Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The 2nd Date.

Ok, so by someway possible, you've made it to the second date. A few questions float in your head on how things should go, what you should do, things you should talk about, where will you take her, what does she expect out of this one? All common concerns, but chill. To me, a second date is ALL POSITIVE from what I've seen. For one, she likes you, hence the reason she's out with you on a second date, and even if she doesn't like you from what you've shown her on the first one, you still have one more chance to show her why there should be more dates in the future.

A lot of people disagree with me and my labeling of this date as, the "spend out" date. I say that to say this, the first day for me is more so of a meeting, a walk and talk type of environment. A quick lunch, stop and drop small gifts off type of date. Nothing major. After a few more phone calls, text messages, retweets and dms, the 2nd date is where you show her what you are about and what she can get use to. I label this one as the "spend out" date because this is usually where the dinner, movies, live music, etc takes place.

ING Direct did a survey on how much money women expect guys to spend on a FIRST date. Most women said somewhere around $85 was a reasonable amount. I guess that really depends on where you are living as well. However; the second date has always been known to me as I stated above.
I asked a few of my friends on twitter questions about the #2ndDate and I really enjoyed some of the answers they provided.

When asking "What Do Women Expect On A #2ndDate," I received:

So what if sex happens on the #2ndDate, what does that mean? To me, I always thought if that happened on the #2ndDate, it very well could have happened on the first. Does it means she's easy, of course!! Just kidding. No, it just means, well I asked that to a few followers and they responded as follows:

Hmm, so what do you think? How do your #2ndDates turn out? Lemme know.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tonio From Da Top - No Hands (Gstyle)

Tonio came through and dropped off this joint just in time, because I was getting tired of hearing "Put her on a train, little engine that could, Wale." Check below and see why he's one of the hottest doing it. Does this shit rock,

Download here

Monday, October 25, 2010

Mark Milly x Naturalbrown - Come Back

Milly drops off another jewel featuring naturalbrown on what seems to be a fall classic so far. Check it out below. Those YHGM guys stay at it:

Friday, October 22, 2010

Freestyle Friday - Barry Bonds

I felt it was only right. #BecauseItsFridayFreestyle. I haven't gave you all NEW MUSIC in a while but I got you NEXT MONDAY. Stay tuned. Until then, download and rock with this one for the moment.

Oh, download right here.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Baracka Flocka Flames - Head of the State

I got this link passed to me earlier. It's craaazy! Press play!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Creations By Christina

My good friend Christina passed this site on to me a few days ago and at first, I treated it like almost every other site which I hear about, you know, say I'll check it out and never get around to it. I'm not the only one that does that I know.

So one day while during a little internet surfing, I decided to check it out and was really impressed by what I saw. This site, which sales hand made jewelry, was very "cute" if I may say in my most manly tone (so you won't get the wrong idea). I was surprised to find out that every piece is one-of-a-kind. The prices are also VERY AFFORDABLE.

The First Dance

I most definitely think you should check this site out if you are into custom jewelry and are looking to update your collection. Guys also should scroll the site and check out a few pieces, with Christmas right around the corner, you may as well get started early.

Visit for more info.
You can also follow Christina on twitter.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Young Scolla - Built For More

I ran into Young Scolla a few weeks ago at Modi's "Kobe" event. During a cypher, there's always one guy who stands out. From the crowds reactions with the regular "oohs" and "ahhs" I could tell this guy had flow.

The next day I scrolled on over to and got familiar with some of his latest work and I was impressed. His freestyle over J.Cole's Blow Up was SICK.

Today, he dropped Built For More, and I can't wait to check it out. I've heard and red a lot of tweets about it over the past two weeks since a few copies were handed out at the AC3 event. I'm sure he doesn't disappoints. Click the link below and check it out. Also hit him on twitter and ask him when the people are gonna get that Scolla & Freddie Mac collab!! Haha!

Young Scolla - Built For More

Monday, October 18, 2010

SocialScope Update + Shortcuts

Nah, this post is not to give out a link for a SocialScope invite. You can request those here.

On another note bout to take another vacay on another boat if you do already have SocialScope, you may notice a few changes with the shortcut keys (if you use them at all). The list is below but there's ONE missing, which was the one I loved the most. The "SEARCH" (S) shortcut key is no longer the same. S now takes you to the Share screen. I know we can Menu > Search and so on, but it's not the same. I'm lazy, hence the reason for this post. So if anyone comes across the shortcut for Search, please pass that along.

Shouts out to FoxxFiles for the update pic above.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Freddie Mac's First DC Performance

On October 16th, Freddie Mac will be making his FIRST appearance in DC as a performer at the Arabian Lounge, located in the heart of DC. The night will include Peace By Piece, the incredibly talented band you all by have heard of through the DMV Area. Everyone is waiting on the weekend, now you finally have an event to attend, so bring a friend and come enjoy the music and atmosphere. The admission is $10. The attire is a little pass sexy and a notch above fashionable. I say this because Macksamillion will be in attendance capturing photos and videos of the entire night. Come out and support your local talent. There is also a cash bar for those of you who would like to have a sip or two. If there are any questions, please feel free to ask. Hope to see you all there

Sex with Heels On?

I've been trying to figure out this fascination for a while now. You know, the one that guys have about having sex with women in only heels. I mean, I have that fascination as well but I couldn't even begin to tell you where it came from. I've also learned that some women have this fantasy as well. Hopefully after this post, you and I will have a better understanding of how this cam about and why there are so many who try to cross this challenge off their sex list.

We all know sex is a wonderful thing, well the ones who have had their share of course. Not speaking for myself, but I've heard from friends that it is a pretty nice activity to partake in. Over the past few years, through college, work force, lounge hopping, and gallivanting with the in crowd from time to time, the topic of sex comes up. From there, it goes into what do you like? How do you like it? What are some of your fantasies? Some of the answers remain the same, some vary. Often someone brings up the question, "have you ever told a female to keep her heels on?"

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tyvon Branch - Cookin' [Endzone Dance]

Tyvon Branch returned a fumble for a 70+ yard TD to cap off Oakland's win over the Chargers on Sunday. After getting in the end zone, he had a few moves he wanted to show off. You can thank the Based God for this one.

Let that boy cook.

Georgia Avenue Guitar Guy

On a recent ride through DC, making a stop on Georgia Ave, I ran into who I labeled as Georgia Ave Guitar Guy. I must admit he was nice with it. Check the videos below.

Y.H.G.M. - Welcome to Y.H.G.M.

These guys are back at it with their latest project. The first project to feature ALL the members of Y.H.G.M. (Young Hustlaz Gettin Money).

Download Welcome to Y.H.G.M.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nicki Minaj's Whip My Hair [Remix] Recycled Verse?

Not sure if this was suppose to be an OFFICIAL REMIX or not but listening to Nicki's verse on this one below sounds very familiar to her song 'Looking At Me' from 2009. Check them both out below.

Nicki Minaj - Looking At Me

Trav Dave x Freddie Mac x Gif X DJ O Sharp - So Crazy (3MIX)

Download here.

Signs that She's Not Interested In You

Yes fellas, it is fall and cuddle season is fastly approaching. You did a lot of running around this spring and had yourself a very good summer. Pool party here, rooftop event there, lounging through the weekday, etc.. Now you're thinking of bunnin someone up for the winter. Nothing better right? I agree. There are just a few things you need to know, and a few signs you need to look out for before you go chasing a female over these next few months.

Believe it or not, some women, even some of the ones you were checking out over the summer, has found their cuddle buddy for the winter. Tough luck. That's on you playa. So you out there now, "finagling with the hoes" as my homeboy use to call it. Let me give you a few signs that will show you that shorty's not interested in you.

1. If during a conversation, she tells you "This is not the right time."
Ladies know WHAT THEY WANT and WHEN THEY WANT IT. They are not like guys, do we EVER say "this is not the right time?" No. If a female tells you this, keep it moving. Even if she's being truthful, who are you to wait, I told you above, the winter is APPROACHING!

2. When asking for her number, she says, "I'll call you."
Now this could also be true. It has happened a number of times. Although its a 86% chance that she will not give you a call, EVER. The next time a female tells you that, you reply with, "Call me now, so I can save your number." Rude? Maybe, but so what, she wasn't going to call you anyway. Keep it moving.

MY Top 10 Video Games of All Time

With the release of NBA 2K11 this week, I figured I would post a list of my top 10 video games of all time, due to the buzz that this will be one of the best created sports basketball games ever. Scan over my list and post a few of your own.

10. Blades of Steel - Whoever thought kids in my neighborhood would be lined up to play a hockey game? When they're fighting involved, it makes it much better. This is prolly one of the only hockey games I've ever played more than twice.

9.Street Fighter 2 - This game set the score between who had skills or not. I was undefeated with Ryu.

8.NBA Live 2000 - First one for Playstation 2 I think. Graphics were amazing.

7.Halo 3 - Remember staying up 47 1/2 hours straight the night this dropped.

6.WCW vs NWO: World Tour -Wow, what do you know about this? Getting four people together and going at it in the ring with Sting, The Hulk, The Giant, Rey Mysterio and more.

Real Housewives of Atlanta: Season Three, Ep. 1 [Recap]

Wow, where do I begin? Real Housewives is probably the only housewives show I pay attention to outside of OC, the original one. It's mostly because of the drama, not to catch up on fashion or the "in-crowd" of Atlanta, trust me.

The season returned Monday on Bravo, I missed the episode due to flipping back and forth between The Event, House, Monday Night Football, and a slew of other slows that were way more important. I noticed people on twitter talking about the show and I could tell it was a disaster, but in a good way.
Let me start by saying, Sheree, who was my favorite from last year, HAS TO BE GOING THROUGH some type of break down or mid-life crisis. She starts with saying she has put her fashion line on hold to become an actress. I guess this means she got her divorce settlement and now has to time to just do what she wants, ok cool.

Team Twillie - 50 $20s

Team Twillie dropped off some heat yesterday for #TeamTwillieTuesday, leave it to me to post the day after. Enjoy it.

Rick Ross - Aston Martin Music [Behind The Scenes]

Ross dropped off the visuals of some behind the scene footage from the Aston Martin video. So far so good. Rozaaaay!


Monday, October 4, 2010

Joe Budden - Black Cloud

Fresh off the upcoming Mood Muzik 4, Black Clouds leaked today. Check it out below. Also pre-order MM4 @

The Dazzel Cartel

A couple days ago I was invited to visit The Dazzle Cartel’s studio, located in the heart of Northwest DC. I went in not knowing that I would be blown away by the lovely ladies who were there. CoKo and Cici, as they’re known to many others in the area, discussed numerous things such as projects their working on, events their hosting, future plans for TDC, and of course, what would a studio be without the conversation of MEN!? Yes, they shed some light on guys in the area as well. Unfortunately, THAT PART will not be heard in the video below, but don’t worry; I’ll try to explain later.

The Dazzel Cartel from Freddie Mac on Vimeo.

TDC are way more than just a hair studio. They specialize in fashion as a whole. After entering and expecting only to see a few hair accessories, I was surprised by the extent and deepness of their catalog. From shoes, to frames, to diamonds, very articulate I may add. I could tell by this look these girls were serious. Very goal driven.

As Cici entered the room, she began talking about how earlier, she had a conversation with herself about "how she has been slacking and really needs to get on her shit," this shocked me to hear that. For one, because of the buzz they have already received, I thought they were already going harder than Baltimore. I could tell that they wanted more, and even when they got more, it still was not going to be good enough.