Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Texting/Calling The Morning After? The Proper Protocol

Okay, we've all done this before in our lives. If not, shame on you. You know, the "infamous" morning after text/call. Usually after some type of sexual relations have went down the night before, but what does this mean? Some of us may get confused and by us I mean, GUYS, because we are the ones who are usually left with the decision to text or call the next day.

From the get go, let me say that the next time you contact your partner/jumpoff/person you just had sex with,
it SHOULD NOT be a text. I know we live in the textual world at the moment and some of us LIVE off texting but please don't send a text as your NEXT REACH OUT. It's LOW. Very low I must say. A phone call goes a long way in this day and age, especially since the guy she just left was probably an habitual texter also.
Is it needed? Of course it is and don't give the excuse that you just didn't know when to send it, or it slipped your mind because you were busy doing other things. Nah, not buying it. You weren't busy when she texted you back last night and told you to come over, so don't be "busy" the day after.

But what does it mean and when is the perfect time to hit her up the next day? I mean, I don't want to feel like a pyshco or tooo pressed. Don't worry I got ya!

The very first PHONE CALL you should make should be when you make it home. Call them to let you know that you made it, because I'm pretty sure when you left your spot, you told her,
"ahhite, I'll letchu know when I make it home." Or she told you, "Let me know when you make it babe." If neither one of you said that, then you BOTH know what type of agreement you all have and that is not what this is about. Check back later for the "JUMPOFF HANDBOOK." This phone call is NOT however, count as your morning after phone call/text. This is just to show that you are a man of your word and also again verbalize about the GREAT TIME you just had earlier.

After that is over with and you get some much needed sleep, wake up and go about your day as usual.
No text or phone calls should be send out before 10:00 am. Any contact before this and the woman is probably thinking, "Damn, already. Can I at least get situated at my desk before this nigga starts blowing me up?" Yeah, you have to chill for a few hours even if it's not what you want to do. Trust me.

Now there's a HUGE difference between the first TEXT and the first CALL. Women do not want to be texted before hearing your voice the day after. If this is wrong, then let me say, they SHOULDN'T want to get a text but hey, what do I know, I'm just a kid from Mississippi. However, around 11:45 - 12:00pm, you may begin to cross her mind. IF YOU WERE "Mind-Cross-Worthy" the night before and she may began to think, "Was I just a jumpoff, he hasn't contacted me yet." THIS, is where you should make your move. I'm sure on the phone call you placed last night, you asked where what she was doing tomorrow and she probably said "WORK" as being one of those things. Around the time mentioned above, you call her. Now this is where you can find out more about her as well. IF SHE ANSWERS, while at work, then you know she REALLY LIKES YOU OR WHAT YOU DID TO HER LAST NIGHT, especially if she's WHISPERING because this means she's not even suppose to be on the phone at the moment but she's doing it JUST FOR YOU. Now if she does not answer, no biggie. Just leave a voice mall telling her what you were gonna say in the first place. You know something like, "Hey, I guess you're hard at work over there and judging my last night, I KNOW how you put in work, so I'm not even gonna trip." You know, something like that will suffice. Keep it simple and let you know you enjoyed it and hopefully you all will get to do other things later.
Contacting her between the hours of 3-5pm are a little risky. A lot of time has went by and she may have already written you off as one of those who just get sex then bounce type niggas. You don't want to be in that bracket. It's hard to get back in. Any time after 5pm you might as well count getting that p-pack again as a LOSS. Unless she's just one of the types who likes to fuck and in that case, she doesn't really need a Morning After Call/Text from the get go!

I hope this manual has provided some insight on how you should carry yourself the morning after. Remember this, you only get one Morning After, all the other ones are just on some "Ordinary Next Day" shit. Really though.


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