Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chilled Milk of Choice still moving..

Freddie Mac comes through to give you a review of his last major mixtape 'Chilled Milk of Choice' which was released on March 30th 2010. This has been said to be on of his best projects. Working with many artist from New York to Ohio to Mississippi, this complete project is just the beginning to what has become a movement in hip hop.

Download this mixtape in full with the link below:

Chilled Milk of Choice

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lyriciss - HOT MUSIC [video]

Lyriciss dropped this Hot Music video today and I must say it's VERY DOPE! Goes completely with the track. Check it out below

Lyriciss- Hot Music [Official Video] from Knowledgeable ENT [Dante Bailey] on Vimeo.

Download Lyriciss - Hot Music

Rick Ross - Hard In The Paint (Freestyle)

Ross teased us with this freestyle for the past few hours and finally he delivered. Enjoy, check it out below:

Hard In The Paint

Mark Milly drops first EP:
Now and Later

On Monday, Mark Milly gave us his latest project. Now and Later, entirely produced by Probz (from Jersey) gives us a little more insight on Milly and his YHGM Movement. Link below.

Download Now and Later

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wale - Ambitious Girl

Am I the only one that like Wale's spoken word more than his actual songs? Thats not a shot at all, just saying. Thats me! This one here is called Ambitious Girl. Check it out below.

We can look for this one to be on More About Nothing.

Ross comes in at #2

Rick Ross comes in at #2 on the BillBoards with his latest album Teflon Don moving 177,000 units in its debut. If you don't have this album by now, leave me a comment and I will send it to you. I only have 2 so, first come first serve!!

Congrats to ROZZAAAYY!!

Team Twillie x Young Legend - iShotYa

Once again Team Twillie and Young Legend kills this instrumental , take a listen for yourself.

"Talk tough up on the net but if we ever meet, I just got my ass whooped'll be your next tweet" -Team Twillie


Follow on twitter: Team Twillie
Young Legend

The One Third Rule

Yesterday morning, Big Tigger asked on his Morning Radio Show, "DO YOU WANNA KNOW HOW MANY SEXUAL PARTNERS YA MAN/WOMAN HAS HAD?? IF SO, WHAT NUMBER IS TOO MANY??"

I responded with this:

Now let me explain. I for one NEVER ASK how many PARTNERS a woman have been with. Mostly because I don't want to know how many niggas have SMASHED, that's just me. Secondly, WOMEN LIE JUST LIKE MEN DO. Right, can't fool me! So with that said, I just apply 'The One-Third' rule to every woman, which is that a woman should have had as many sexual partners as one-third of her age. Anything above that means she GETS DOWN in my book. Anything below, she's good to go. So for those you didn't like fractions in school, lets say you meet a woman who's 30. In my mind I say anywhere from 10-15 is cool.

Let me repeat, this is just from the Freddie Mac handbook. Give me your thoughts.

Asi Frio is still at it

Dibiase is still at it with #Day 17. Check this one out, produced by Pot

Fuze B and Friends take over The Brass Monkey

Yea, you read it. Jersey's own will be at The Brass Monkey this Friday performing a few of his songs off his latest release Pardon My Sarcasm. If you're within an hour of the area, it's a best bet that you stop by!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Freddie Mac x Nicki Minaj:
Your Love

Download right here.

As I promised you guys yesterday Here's some new music from yours truly. Enjoy your weekend.

Men Lie, Women Lie, @LiymAveli starts trouble:

Yes, see that ONE tweet above. It was sent out approx 9:38pm on July 22, 2010. Up until this point, "@eandobbs" is STILL being mentioned. 42 pages of mentions to be exact. Who knew this guys life would change the way it did yesterday?

And famous he was. His 15 minutes of (tw) ame had just begun, and what started with one tweet, snowballed into a flurry of RETWEETS that followed. Once thought to have deleted his twitter account, he returned to prove us wrong. Bottom line, it was all fun and games, he held his own. CLAP FOR HIM.

Also follow Ean Dobbs and LiymAveli

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Keith Olberman Special Comment:
Shirley Sherrod

For the past few weeks, I haven't watched Countdown with Keith Olberman. I was one of his biggest watchers and supporters during the Bush Administration but over the past few weeks he's done nothing BUT devote his whole show to killing Republicans and I've found it just kind of hard to watch. Anyhow, last night I saw a few tweets circulating about his Special Comment and I had to check it out:

This is most definitely one of his best features and I agree with every second of this piece. View for yourselves.

Team Twillie - All Dat

Follow Team Twillie on twitter.

Throwback Thursday:
Nextel i860

Growing up it was a few phones that everybody had. In the dirty south, the Nextel 3390 was one, also the Motorola V 170 was another hot item but when it came down to what was in at the moment, EVERYONE waited on this Nextel i860 to come out!! From 2004-2006 CHIRPING was the hottest thing out and Nextel was dropping phones like Jordan was dropping kicks and trust me, phones were a major divider in society. I think I had two of these phones before I copped the i870.

Remember these? Thoughts?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Drake's Lost Verse
Aston Martin Music

Don't know why this was left off but I'm glad it somehow came out instead of being deleted. As always, Drake delivers.

Asi Frio - Who Dat Freestyle

Still at it with his Daily Bread Movement. Here's Day 12.

Mark Milly x Tragedy
Smile In Your Face

The boys over at YHGM are at is again. Mark Milly gets the help of label mate Tragedy for this classical record. Produced by Probz, this is most definitely a nice one! Check it out below for yourself:

Mark Milly's 'Now and Later' EP drops on Monday, July 26, 2010. Come back here for that link but you already knew that right?

Check out the Now and Later trailor below. We got you covered.

Now & Later [Official Trailer] from Mark Milly on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sooo, I got this friend and ummm

This will be the first post of many "I need some advice" post that you will start seeing on the site. I realize that I'm not the one to give advice on most subjects but I know a few of you all have went through some things and may be able to help. Plus, I'm just a rapper who blogs a li bit, so there you have it. See if you can shed some light on this situation below:

Dear advice givers,
"Recently I've come into a bit of what I would like to call "fed-up-with-her-shit-mode." If you don't know what that is, maybe you should stop reading because you probably won't be able to help. Anyhow, I've been in a relationship for 3 months now. Like always, things started off well. Very well. Too good to be true well.

NEW Chris Brown App

It's no secret. We all know the young boy Chris Brown is official when it comes to the removal of tweets. Really tho, the kid sets records. He's THAT nice. Well, leave it to us to bring you the first shot of the NEW Chris Brown App. It really comes in handy when you tweet something that you really didn't mean to.

You like? We thought you would. Purchase the app here.

Monday, July 19, 2010

One Year Ago Today

Exactly one year ago to this date, three underground rappers got together and released what would be known as a CLASSIC via twitter. Willy Dope, Trav Dave, and yours truly came together for NYCO Pt2.
We set out to get 1000 downloads in one week. Something no one on twitter were doing at the moment. Released on the weekend, slated for #MusicMonday, NYCO Pt.2 was pushing close to 900 downloads by Thursday evening.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

LEBRON JAMES betrays Cleveland

Funniest video so far! Still laughing. Thanks to Willy Dope for passes this my way!

Every woman needs a pair...

I really dont know the name of these, so far all I've seen are 'Thong Bootie Sandals' is that correct? Well that's what I'm calling them. They are a must have for women with sexy feet. If you do not have sexy feet, don't buy them. That will only disappoint me and whoever else enjoys a women with a nice pedi. Thanks.

Charlie Clips - Fear (Video)

Charlie Clips is still at it and not letting up, I swear I see dudes name being mentioned hourly on my twitter timeline. Well he dropped a video for Fear, off his Scooby Snacks Mixtape and it's a very good look. Check it out!

Sanchez vs Ramirez

Some people in this world are blessed from birth. Whether is wealth, the athletic gene, even some are blessed with the intelligent gene as myself. Then you have some who are blessed with the last name of Sanchez or Ramirez, and THAT my friend is one of the best blessings a female can have!

Roselyn Sanchez.

Dania Ramirez

Too much ASS cannot be GOOD

Maybe its just me. It has to be. I say this because I have never been an ASS GUY. Sure when females with voluptuous hips pass me, I quickly give the head turn and check them out, but I don't fantasize over bottoms. If you would like to know, I'm more of a legs and breast type guy, even when I'm ordering chicken but that's another story.

Big K.R.I.T. - K.R.I.T. Wuz Here

COOOTTTTT DAAAYUUMMM, talk about #LATEPASS and me being from Quitman, MS (20 minutes outside of Meridian where Krit is from) I finally got around to checking out this Big K.R.I.T. mixtape and must say it is what everyone has said it was. You have to check out this mixtape if you haven't. I think I'm probably the only one who haven't heard it yet. I know, I've been slipping. Download link below.

Big K.R.I.T. - K.R.I.T. Wuz Here

DJ Jonasty

Oh yes, you remember the Workout Mix I brought you a few weeks ago from DJ Jonasty? I'm sure you do. Well he's back with more PLUS this new video that dropped a few days ago. This guy is not letting up at all and if you think so, you're WRONG. That's that MISSISSIPPI GRIND haha!

Check out this promo vid before:

Here are a few of the latest downloads from Chilly Chill Radio
Chilly Chill Radio Full
DJ Jonasty Mix

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Par-City FREESTYLE with DJ Bedtyme

Oh yes, the boys from the Bronx are still at it. Check out the freestyle with DJ Bedtyme below:

Follow these guys on Twitter:
Willy Dope

Dawn Montgomery's interview with
Urban Belle Magazine

The good friend Dawn Montgomery is one of the most hard working, determined, positive people I know. Glad to have her as a friend. Recently, she sat down with Urban Belle Magazine and gives an us an indepth look into her life and how she balances it daily. Read more below:

"It is no secret that the modeling industry is one of the most competitive fields to break into. While it may be glamorous to walk the runway and wear pieces from extraordinary collections created by some of the top fashion designers, there isn't a model alive who doesn't hope her name will be more significant than her gorgeous face.

And for black models, establishing an impressive modeling career isn't quite impossible, but it's pretty close to inconceivable. Models of color aren't in demand in the world of high fashion, so every black model must work harder to achieve supermodel status. To Dawn Montgomery, a mental disorder has made her stronger than ever, and motivated her to achieve plenty in a field that makes it pretty tough for women of color."

Casual Sex is soo 1990s, REALLY!?

Holding a conversation a day or two ago with a few friends, someone brought up the question, "Are you sexual active at the moment?" By that question you can tell I was with a knowledgeable crowd and not just my regular ghetto friends who usually would have ask, "So you fucking or what?" BOTH young ladies answered, not until I get a man. So you know I had to hit her with the #GTFOH face.

I know, I know. There are still some who respect this lifestyle and I, in fact, respect them as this being something they choose to do. Nothing wrong with that. I just want to know when did this all happen? I remember a few years ago, females were just getting it in. Maybe it was my location before I moved up top to Maryland. Times have changed I see. Maybe it's the way guys have been treating young ladies and it has finally caught up with us, therefore FREE P PACK just isn't as easy as it use to be.

The SLAB SLANGAS are on the endangered species list!! There are a few left though and I know this for a fact. That guy you call when you just want to get your walls reorganized, yes, the interior designer. Nothing wrong with that in my book. Of course you say, I'm a MAN, we all think like that! No we don't. Some of us turn down the goods on a daily basis. Some of us save ourselves for the perfect woman. Some of us are not out to pipe down every woman that comes in our past. It's just that the ones that feel this way are the same ones who WANT to go see SEX and The City or Tyler Perry Movies and these are the guys you women skip over. Just my opinion.

Long live the slab slangas!

Sex with your EX

Yesterday on Twitter I asked the question: "Would you rather have SEX with your EX or hold out for your NEXT," and the answers overwhelmingly were "HOLD OUT for your next." I don't think I have to tell you if those came from male or female, right? Didn't think so.

I went waaaay back into the stash. 3 years ago to be exact and found this video I made about the Rules To Having Sex With Your Ex. Camera may be a li fuzzy but give me a break, it was before I stepped my HD game up. Anyway, I still agree with these RULES to this day. Check me out!

Throwback Thursday:
Outkast Players Ball

1993. Wow, Im OLD.

I remember when this came out. Popping this cassette in my brothers 1987 Cutlass Salon and just turning it all the way up while I washed the whip. Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik will ALWAYS be in my top five albums of all time. You remember this?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010



Smile. Figure. Eyes. Top. Bottom. Hands. Feet. FLAWLESS. Really though, how could you disagree with this being my number one pick? She's been in everyone's top five for the past 5 years. Really? You don't think she belongs? Sure she had the sextape, but that was a MINUS to women, a MAJOR PLUS to the guys (especially what she did at the end!!)

I could go on and on about Kim K but I won't. This is my list and I'm sticking to it! Thanks for keeping up!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fellas, are we THAT bad!?

Yeah. You see the picture above? Yeah that's how my Blackberry messenger recent updates look at the moment. I just didn't wait until these status popped up to take this picture, this could be taken ANY day of the week and the same thing still remains. Women, having "so called guy problems." Before you get ready to scroll to the bottom and leave a comment Or curse me out on twitter. Let me break it down so that it can and will forever be BROKEN.


And just like clockwork, Team Twillie drops a new joint like he does every Tuesday (#TeamTwillieTuesday). This time he goes in on the 'Light Up' instrumental. Very nice, take a listen. Have you steered you wrong yet?

Didn't think so..

Young Legend - Go HARD

Young Legend dropped his street single 'Go Hard' a few days ago and it's a nice way to kick off the summer AND his upcoming album. Check it out below:

Young Legend - Go Hard

Honorable Mention

Making a Top 10 List of Women at the Moment was pretty tough. I'm sure it's a few on the list you may not agree with, a few you do, and a few others that you would have put on the list to begin with. Umm that's mostly why this is MY list and not COMPLEX or XXL or BLACKMENMAG etc.. But there were some that we left off the list that I think most definitely needs a look or two. Here are a few that just didn't make my list of top 10.

Zoe Saldana.

Monday, July 12, 2010

DJ Grady does it again

DJ Grady comes through again with his newest mixtape. This is summer time music at its finest! My last two weekends have been blessed with two mixtapes from this guy and he's still at it!

Download this one here.

If anything, check out this 9 MINUTE BMF mix featuring rick ross, trae, currency, french montana, FREDDIE MAC, yo gotti, & styles p:

Also check out his site here.

Asi Frio tries the IMPOSSIBLE

Yes, you read that right. The homie @AsiFrio gave us a little insight on whats goin on over at The Arrogant Empire HQ. I must say this is SOME FEAT, one that I've never seen anyone accomplish so far. Check out where it all started;

Day 1 - Danny Ocean Freestyle

Check out the others

Day 2 - Bliss
Day 3 - Pro Bono Freestyle

Check out footage of the AE HQs below:

Arrogant Empire: Behind The Movement from Freddie Mac on Vimeo.

#2 Rihanna

Do I have to explain this one? If anything, probably why she's number two instead of one, well it was a tough decision, not like LeBron so called King James, but you will see tomorrow. Enjoy Rih-Rih for now.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Arrogant Empire: Behind The Movement

A few weeks ago I kicked it with Pot and Asi at The Arrogant Empire HQ. Pot played a few unreleased tracks and shed some light on the upcoming projects of AE. Enjoy.

Arrogant Empire: Behind The Movement from Freddie Mac on Vimeo.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Throwback Thursday - No Limit Pendant

Ok, I know you all remember these but the question is WHO DIDN'T HAVE ONE? I had two, I still think I have one in a shoebox somewhere but its so fcuking small I have nothing to put it on. It just reminds me of the days of No Limit. I'll twitpic it if I come across it.

#3 Selita Ebanks

I know I said before that I wouldn't put any models on my list but you probably know the type of models I was talking about (video chicks with ass shots) because adding them wouldn't be right. On the other hand, Selita Ebanks, who models for Victoria Secret gets my vote for #3. Yes, even though she let Nick Cannon hit, I can't take that away from her. Do ya thang Lita!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

DJ JONASTY - Workout Mix

Just in time for the summer, DJ JONASTY comes through in the clutch with a few mixes for you ipod including this WORKOUT MIX and a few others.

BB Camera Mute App

Some of you all have been asking for this app for a minute, prolly not sure why unless you're either new to Blackberry or have deleted it. It's been out for a while but leave it to the good ol folks at to come through and keep you posted.

Before using this app PLEASE make sure once you get to back to your camera to click MENU and select MUTE! Don't get caught up trying to sneak a peak with a loud ass CLICK CLICK coming form ya camera. Also one more tip, make sure your flash is OFF as well. The shortcut for this is by clicking the space button until you see the flash button with a circle and cross going through it.
No need for the Thank yous, that's what Im here for.

Get the app by keying this address in your mobile web

If you are on your Blackberry, click here.

Freddie Mac x Bux - Zach Morris (Vidjeo)


Zach Morris, Ferris Bueller from Freddie Mac on Vimeo.

#4 Jessica Biel

Im sure when it comes to the caucasians some of you all would pick Jessica Alba, Megan Fox, or even Hayden Pen but nah, this is THE thickest sexiest white chick in the bunch and even the pictures do her no justice. Coming in at #4, Jessica Biel!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Shit was all good just a year ago..

That was THEN.

This is NOW.
Lindsey was sentence to 90 days in jail, starting in two weeks. Read details here.
My reaction, thanks to @beHALF

Par-City Get it Hot/Sponsor (Vidjeo)

ParCity dropped off another video earlier from their latest mixtape Held Over: The Hold Up Pt 2.
Verrry nice I must say. Check it out below

If you are in the area make sure you check their performance out at The Bowery Poetry Club. Click here for details.

Follow these guys on Twitter


A few tracks have leaked off Ricky Rozaaaay upcoming album Teflon Don, releasing July 20th. This is the SUMMER OF ROSS, dare you to disagree!

Rick Ross x T.I.x Erykah Badu - Maybach Music 3

Rick Ross x Drake x Chrisette Michelle - Aston Martin Music

Rick Ross x Kanye West - Live Fast Die Young

I am PRO Tramp Stamp, are you?

Umm where do I start? I'm sure JUST by the topic some of you all are already thinking, "Uuugh, how could you be pro ANYTHING tramp-ish?" That's where the confusion comes in at. Now I'm not agreeing with ALL lower back tats because some or horrible, but I have seen a few in my day that were sexy as hell!

#5 Stacey Dash

Aaand we hit the TOP 5. To be perfectly honest, these next five women really leave me SPEECHLESS. Like really, it's nothing I can write to explain them but you get the drift. Stacey comes in at number five. The end. More pics below:

Freddie Mac x Asi Frio - Lose My Mind

"No mile high club, never gave a flying fuck"

After much anticipation and Lollygaggin on my part, this track FINALLY hits the web. Asi (pictured above) does what he normally does and kills the track! Take a listen and tell me if you disagree.

Download here.
Follow on Twitter, tell him I sent ya

Proph The Problem x Trav Dave - Light Up

The good ol boys from the CO (Columbus, not to be confused with Correctional Officers) are back at it again, this time a little different than what you would have expected. Trav Dave and Proph got their hands on the Drake ft. Jay-Z Light Up instrumental and really did it justice.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Freddie Mac - Freestyle on Blogtv

This is what you get when you add Ciroc + Cranberry + One rapping nigga and a webcam.. Enjoy

Freddie Mac x BUX - Zach Morris

"I still got that good white, Tony Romo"

Now you know how I feel about that but anyhow, here's the track you all were promised. Lets all sing alone.

Download here

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Maxi Dresses are soo 2008, IMO

The other day I sent this tweet out and got a few people telling me basically I was crazy lol. Yet, I'm still sticking with what I said and I will break down why. I mean, I do have the right to have an opinion, right? Ok, lets proceed.

DJ Grady presents The Ricky Rozay Mixtape

The boy @therealdjgrady passed me the link to his latest project the other day and I must say it's one of the hottest mixtapes from a DJ I've heard in a good minute. Southerners will love it, northerners have no choice but to fuck wit it!

Download here

Look forward to us working together in the future, stay tuned!
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#6 Eva Mendez

El Numero Seis, Eva Mendes! It's only a few women in this world that I will marry on site. As crazy as that seems, I still stick by saying that Eva is one of those few women that I would pop the question to on the first date. Who cares if she has baggage from her previous relationship, can't cook, bad drivers, etc... I'll see pass all that. My list is kinda slim. Cute smile (she has it), nice hair (she's got it), sex appeal (oh yes!), pretty feet (check!), and also a mole on the left cheek, ok just playing about that last one but still, if it was on my list, she possesses that too. Sheesh! This is one of the reasons I hope I never get too famous. Because when you get to that level and can have your picking of some of the most beautiful women in the world, shit happens, and at this moment I probably couldn't take it. So yeah, I'm working on that.

Any how, scroll below for more pics!