Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Players, c'mer let me coach you
*Valentine's Special*

So while surfin the innanet, I came across this ad for "lovers" on Vday.
Seems like a pretty nice deal eh? Yeah, they might as well name this one the "Players Special."
Let me break this down for those of you have more than one special someone and don't know quite what to do.

Okay, you cop this item for the fawty ($40.00)

You take the 12 Roses and put them in the Free Vase for you MAIN chick

You divide the 6 Roses in half and hand them out to your 2 shorties on the side, they don't really expect to get anything anyway so receiving REAL roses will be enough to keep them around til next year.

You then take the free chocolate and give that to your FWPS (Friend With Potential of Smashing) You're only like 2 weeks in with her so once again, receiving chocolates are a really good look.

If you have more than four, I can't help ya, try to contact Tiger.
Any questions? Cool.

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