Friday, November 12, 2010

Someone You Should Know: Akira Dixon

If you've been on twitter over the last year, it's no way you've gone a week without seeing a link to some of the hottest celebrity and entertainment gossip news to ever hit the blog sites. That site would be Kira's Koncept. When I first saw this site pop up in my timeline, I kind of figured that it was just one of these other blogs that copied every other blog on the internet, meaning, if I checked it, it probably would have anything new. Was I wrong. Upon checking out the site, I saw that it had more to offer its readers other than the regular Rihanna pics and cheating wives. This site had substance. It had a meaning. It had the truth and ALSO a fair opinion. When I saw found out that she was from Mississippi, my home state, I had to get to know more about her. So after a few messages exchanged here and there, we finally set some time aside to discuss things she was working on and what were her plans for the future.

Freddie Mac: Soo what's your name and where are you from?

Akira Dixon: Akira Dixon from Brookhaven, MS.

FM: Ok, I've seen the blog, which is pretty nice. Is there anything else you're working on and also what makes your site different than other "gossip sites?"

AD: Thanks! And yes, I recently,started a non profit organization called Why Not Wait? That promotes sexual abstinence & self love for girls ages 10-16. Kira's Koncept is a celebrity gossip site that covers a range of topics! Kira's Koncept is different because I acknowledge local people who are also trying to make a stamp on the world. I provide my PERSONAL opinion,with a little humor, not just report information. That makes Kira's Koncept stand out!
My Youtube channel is also up & I'm looking to publish my 1st video this week.

FM: Ook, niice. Being in this "entertainment" industry, do you think some look at you different because you're a woman? Or is it more of a plus?

AD: Honestly, I never gave it much thought from a gender stand point. I don't think it really matters but then again people can be a little more receiving when a woman is involved.

FM: Truue, with that being said, have you ever used being sexy to get something you wanted?

AD: Absolutely! Lol, why not? No, seriously, anything I obtain is strictly based on what I wanted. However, a smile or two never hurt anybody!

FM: Mmmnn hmmm, I'm keeping my eye on you!!! So being from Mississippi as well, I'm aware of the struggle and hustle it takes to even get noticed. Why do you think its harder to "get on" coming from Mississippi?

AD: (Smiles) Freddie Mac, I don't think the struggle is harder for me because I'm from MS. I firmly believe that if want something, you gotta get out here and make it happen! I do believe opportunities are limited here but it's all of what you make of it! It works in my favor, MS wise, because there aren't many (if any) prominent entertainment bloggers here. But I do plan on relocating, just to chase more opportunities.

FM: Where to? Please don't say Atlanta. =D

AD: Dallas actually. Lol. But I frequent the Atlanta area quite often!

FM: Lol ok cool, cool. What are some of the ways people can get in contact with you?

AD: is the fastest way to reach me!

FM: Alright, is there anything else you want the readers to know? Single? Looking? Stalking? ;)

AD: I'm Single & definitely ready to mingle!! Follow me on Twitter (DatGidamnkira), Follow the blog, & share the site with a friend! And as always, condoms are cheaper than diapers!

FM: Lol wow, don't I know it! Well thanks again and I wish you the best. Keep me posted on that non profit and Youtube vid as well!

AD: No, thank you. And I definitely will.


  1. I absolutely love the interview! I'm incredibly moved by you even wanting to know about little ole me! I appreciate the opportunity Freddie! Now, people get a chance to know the woman behind the keyboard! I love, love, love it! ((hugs))

  2. No problem! It was nice of you to give me the chance. Wishing you the best!! Don't forget about the little people :)