Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The new "I'm really cheating on you" excuse

Over the past few years, there has been a few reasons and excused that us guys give women AND vice versa that just scream out, "I'm really cheating on you." For one, remember the "I'm working late," excuse? Yeah, that pretty much got found out but some guys still try to use it and some EVEN think they are getting away with it. Trust me, if you use that excuse and your girl/guy goes along with it, THEY KNOW you are cheating and are just waiting for a good time to leave your ass.

Another one that was popular was, "Oh, he/she's just a friend," now this one had a good one, only because we really wanted to believe you, because we loved you, because we wanted things to work, but after some time, 'just a friend' became "just someone I'm fucking, but I don't care about them at all." Yeah, those are two of the most popular "I'm really cheating on you" excuses.

Now, in this new age of technology, with the social sites of the innanets, I've found through doing many studies and putting in hours of work, that there is a new phrase to tell when your guy/girl is cheating. A few will say I'm breaking the "manlaw" or hating on women trying to get theirs but I feel like I owe this to all the broken hearts of 2010, men and women. Over the weekend, I was in the middle of a little "relationship squabble" between two love birds when the female fired off questions about another young tender who was at my table, the guy responded with, "Oh, we just talk on twitter."

Hmmmm. It hit me. This is it. This is the new "I'm really cheating on you" excuse. Sorry I didn't warn yall earlier but I was just giving you all a little time to receive Christmas gifts, to see if you got what you wanted or not.

Please enjoy the rest of your holidays and keep a hear out for that phrase if said by the one you love.
No need to thank me.

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