Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My run in with Luscious, the prostitute.

Yeah. I bet you can already imagine. Well, nah, you probably can't. I'm sure you're wondering how did this happen? What really happened? Why and where were you at when everything took place? Don't worry, I got all your answers below, and trust me when I say, I'm still a virgin when it comes to ladies of the night.

Last night/this morning, you may have seen the tweet above pop up in your timeline and wonder, what the hell has Freddie gotten himself into now?! Well let me try to explain.
On a lunch break from work, approximately around 3:34am, I took a quick run to the local 7-11 for some wings and a Kiwi Strawberry Twister. When I pulled up, I noticed this female walking inside the store, dressed like she had returned from the club, but I spotted no vehicle in the parking lot, and she was also solo. When I went into the store, she was posted by the coffee maker. Out of no where I hear, "Hey pretty eyes." I glanced and said "whaddup."
After getting my drink and wings, I head out, she follows. She asks me where I'm going. I responded, "shiid, heading back to work, why what's up," because I thought she was about to ask for a ride and I wasn't about to take her ANYWHERE. She then says, "Oh, I was trying to have a little fun." Now since I didn't spot a Wii controller or a deck of playing cards in her hand, I kinda figured she was talking about exchanging a few sexual favors for a few dollas.
I laughed it off and calmly said, "Naah, I'm straight." That didn't stop her, so instead of still trying to have some "fun", she went from a lady of the night, to a beggar, asking me for $20.00!! "Yooo, I don't even know you," was my response.
I was starting to get pissed because my wings were getting cold, I was a little chilly as well from having the window cracked a little bit just talking to her. She went from 20 to 10 to $5. I told her I had $1.00 and some change in my console and she said, "Ok, gimme that." As I go into the console, her wandering eyes spot my Courvoisier bottle, with only a half of swig left, she excitedly screams, "Ooooh can I have that?" At the point, I'm about ready to pull "tha fcuk" off. Thinking I had no reason for keeping that open container in my truck, I decided to give that to her in hopes that she would leave. After giving her the bottle, she asks, "Are you gonna still give me that dolla and some change?" WTF!? "Hell naaaah!!"
Wow! What. A. Night.



  2. Lmfaoooooooo. I know there's more to this story. *side eye*

  3. Hahahaa, yeah right, I wasn't laughing at all lol and NOOOOOO @Simone, there is not more to this story