Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Concept Behind the Mixtape!

Concept Behind Mixtape: Back to 811 Timothy Lane

As the release date for "Back to 811 Timothy Lane" draws near, I sat aside some time to answer a few questions I've been receiving about this project. Please feel free to send any that you also may have to

Q1: Where did the name of this mixtape come from?

Well 811 Timothy Lane was the address of the Hi Hat 2000, a club located in Hattiesburg, MS that really defined what a club was suppose to be. It brought us celebrities, all types of parties, events, you name it. It was more than just a place you went to just to party, it was an EVENT each time you entered.

Q2: What do expect this mixtape to accomplish overall?

I feel that the music scene at the moment is really all over the place, usually this would be a bad thing, but it also opens the door for EVERYONE to have a chance to be heard. Its a lot of what I call "being TOO serious" going on as well, meaning, everyone is looking to hear something DARK and DEEP and they wanna be TAKEN PLACES and sometimes people overlook GENUINE GOOD MUSIC while doing so. I want people to just sit back and play these songs track after track and have a GOOD time just ENJOYING the music. This mixtape is a PARTY MIXTAPE, you dont need to try to look SOOO DEEP into every track, just listen, dance, and be worry free.

Q3: Do you feel that this mixtape will make others label you as just a "dance song" type of rapper?

Of course. For those who are hearing me for the first time, Im sure they probably will and thats a chance you take. Im sure there will be people who say, "Oh he's just another Soulja Boy, JKwon, GS Boyz.." but I feel I have more to offer, I've just decided to concentrate more on this club aspect on this mixtape. For those who have been following me over the years, now THEY KNOW BETTER than to think that, but its cool, I'll rock with it for now?

Q4: What or who influences most of your material?

Honestly, I'm influenced DAILY on every current event. I mean artist wise, I'm very influenced by WHOEVER I'm listening to at the moment, this is why I really don't listen to other peoples music other than what comes on the radio. This can be good and bad in many ways but thats how I stay focused. Usually current events in my life has the most influence on what direction I am going.

Q5: What's the biggest misconception that people have about you?

Uuuum the biggest misconception would probably be that I'm not serious about music. i mean, with sooo many things going on previously I didn't have the attention to give the music like I wanted to at the moment, so I may have hit you with a song or two every now and then, I'm just glad the people you like my music stayed around until I really had time to focus on it 100% and now they see the difference.

Q6: Off topic, but what is your favorite tv show?

Anyone who knows me knows that Seinfeld is my favorite show. I have the whole 9 Season Box Set, Monk ash trays, napkin holders, the whole deal. It's kind of a big deal.

Q7: Where do you rate this mixtape with other projects you've done?

Overall I think this project is really nice! I won't say it is BETTER than my last mixtape (The Day The Game Stood Still) all because that one was all around hip hop, not focused on just partying, but I will say this one holds it down at the moment. This is GOOD MUSIC and I cant wait for the world to hear it!

Back to 811 Timothy Lane will be available on Friday, November 20th 2009 by going to They will have the ONLY EXCLUSIVE VERSION of the mixtape.
Please support the movement and let me know what you all think of the mixtape.

Thank you all for being patient,

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  1. Keep up the good work Mac, I am sure it is paying off! Good luck buddy!