Friday, February 5, 2010

The Three Type of Females (I KNOW)

Umm yeah, I'm not even going to ask the fellas if they know this female. Of course they do. She's the one at ONE POINT you thought was out of your league, on a another level, or as Drake would say "ALL ABOUT HER BIZNESSS." Yeah, thats her. Confident as ever. Her aura is like no other. Cocky? Never. Five Star Chick (See Yo Gotti)? HELL NO, she wouldn't even DOWNGRADE herself to such a status. Would you find her in some smokey club shaking to Soulja Boy's "She Gotta Donk," neh...try again. You might spot her at a lounge or two, sipping a cosmo, listening to poetry, or taking in an art show. As Neyo put it, Ms. Independent..she's got her oooooowwwwnnn. She has her priorities together and goals in reach. She puts family first, career second, and MEN last. We all know females can be messy, as THEY often say, but she's is usually on the OTHER END of this drama. She's the person who is always taking the high road in those type of confrontation. She's the friend that her friends come to for advice. She knows how to sacrifice, knows how to treat a man, knows that in a relationship there are time where you should give and take. She understands that things are not always going to be perfect but she LISTENS. Is she a freak you ask? Maybe so, but you'll never know. She only unveils that behind closed doors, or on kitchen countertops, or on top of washing machines (rinse cycle, that is), have I said too much? Ok, I'll stop there but yeah, you know the type. Do you? I hope. If not, you're missing out. Is this you? Someone you know? I sure hope so because I only have ONE category left and I really hope it doesnt fit you but ummm, who knows? :)

Lemme know

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