Thursday, December 30, 2010

Favre From Over

Um, yall do know Brett Favre is coming back next year right?

After being hit with a hefty fine calmly being asked to hand over $50,000, stemming from the findings from Roger Goddell and his investigative reporters for the whole Jenn Sterger debacle, this year has pretty much been Favre's WORST YEAR EVER. A lot of people believed him when he told time that this would be his last year. I did as well.

That was until his season was full of disasters, over and over. Syndey Rice not being healthy, the injuries, the voice-mails and dick pics being sent, and even the collapse of the roof at the stadium. This was FAR from what we thought he would deliver. Being one play away from the Super Bowl last year, we thought the Vikes would be a team to be reckoned with. That was wrong. If you think Brett Favre will not come back and redeem his legacy, even at 42, you'll see. Just wait.

Just mark my words, next summer we will be discussing if he is returning or not. That along with the Lakers 3rd title in a row. #LakeSHOW baby.


  1. He's done, Freddie Mac. I love watching him play but his body has finally given out.

    I'm going to Staples on Sunday to watch the Lakers get taken down by the Grizz. Pau can't handle his baby brother.

  2. LOL mannn my Lakers are getting worked, looking like the Spurs might take the WEST, whatcha think?

  3. Problem with the Spurs is that if one of the big three goes down, they are in trouble. I also don't know who they have that can handle the Lakers big men in a 7 game series.

    As long as the Lakers have three seven footers in their rotation, it's just too many rebounds and extra possessions for the rest of the West to overcome.

    The Lakers are built for the playoffs and they will be fine once the playoffs start.

  4. Yeah you right about that, I hope.

    I have to hit you on XBL I haven't been on that much other than letting my girl play UNO. I still haven't even got that Black Ops. I'll hitcha!

  5. Definitely. You should come out to SD and we'll hit up a Lakeshow game.