Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Three Type of Females (I KNOW)
Pt.1:The Cool

Have you seen her? Yeah, you've probably met her, passed by her in the hallway a time or two, through her the famous head nod and said 'wsup.' Maybe you've even came as far as being friends with her. Someone you confide in, have lunch with, send random texts and bbms to as well. She someone who most definitely can hold a conversation. Why? Because she's COOL, that's why. Whether you're discussing mixtapes from DJ Drama or breaking down a speech from Pres. Obama, she's there. Always fashionable. Stays in the latest Nike dunks and copping Jays on their release date, probably owns a pair of Uggs, couple pair of Juicy sweatpants, ipod filled with everything from Sade to Shawn Carter, from Duke Ellington to Drizzy Drake Rodgers. Keeps a nice bag, nothing TOO FLASHY, maybe a Michael Kors or Marc Jacobs. Have you had sex with her? Eeeh, maybe once or twice. Why didn't anything happen afterwards, mostly because you both knew how each other were in their past relationships and things are NICE between you two now and destroying that would not be worth it. Why do you two get along so well? Usually because we are both relaxed, neither likes to put up with BULLSHIT the daily drama because life goes along so easily without it. She's a grinder, she goes for what she wants. She has ambition and most of the time, a guy behind her who's trying to hold her back for some odd reason. Do you know this chick I'm talking bout? Am I describing YOU? If not, come back for part 2 & 3.

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