Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Freddie Mac: Taking it back to 811 TIMOTHY LANE

Im coming down to the last stretch of completing this mixtape!! Being that THIS one consist ONLY of club tracks, I feel its only right to show appreciation for the place that introduced me to the late night scene of Hattiesburg, MS.
The Hi Hat was more than just a nightclub that played music. It was a meeting place, it was a social gathering for the up and coming, movers and shakers of southern Mississippi. There was none before it and there will be none like it in the future.
So with this mixtape, I pay respect to the FIRST PLACE that let me rock the mic and be an MC. As I continue to complete this project, I ask of a little favor from you all, the ones who were apart of this movement. If you have my BB pin, please send me a 10-15 second voice note of what you remember and what you will miss about The Hi Hat 2000. You have until the end of the week to get me this info.

Thanks for being patient,

Freddie Mac

Major shout out to everyone's favorite DJ, DJ Sweat.

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  1. I love the Hi Hat 2000 for introducing me to the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY! The Hi Hat 2000 truly prepared me for what I deal with while being a Professional Model in this Industry. I was able to come to the Hi Hat to party & I even worked there as a bartender... So many memories... So many artists came to Hattiesburg... I grew up in that place & DJ Sweat was the DJ that Saved My LIFE! The Hi Hat 2000 still lives in my heart & I will never forget that place nor will I forget Charles (the owner) who created the nightlife in Hattiesburg.