc Clark

I came across Ciroc like I usually do with everyone else, randomly searching Twitter. We all know twitter is full of a couple things; models,bloggers, rappers, promoters, and djs. When I saw that she was an artist, I decided to give her a listen, like I do with most artists. After visiting her page, I was impressed with a few tracks. Not what I expected, mostly because I'm use to female artists rapping about how bad they are and niggas aint shit, she came across much different, in a good way might I add.

After listening to a couple more, I was sold that she was very talented and had a few skills on the mic. I could tell she took time and put a lot of effort into her recordings, some people can't notice that off the top, but I did. I think she's really going to be a fresh ear in hip hop. To read more about her, check out her Reverbnation page. As for the music, skim through the tracks below.

You can also follow her on TWITTER.

Vote for Ohio Hip Hop Awards

The time has come around again for this year's Ohio Hip Hop Awards. Showcasing and paying homage to those who have represented throughout the last year for the state of Ohio, this event seems to be one for the ages. Visit Ohio Hip Hop Awards to place your vote for your favorite dj, artist, website, etc.

I'm also glad to see that one of my friends, JOsceloa was nominated for Best New Hip Hop Artist AND Best Album, that's a MAJOR look.
Please support the movement and take 5 minutes out of your day to go over and cast your vote. Scrolling through the names of those nominated, I'm sure you will see at least two or three people you know via Twitter who has made an impact from the state of Columbus as well.

Check out JOsceola - CO Cypher Pt. 2

Also be sure to cast your vote for J WORK (Best Clothing Designer) and DJ D Boogie (Best Club DJ)