Wednesday, January 5, 2011

back to what's important...

This new social web world we living in is slowly killing one of the most vital parts of the human species as we know it. That is the feeling to care. Throughout the day, whether through email, facebook, twitter, or however you interact with people you've never met, there's thousands of jokes, quotes, riddles, even deaths, that we read about, hold our attention for a moment, and then as fast as it came, it slowly goes away. That's the world we now live in. Every thing is so fast paced. It's not about what's happening now, it's about what will happen next. How will this person respond? What will we do after this happens?

Twitter has been one of the mose highly successful social sites ever. I agree I was one who became addicted to posting tweets and reading about the lives of others. I often see on twitter, whether it's breaking news or from whoever, that someone has died. It happens. Someone posts it. Someone retweets it. Everyone shares their respect and a week later, it's forgotten.
Earlier tonight, I went onto Facebook to see my cousin had wrote, "RIP uncle Warren." Uncle Warren was that uncle whom everyone loved. He taught everyone in the family how to swim. Over the past few years he'd been diagnosed with cancer. I read the post on the wall, saw a few people "liked" the comment. What's even worse is that in the comment section, another cousin of mine had wrote that our OTHER cousin, Mark, had died the same day as well!! That's two deaths I've read about in 5 minutes.

Before leaving out to work, I commented on his post. As I was walking down the steps to my truck, I sent out a tweet saying basically, I'm out, be back later, family issues whatever. This still had not hit me yet. I started to think why is that? He was one of my closest uncles. His son and I were best friends growing up, spent every summer together. Why am I not bawling my eyes out on the way to work?? I got a little teary-eyed but that was it!

I think it's just the way we've become. Unless it's immediate family, I don't get that same feeling anymore. Of course when I go to the funeral, I'll be in all tears seeing my cousin and aunt lower him into the ground but what about after. How could I just move on from this so quickly?
With that being said, I'm leaving twtter for a good minute. I've realized that you have to live every second, every minute, as it's your last and at this moment I don't think sending out tweets are doing anything for my life at all.

From this point on, I want to appreciate the loved ones I have left. I talk to people on twitter that I haven't even met more than I send my brother a "hello" text. It's gotten ridiculous. I also know I have real friends on twitter as well. Some of them have even done things that some of my family members probably wouldn't have done but I'm sure they will understand.

I just need to get back to what's important and at this moment, what's most important can't be made to fit in 140 characters.

I wish you all the best,

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