Monday, December 6, 2010

Blackberry Playbook: Hmmm interesting..

Coming from a family full of MAC users, the iPad was a given to be purchased as a Christmas gift, that was until I came across this. The Blackberry Playbook. Over the last few weeks I've been thinking very hard about leaving Blackberry due to Sprints inability to secure a touchscreen 4g Blackberry. After doing a little searching around, I saw that a few were in the making but not sure if they would come to Sprint. I really just wanted to upgrade so I could use FACE-to-FACE and also the Angry Bird app which is really addictive. This, The Blackberry Playbook may be the one thing that keeps me put.

It's completely compatible with your phone. Meaning, you can sync EVERYTHING. You can read emails, view pictures, and even USE BBM!! Wow, BBM on a TABLET! It also has a camera on the front and back unlike the iPad, also a flash and slots for memory cards, ALSO unlike the iPad.

It's scheduled to be released early 2011 with a price range from $399 (8gb) and up.

Read more about The Blackberry Tablet at Gizmodo.

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