Sunday, January 23, 2011

February: The Easiest Month To Begin A Relationship

Jason: Nigga, February, before Valentines, is the EASIEST chance you'll ever have to holla at a female you like. Trust me!

Brian: Ah hell, here you go with this shit again. Why is that?

J: Just think about it. What's the hardest part of trying to get at a chick you might be feeling? What's your biggest obstacle when you trying to holla for the first time?

B: Shiiiid, I dunno. For me, I'm always wondering what I'm going to say to her first.

J: Exaaactttlllyyy!! That's why before Valentine's is the best time to approach em nigga. All that "coming up with slick line" shit, it's out the door. All you have to say is, "Will you be my Valentine?" Nigga, that's the only line that works from kids up to old heads I'm telling ya.

B: Geettt the fuuuck outta hereeee... Man all these hoes dun heard that too many times. They hear it every year. Don't you think they get tired of it?!

J: If they do, then that's that. You move on. But that question right there will let you know if you're in there or not. Cause a broad just wont say yeah and not mean it. If she says NO, then that means she either has a man, or two, she's not interested. You win on both accords because if she would have said yes and had either or the two, she just woulda been playing you.

B: Yeah and I prolly would knocked that bitch out!

J: Chillll.. But on the real tho, if she says Yes, then it's up to you to take it from there. To plan the date. You have to do everything you can to make her feel like she was right on picking you to be her Valentine because like you said, females get asked this shit every year, so if she's single this year, that just means that nigga from last year didn't make the cut.

Hmmmm. Just a conversation between homies, whadda you think?

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  1. This is too cute. You are right though, only if she's involved, if not interested, OR if she has plans with a girlfriend in need does she say no. Only thing is if you pull out all the tricks on Valentines, you can't fall flat from there. Every time after that, not just dates, but communication has to top each encounter prior. That's where men mess up... You gotta make it that much better for the last time and make her want more...