Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why Betting On The Super Bowl Is A Win/Win: For Raven Fans

When the betting lines for the Super Bowl were released after last weeks AFC/NFC Championship games, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The Packers were FAVORED to win by 3 1/2. This really threw me for a loop, I couldn't figure it out. The Steelers have won 6 Super Bowl titles in their history. It was Rotheisburger against Aaron Rodgers. Then it hit me, SO WHAT!! This is the best betting opportunity ever as a Ravens fan!! Let me explain.

As you can see above, with a picture taken earlier, the odds have changed by a point, so you need to make it happen soon if you want to take advantage of this! As much as we, Raven fans, hate Pittsburgh, we have the chance to BET WITH THEM to Win the Super Bowl. If they end up winning the game, WE WIN MONEY. If Pittsburgh loses, well yeah you lose your money but so what, THEY LOSE. Isn't that what EVERY RAVEN FAN wants?!

So, that's it. Take advantage of this opportunity before the lines change and start to favor Pitt. Paying for PITT to lose is WORTH IT, trust me!

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