Thursday, January 28, 2010


Yep, its that time again. Time to head down south and see the peoples. Taking the weekend off from the workplace and the BS that goes on there. Sure they wont miss me! You probably will tho.

I need a little vacay ya know, but while Im gone, here are a few places you can catch me while I'm in the DIRTY!

Saturday 2:00pm. Jackson St./MVSU Basketball game

Sonics - Uuum prolly every time I need a bite to eat I'll be here! Happy Hour drinks are the SHIT a pretty good deal!

And last but not least:

Sooo until I get back, hold me down. Let me know what you want me to bring ya back. I prolly wont bring it but its just good hearing the type of things you guys and gals ask for..


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

**Ipod Worthy: D.O.E x Baddie**

Lets face it, through Twitter we've met a whooole rack of people. Models, Celebs, Rappers, Trappers, etc.. We've established bonds with certain people, friendships, and networking with others. That's the good and sometimes bad thing about this social site. Music-wise, Twitter can make or BREAK or career. I mean, one trash song and thats mostly what you're known for from that moment on. Over the past year, doing a few collabs with the homie @TravDave he has introduced me to another up and coming artist residing in Ohio (a place I use to get it in at, no Killa) who goes by the name of D.O.E.

I first heard his skills on the CO3 track, once again from the Usual Suspect mixtape, where he and Trav completely murdered Snoop's "I Wanna Rock" single. Then later in the week he put me on to "Baddie," a laid-back club banger I must say. The beat was crazy when it came on so I was hoping that he would murder it, and that he did. Here for yourself:

Download the track Right HERE!

This track is featured on his upcoming mixtape NEW DAY NEW MONEY which hits the innanets on Feb.1st.

You can learn more about D.O.E by visiting
Also check him out on Twitter as @getdoe614

Monday, January 25, 2010

just to pass the time

While working on a few tracks from the upcoming Mixtape, I was somewhat disappointed at how certain tracks were sounding. I think I had set myself up as I was writing for these songs, so that they sounded PERFECT to me and now trying to out do that in the recording booth is another obstacle. So instead of just packing up and leaving, I decided to get this jump on this gogo track by New Faces "Say Ahh" and just have a little fun. This is what ensued:

Yeah, this is almost all I did today.. *helluva shrug* Anyway, here's a snap screen of the BB and some lyrics:

And here's the track also:

What Im Wearing Pt.1

So finally I could say the DMV really must have an affect on me by my latest few purchases. When I moved here from Mississippi, I really thought a few souls had THEE WORSE sense of fashion by some of the places I went. Of course growing up in Mississippi, I was limited to only a few new and hot items and places to shop, that is until the internet came along. After being up here a while, 3-4 years to be exact, I always frowned upon some shoes that seemed the WHOLE WORLD couldn't get enough of, but I couldnt stand them at all. One, I still can't see myself purchasing are the, what I call "Ronald McDonald" shoes. You know the ones I'm talking about, right?

But yeah, anyway. These foamposites or foamPOCKETS as my sister refers to them were the other hot item that kids could not get enough of. I just never really saw the point of these shoes. I just always kinda felt like if shoes came out, and they were $150 and above, everybody just copped just to say they copped even if they weren't hot. Well anyway with that said, last week I fell into the trap and copped some Eggplant Foams, crazy I don't even know the correct name of them, just goes to show how much of a sneaker head I am right?

Guessing now I have to find something to rock with em right? Guess I'll be a Colorado Rockies fan for the couple times I lace these shoes up.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

What in dee FCUK is a #CMOC?

Over the last few days on Twitter, you've probably seen me or any the other associates who are a part of this movement tweet #CMOC (example)which stands for Chilled Milk Of Choice. CMOC is the latest poject I have been working on. I kinda hinted on this mixtape as far back as May of 09, yeah, you dont have to say it, been pushed back more that Dre's DETOX.
However, I am glad to say it's a couple more tracks and a few features away from completion!
For some reason over the last two weeks, I've been coming up with some of the NICEST tracks, not saying that I'm usually not nice, but juknow. So I'm kinda glad I pushed this mixtape back so you could hear them all on one cd, instead of a leak here and there.
With the mixtape only 20% away from being finished, look for a late Feb/early March release. You can find two of the tracks from the mixtape on this site as well.
Once again, thanks for the support!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Ipod Worthy: Dominique Larue

If you took my advice (like you should have) on the previous post and downloaded that Usual Suspects: Flight 614 Mixtape (which still can be downloaded HERE, you would have heard "Dope Shit," one of the hottest tracks on the mixtape by Dominique LaRue. Once I heard this track I knew I wanted to hear more. In hip hop, dont know if you noticed, but some artist can get away with ONE hot song and before I decided to give her that go ahead, I hit her up to see if she had any more tracks I could listen to, just to make sure I wasn't hyping her up for no reason. After a little lurking and searching around twitter, I ran into dlaruemusic.

She then hit me with this:

After going through these 17 tracks on End of Regulation, I can say that she did not let me down AT ALL.
You can downloaded Dub MD & Dominique Larue presents End of Regulation HERE

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Usual Suspects: Flight 614

After driving the innanets crazy for the last couple a days, I finally got a chance to listen to this entire mixtape and I must say, what a great way to start the year off. Of course, because Im featured on this project, you may think I'm biased, but just click the link and you can tell for yourself.

Major Shout out to the homie TravDave for the good looking out!

Monday, January 18, 2010

The General on The View

Our boy was chillin with the lovely ladies on The View as they celebrated MLK Day! Check him out now!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Whats Lookie Looky you ask?

Last night I attended Eyebar for the official Don Juan's Lookie Looky single release party and I must say it was a very good look! This past Tuesday the single became available on iTunes last night Don Juan jumped on the mic and blessed the crowd with a couple few freestyles. Wish I woulda had my flip cam but ju know! Follow Don Juan on Twitter and show some support.
Click HERE for the Official "Lookie Looky" Video.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Gilbert:
Now go THAT WAY!

I can only imagine how this morning played out for young Arenas. After a few Happy Birthday calls, text messages, twitter post, and facebook pokes, his day was probably off to a regular start. I mean, "HEY, he's Gilbert Arenas, right?" Then David Stern decided to drop the Kybosh (kigh-bosh) on him today around 3:50 pm est.
Everyone knew this was coming. Well, we knew something was coming ESPECIALLY after that interview he gave last night after the game saying "I didn't do anything wrong." WTF!? You didn't do anything wrong? YOU BROUGHT GUNS (PLURAL) INTO AN ARENA. He mentioned several times that they were UNLOADED, like that really mattered. You're black and in DC with guns. Smarten up!

Not too long ago NBA Commisioner, David Stern released this statement:

"The possession of firearms by an NBA player in an NBA arena is a matter of the utmost concern to us. I initially thought it prudent to refrain from taking immediate action because of the pendency of a criminal investigation involving the office of the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia and the Metropolitan Police Department, and the consideration of this matter by a grand jury sitting in the District of Columbia. For the same reason, I directed the Wizards to refrain from taking any action.
Wizards personnel continue to be interviewed by law enforcement authorities, some are scheduled for appearance before the grand jury and the investigation is proceeding with the intensity that one would expect for such a serious incident.
"Although it is clear that the actions of Mr. Arenas will ultimately result in a substantial suspension, and perhaps worse, his ongoing conduct has led me to conclude that he is not currently fit to take the court in an NBA game. Accordingly, I am suspending Mr. Arenas indefinitely, without pay, effective immediately pending the completion of the investigation by the NBA." (via NBA.COM)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rick Ross x Pusha T x T Pain - Maybach Music 2.5 (Vidjeo)

The BAWSE is back, with vidjeo to prove it lol. Pusha T (from the Clipse, butchu knew that) joins him and Im guessing Fab and Baby took this one off, songs sounds one verse better now. This track was released in June/July of last year and it still a fave.

Ross is one of my favorite artist and his verse on this record shows why. Check the rhyme pattern out and you'll see why.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Upgrade ya life: Ubertwitter

A few days ago #Ubertwitter appeared as a Trending Topic on Twitter, which could only mean one thing: UPGRADE! After seeing the innanet go crazy over this new version of Ubertwitter, I decided to check it out myself. Now I am an avid user of SocialScope so I was wondering if this new UT would have what it took to pull me away. Here are a few of the new additions that I have noticed so far:

1. You can now upload pics from your Blackberry directly to UT.

This could also be done from the BB mobile web as well, some of you all knew that already but still, this feature is pretty nice.

2. While posting a new tweet, there is a new drop down select option available.

This is very helpful for those who have names you cant remember! I really like this feature, can't wait til the next time I'm a little tipsy, this should be fun!

3. You can now enlarge the profile photos of others.

This feature is helpful as well because sometimes those small avatars can be VEERRYYY deceiving, if ya know what I mean.
Shout out to the homie @InternetGoon

Those are just a few of the features I like so far. Also it's now a "twitlonger" feature created where you can tweet more than 140 characters, not to excited about this one. Some people don't even need 140 to begin with.
If there are any that I missed out on, please feel free to share. Overall it's a nice upgrade and I will probably start using it more than before.

You can download the new Ubertwitter App Here.

Wish brings Bmore to NY

Baltimore's OWN Wish(@Wishishere) uploaded a few new videos yesterday and yes, I had to steal borrow one and throw on the site. This performance took place in New York at Power 105.1's Annual Concert at the World Renowned Highline Ballroom. I must say that Wish mos definitely put oooon for her city! I heard the show was CRAZY but I wasnt able to make it to the big apple, so I was more than excited when she posted the vids from the show.

And oh yeah, a few acts performed after her as well, such as Melanie Fiona, Jadakiss, and Ryan Leslie to name a few, but we all know who the people came to see.

She ended 2009 on a great note and I cant wait to see what she has in store this year. (Hopefully it will involve a COUPLE projects with yours truly).

You can here more of her music right chea!

Also while your at it, download her latest project SKOOL GURL DIARY.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

To you, from the DMV

Getting your music noticed ANYWHERE is not an easy task. Getting your type of music, which is RAP noticed in a place which is known for its Go-Go music, now thats even harder. The DMV, and not the Department of Motor Vehicle, has had this problem for several years. DC is widely known for its introduction of Go-Go. With that being stated, rappers who live in this area find that some do not take them as serious unless their performing that type of music.
That is why I and others were more than estatic when WKYS put together The Capital City Cipha. This gave upcoming artist a chance to show and prove to the world that DC and surrounding areas had more to offer than what you all may have seen.

Check out "Captial City Cipha Pt. 3" below: featuring Frayz, RAtheMC, K-Beta, and Southest Slim

Let me know what you think.
You can see more of the Ciphas here.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Freddie Mac - CELEBRATE


Last year around this same time I released what some still call a classic mixtape entitled, "The Day The Game Stood Still," which can still be downloaded by clicking HERE. Dont believe me, take the word of a follower FRIEND:

This mixtape ended with a 'Welcome to 2009' track called Celebrate, in which I tried to portray the feeling of going on to bigger and better things in the new year. This year is no different, 2009 is behind us and now we have to see what 2010 has to offer.

With that being said, its only right that I start the year off with the "stress free" record, Celebrate. This is my way of telling you to celebrate life while you're living it, no matter what else is going on around you. You have things to celebrate and when this record comes on, I want you to do just that.

You can download 'Celebrate' HERE.

Freddie Mac x Megan D - LOG IN

With the takeover of the internet social sites for the past few years, internet crushes are at an all time high! Believe it or not, we've all had that one friend or follower (now that twitter has popped on the scene) that we've just maaaaybe thought "hmmm, what if." So it was only right that I touched on this subject on the upcoming mixtape with this song entitled "Log In."
After I scooped this beat, I knew I needed a female on the chorus to make this complete. So after listening to a few songs from some of DMV's finest, I knew Megan D would sound perfect on the track, the hard part was getting her to give me the ok (she's quite busy you see). This however, seemed to be the easiest part, she agreed with no problem and actually took this song to another level.

You can download Log In ft. Megan D HERE.

This track would not be the same without her, so please show some support by visiting New York Z100 and pressing play!

You can hear more of Megan D's work HERE