Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Big Sean: Finally Famous 3

Big Sean dropped his third installment of the Finally Famous series today hosted by Don Cannon. I have been waiting for this one for a good minute. I've listened to the first 10 tracks so far and it's pretty nice. Punchlines are crazy as always. Click here to download.


Team Twillie - WoKimosabi

Back again for another #TeamTwillieTuesday,Twillie come through with WoKimosabi! Yeah, I know. You like it, haha! Check out the verse below!

Download Team Twillie - WoKimosabi

Upgrade Your Life:

This morning in the wee hours of Tuesday, August 31st, I was blessed the updated version of SocialScope. Usually when I get these updates, there are not MANY things that stand out as being different but on this one, there are a FEW things that I like.

You now have the option of receiving your @replies and DMs in your regular SMS inbox. This may be helpful if your application is running down your battery and you still just want to see what's going on on twitter.

This mute feature has been around for a while now on different applications. Ubertwitter even has a MUTE feature which is pretty nice. I don't use Ubertwitter enough to know if it's the same but what I like about this feature is that you can choose WHAT YOU WANT TO MUTE. You can mute PEOPLE, HASHTAGS, and even specific tweets as in FORMSPRING and TWITTASCOPES!!!! This just made twitter much better.

For those who don't have SocialScope as of yet, follow them on twitter in hopes of getting an invite on #SocialSunday

Monday, August 30, 2010

Freddie Mac x Trav Dave - iKnow, iKnow

I'm not even gonna cise it. Press play below and tell me what you think.

Was it worth the wait?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Freddie Mac - Drop it Low:
ft. Ester Dean & Breezy

I was going through some of my old tracks from a few days/weeks/months back and I ran up on this song that I added a verse to but never put out back in the day. This song is still very much played in most clubs and the females STILL GET IT IN when it comes on. Check it out below and get it to your local dj!

Download Drop It Low [MacMix]

Freddie Mac - Deuces

Check out the video below put together for Freddie Mac's version of Deueces!! If you don't have this song on your ipod instead of the original version, you're really missing out.

Chris Brown ft. Freddie Mac - Deuces from Freddie Mac on Vimeo.

Download Freddie Mac - Deuces

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Video Vixens vs The Regular Woman

In todays days and age, we are subjected by the use of watching videos and reading magazines, to some of the most gorgeous women we've ever seen. These women look as perfect as you can ever imagine. Some of these women are women we think we will never meet in our lifetimes. On the other hand, depending on where you live, you see women who are almost two times as fine/phat/beautiful as the women you see posted in JET Magazine. Which leaves me to ask the question, which would you rather try to start a relationship with? Would the video model be a little too much for you, or would be be ok just settling with the girl down the street who has just as much potential? Thoughts?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Kanye West x Jay-Z x Nicki Minaj x
Rick Ross x Bon Iver-MONSTER

This dropped earlier and had, as Paul Wall would say, 'had the innanets going nuts.." Check it out below for yourself

Download here.


The "Shrug" Smiley

Yes, it is very much needed in some BBM convos. Until we make this smiley official, the "thumbs up" emoticon will work. I guess.

Young Breed x OJ Da Juiceman:
Say Something [Remix]

Yes, OJ DA JUICEMAN on What The Cool People Read, never saw that one coming huh? It's something about this music that makes you ride with it. If you've never owned a bubble chevy, box tahoe, or Cutlass in ya life, you may not get it, but this is what this music is made for. Check it out below:

Download here.


Leaders of the New School:
The Mixtape

DJ GRADY and DJ RICOCHET join forces and release "Leaders of the New School." With artist from J. Cole to Wiz Khalif, Drake to Curren$y and Nikki Minaj, this mixtape is most likely to gain major play in your ipod at the moment.

DJ GRADY is also working on Leaders of the New School Vol. 2 and is ready to work with the hottest up and coming artist in the game. Below is part of an email sent out earlier this week.

Let's get it!
Download Leaders of the New School

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Arrogant Empire Dot Com:
Up and Running

Excuse the late pass on this one but I had to make sure it was official before i posted it on the site. I've been waiting on this site to go up for a while since hearing about the plans for it a few months back crashing Houlihans with Pot.

It's finally up and running and MOST definitely a good look. I'm already addicted. Bookmarked and eeythang so far. It's way more than just your regular website. It's a social site, complete with blogs, videos, music, forums, etc. I can already tell this site is going to be a problem. You can log in with your twitter name and even connect with Facebook.

Don't take my word for it, head on over to Arrogant Empire and see for yourself.

mac.tv returns for SEASON TWO

It's only maybe one or two of you who remember MAC.TV from the Myspace days. Looking back over them now, that's a great thing. Wow. 2008 was a WILD YEAR. However; due to the quests of some to find out 'What in THEE FCUK do I be doing' I'm bring it back for Season 2 to give you an inside look at the things that goes on. Check out the trailer below.

The Return on MacTV: Season 2 from Freddie Mac on Vimeo.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Team Twillie - Mobb Music

Team Twillie returns once again, this time with Mobb Music. Listen below.

Also check out JackMobb for the latest promotions, flyers, graphic designing, etc.
Download this track here.

Can You Fall In Love Before Having Sex

I really don't even know why I'm asking this. I know EVERYONE will say YES. I guess the thing that I'm trying to find out is, what USUALLY comes first with you all?. We all know it's possible to fall in love before sex but in today's day and age, it seems that sex often occurs within the first 2-3 months. With that being said, are you really falling in LOVE in that short time period?

It's alot I have to say on this topic but I really just don't feel like writing it all out for one, and also you may not feel like reading it all. So for now, this is it. I will however return with a video to explain everything. So I leave you with the question. Normally, do YOU fall in love before you give up the GOODS?

Chris Brown ft. Freddie Mac - Deuces

YES! There is a GOD. I heard the cries of the people who HATED those rap verses on the original song so I decided to re-create the song that most of you loved (Chris Brown's part of course.) Check it out and thank me later.

Download this song here.

There also should be another version coming featuring TL

Shouts out to Kaitlyn for the instrumental

Freddie Mac x Trav Dave - I Know [Trailer]

Check out the trailer for "I know, I know" coming this #MusicMonday Aug. 30th. Another Mississippi x Ohio collab.

Freddie Mac x Trav Dave - I Know, I Know [Trailer] from Freddie Mac on Vimeo.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Joe Budden - Mood Musik 4 [Trailer]

Regular Joe drops off some sick visuals for the upcoming Mood Musik 4 street album. Are You In That Mood Yet? Why not?

"I Love You.."

three words. eight letters. one sentence.

Yes, these three words used together completes the most powerful phrase that can be used between two people. It's not a thought. Not an opinion. It's not a hypothesis. It is an ADMISSION. This sentence puts your life in slow motion for at least a split second whenever you hear it.

Some can't wait to hear it. Some can't wait to have someone they can tell this to. Then there are some who DON'T want to hear this used AT ALL, well at least by the guy or gal that they are with at the moment.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Get use to this. No talking, just click the video and vibe with it. Thank me later. Nothing like it.

The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast:
Episode 54.

I have to admit. I've been holding out on you all for a few weeks. I apologize but let me explain. A few weeks ago I was put onto The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast while listening to #YeahRightRadio. The first show I heard was HEELARRYUSS I must admit. I wanted to hear a few more before I co-signed with the site. So after hearing the next couple, I must say that this podcast is most definitely one of, if not THEEE funniest podcast I subscibe to at the moment.

Rodimusprime and SayDatAgain are the voices you will hear once you tune in. They share views along with others (callers, co-hosts, fans, etc) on everything that is happening in the world today. The thing I like about this podcast is that it's REAL. Since I've been listening, it's been very interesting to hear them talk about everything from the takeover of Wal-Mart to the HOTNESS of one Brian Pumper.

Trust me, all it takes is one listen and you two will quickly become a fan. I have included their latest show below. Click the play button to get a feeling of what you have been missing.

The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast: Episode 54 - The N Word.

There are many ways to engage in the show. You can listen and leave comments on their PodOmatic, you can email the show at theblackguywhotips@gmail.com, and you can also call and leave a voicemail by dialing (704)557-0186 (They don't answer live calls, don't take it personal).

Bad Girls Club Miami:
Episode 3 Recap

Last night, I along with 78% of my timeline (trust me, I did the math) tuned in to catch Bad Girls Club Miami. I'm not sure what the rest of them watch this show for, I watch to see chicks who are half naked. You can keep all the screaming, clubbing, fighting. It was sooo much going on with this show last night, I'll leave it up to the people I follow to explain some of the foolishness that happened.


Upgrade Your Life

Guess what comes out tomorrow!
Yes, the Nike Air Max 2 CB 94s are being re-released tomorrow. This shoe is probably in my top 10 list of shoes (Jordans not included). I have copped these shoes twice, once back when they FIRST dropped and a few years ago when they were re-released THEN. Will I cop again tomorrow? Eeehhh, really not sure. If they are still around by this weekend, I probably will. They're only going for $120 so who knows.

Team Twillie - Death

Team Twillie continues to hold it down on #TeamTwillieTuesdays (even though I post on Wednesdays lol). This time Twillie spits a few verses over Diddy's "Angels." Check out the music below. Press Play.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ParCity opens for Rap Legend on 9/11

On September 11, ParCity, who you've seen featured on this site many times will be opening up for the Legendary Ice T at Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, NY. This is a major event and I'm even happier to announce that I will be performing with them. I can't even begin to explain how much of a good look that will be. So major shouts out to the whole ParCity fam!

If you are in the area, please go to this website and purchase a few tickets. Support Hip Hop.

Follow these guys on twitter:

Goodbye Summer (Mixtape Release Party)

Friday, August 20th, Freddie Mac will be hosting a listening party for his upcoming mixtape 'Goodbye Summer' hosted by New York's own, DJ Grady. This mixtape has been quiet as kept since finishing two weeks ago for the sole purpose of shock value of once hearing the records that are included on this project. 2010 was a great summer for Hip Hop and this mixtape will be the perfect way to cap it off.

Charlie Clips - Henny On

It's only a few artist that can send me a track and I post it without even listening to it, Charlie Clips is one of them. I'm listening to this track at the moment and he still proves me right. Check it out below.

"I'mma give a couple shots to your dogs, no vet.."

Download Charlie Clips - Henny On

Clips has to be the ONLY battle rapper that I've heard MAKE SONGS. This track is off his upcoming street album LEGENDARY, due out September 14th. If you haven't heard his mixtapes, you can check out Scooby Snacks and Fully Loaded Clips.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Freddie Mac Hints At New Track

Above, yours truly hints at new track. This record along with other tracks from some of the summer hits are soon to be released on the 'Goodbye Summer' mixtape hosted by DJ Grady being released in a few weeks. Stay tuned.

Fellas, it's time you switch it up

Whether you find it hard to believer or not, the old days of dating are gone. You know the ones, the regular "dinner/movie/back to the crib" dates, yeah, THOSE. Those are history. Well let me rephrase that, those are for the teenagers. I have to admit, it's something about us fellas, the laziness inside us that sometimes just want to settle for the ordinary. Nowadays, the ordinary doesn't cut it. If you are still getting a woman, Teddy Bears and Millionaires for her birthday, Valentines, Christmas, etc, then this post is for you!

What I have grown to learn is that women love surprises. We all know women love to talk to other women and it's nothing they would like to share more than telling them about something YOU did that was special. This is where the laziness inside us needs to be overtaken. Replace the laziness with effort. Below I will tell you a few things that are different but at the same time, simple and would really get you MAJOR COOL POINTS (yes, I did just use cool points) with the lady you are trying to get in bed with know a little better.

Word of the Day: Book Google

Thanks to the good ol people over at Urban Dictionary to bring us the word of the day which really was yesterdays word but I took a day off. See below.

There you go boys and girls, now use it in a sentence.

DJ Reality The Don - 8/16 Mix

Yooooo... It's been a minute since this site has had a mix from Reality and he comes back with a NIIICE Mix. It's not that often that you hear DJs up this way banging SOUTHERN MUSIC but this one will most definitely go into my iPod Omnitech Mp3.

Check out the mix below. It gets pretty crazy at times but overall it's a good look.

Download Dj Reality 8/16 Mix

Trav Dave - I'm Me (prod by J Rawls)

Talk about a Columbus Connection. Trav Dave hooks up with the fellow Columbus native J Rawls on the cleverly titled 'I'm Me' which gives you an introduction into the life of Trav.

Expect this to be on the upcoming EP 'Love of My Life' dropping some time in the near fall. Check out the track below and tell me what you think.

Download Trav Dave - I'm Me (produced by J Rawls)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rick Ross - The Summers Mine

"Bitch I run the south, I'm what you wanna be.."

I think I need 700% for this track. Everyone KNOW I started saying this was the Summer of Ross MONTHS AGO. But the hell with all that, get to the track below:

Rick Ross - The Summers Mine


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why Lebron will be the next Kobe

See that message above? Yes, this is not the Lebron James we are use to seeing but it's the one we need to get use to, and even myself, who is NOT the biggest Lebron fan, likes where this is going. I will tell you why I say LEBRON WILL BE THE NEXT KOBE.

Blackberry Messenger Upgrade

A new version of the popular Blackberry Messenger was released earlier and I've been reading a lot of questions on twitter as to where this can be downloaded. It should be in your Blackberry App World by now but if not, you can type http://www.blackberry.com/messenger in your mobile web browser and go from there.

It's a few features that you may enjoy, bigger profile pics, different chat conversation looks, and more options but not anything really to call home about. Just keeping you updated.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Who Needs More Friends?

The Friend Zone. Smh. Where do I begin? Let me just start by saying it's nothing wrong with having friends of the opposite sex. We all have them. They play an important role in our daily lives. THIS, on the other hand is NOT the same. As defined by the Urban Dictionary, the Friend Zone is "....the worst position someone can be in, if they have feelings for someone. When a person develops romantic feelings for someone, but the other person only sees the relationship as just being friends.." and THAT'S the PG version.

Get to know her: Allain Victoria

Allain Victoria. Sounds familiar? Looks familiar? Ok yes, you probably know her from being the leading lady in Big Boi's latest Shutterbug video.

She's also featured in the upcoming Smooth Magazine as well. You can check out footage of her and Antwan below:

Madden 11:
99 Player Ratings

Montana Fishburne's tape isn't the only tape dropping today, Madden 11 will also be released today. Now, I'm sure this will outsell Chippy D's project by a landslide. Onto a more important note, everyone who plays Madden knows about the player ratings and every year it's rush to see which players are given the highest rating, which is 99. This year, there are six.

QB. Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts
MLB. Patrick Willis, San Francisco 49ers
CB. Darell Revis, New York Jets
RE. Jared Allen, Minnesota Vikings
HB. Chris Johnson, Tennesee Titans
QB. Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints

There you have it, now get to it. Girlfriends, we understand you hate this time of year but hey, let us boys play.

Mike and Mike

#Shots Fired?

Yesterday evening Young Jizzle's (from the bottom of the map) "Death Before Dishonor (BMF Freestyle)" hit the innanets. A few lines caught the ears of us hip hoppers and now we all just sit back and wait. Check out the track below:

Later, the tweet below was sent out by Triple C's own, Torch.

I, for one, think this is about to get very interesting. At the end of the day, it's just music. I'm hoping it stays like that. God forbid Jeezy takes Tia on a shopping spree.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Please Tell Me I Suck [pause]

I started this segment for those artist who look for criticism and ways to make their music better. Some people will tell you ANYTHING even if ya music sounds like complete GARBAGE. This is where I need you to be COMPLETELY HONEST! No positive comments please (unless you see fit). Let the SLANDER begin!!

I'll start it off, listen to the Show Out Freestyle below:

dl. Show Out Freestyle

Music Monday
John Legend: This Time

I just felt like posting this because I listen to it daily it seems. Enjoy it. Unless you're a thug that is. It is kinda deep! It's mostly a song for those who have fucked up ruined a few relationships in the past.

My Three Day Hiatus: explained

A few days ago the tweet above popped up, followed maybe 30 minutes later with the one below:

Some people didn't know what I meant. Some thought it was a subliminal shot but it wasn't. The reason was because after my trusty Blackberry Tour died on me, I was forced to cop a "for the moment" cell until Friday.

Meet. The. Samsung. Seek.

Freddie Mac - Hot Toddy

Last week you may remember this video I posted on youtube. If not, check the vid below before I go any further:

So, a few days later I finally get the finished version to you all. Check out the music below and let me know what you think.

On another note, I think my verse was up there with Hovs. Just throwing that out there you know.

The Mel Gibson Tape

Asi Frio and DJ Lil Raskal hooks up to bring you The Mel Gibson Tape. Keeping up with the movement of Frio's DAILY BREAD Campaign, this mixtape brings you the first two weeks of songs recorded, which you SHOULD already have!

But if you don't, click the link before and get caught up:
Asi Frio & DJ Lil Raskal presents The Mel Gibson Tape

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Twitter is mostly used by us BLACK FOLK

I kinda have mixed feelings about this. I mean, I know we on twitter heavy and all but damn, didn't know we were running it like this. I guess I should have known by the RACHETNESS that is involved in #twitterafterdark, #tittytuesday, #thongthursday, etc..

An article wrote on the Business Insider stated that "New data confirms that Twitter's population is disproportionately black." It goes on to say "black people represent 25% of Twitter users, roughly twice their share of the population in general.."

Read the entire article here.


BIG KRIT/ADELE: Hometown...

The other day I ran across this tweet asking which song Adele's Hometown Glory was used on. I was happy to see that, really happy to give her the answer. Obviously because it's from a MISSISSIPPI RAPPER (Ha! Take that) But anyways, for those who don't know, check out Big Krit's Hometown Hero below. Shouts out Meridian, MS!

#TeamTwillie - Hard In The Paint

Team Team comes back with another one. This one is much better that the Rick Ross one I posted last week.

Points Guide to Oral Sex

Yes, these posts start out the same way every time and I know, but I swear, I make none of this up. However; a few days ago (Saturday to be exact) I overheard a female friend say, "I do not SWALLOW," and she meant it. Me, being the concerned friend I am, asked her to repeat herself and once again, she said, "Yes, I do not swallow." I responded with something like, "Why, It's 2010.." and we began to talk about this more in detail.

She explained to me that 'giving head was enough and who would care if a female swallowed or not, if they received oral sex, they should just take it and be happy.' My take, as I tried to explain was that SWALLOWING was not a NECESSITY but it WOULD put you on a WHOLE DIFFERENT LEVEL in my book. A male friend who was sitting beside us agreed as well.

Monday, August 2, 2010

BUX x Six Deuce x Freddie Mac

New music!! Hot record if I may say so myself. Over the past few months I've realized some of my best songs or verses come from tracks that I am forced to get on. Enough talkin, enjoy the record below:

Download Walk With Me

BUX x Six Deuce - Power

Here's one of the two latest tracks from what happens when we hit Mac Studio up on the weekends. None of these things are ever planned. It's mainly whoever jumps on a track first and that's that. Unfortunately, yours truly is not a part of this song because knowing how I usually KILL features, they figured it would be best to hog the entire beat there was no time left on the instrumental.

However; I think they provided a quality track. Check it out below:

Download Power