Thursday, August 13, 2009



After months of HARD WORK (but I make it seem easy) the "Feel Good Music" Mixtape is completed. Yesterday I finished the last two songs, which leaves this mixtape at a total of 9 songs, also including a few skits and interviews! The tracklisting will be coming soon along with interviews and hopefully videos.
On this mixtape I decided to step away from being SOOOO SERIOUS and just decided to have fun and that I most certainly did. I only worked with 2 producers on this project because they felt the music and where I was trying to take this mixtape.
Many would like to claim this as "dance" music or "club" music but being from Mississippi and growing up around this type of music, it is what comes easy to me. This should be a very nice fall semester, for the schools, students, party people who ROCK with this music and know how to party!
Im sure there will be a lot of backlast on the titles of the songs and the direction I was going with this mixtape, but you can't please everyone.
A listening party will be set up soon once a date is set and everything is in place. It will also be broadcasted live so we can interact and you can voice your opinion.
Once again, I would like to thank you all for hanging in there after numerous announcement of this mixtape being finished, lol. It is completed NOW.

Feeling accomplished,
Freddie Mac