Friday, August 21, 2009

Some say that I am everything and more.....

Ok.. leading up the release of my "party" mixtape, I will try to do the somewhat impossible. As an artist, things happen, things take place, that some of you would like to know about. Usually, if you're following me on twitter, you know almost my every move, but with only 140 characters, its kind of hard to know EXACTLY whats goinz onzz...

So I will start Monday with a DAILY BLOG (yeah, lets see how long that last) on current events surrounding things I am doing to get prepared to release this mixtape. Whether its fan interaction, give aways, etc..

Being that I am already sooo busy.. this should be fun. So if you all can log on and read an updated blog everyday, then I should be able keep it updated..

There will also be daily questions.. like this:

As a fan, supporter, friend, WHAT ARE SOME THINGS YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO DO? As far as interacting with you all, maybe BLOGTV, maybe another MACWEEKLYRECAP, maybe a SHOW IN YOUR CITY :) (ok, hold up on the last one)

Thank you all again for everything and I need you all to keep me on point!