Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nominate Candice Nicole for "Best PR"

If at any time there was a person MORE deserving of receiving an award in the Public Relations department, it would be at this moment, and Candice Nicole would most definitely be that person. Stemming back to 2008, when I first joined twitter, her work ethic has only gotten stronger as I've watched and studied her drive over the last few years.

Anyone in this area (DC/Maryland/Virginia), and many others, can vouch for her in every aspect of what it takes to be a strong, business driven, independent young lady. Never taking a day off, Candi embodies what we all wish to achieve in our daily life. As one of her followers on multiple social sites, I see her battle the ups and downs of this industry we are in but always bouncing back stronger and better than ever.

Now is the time to show our appreciation to one of the best and HONEST (which means more than anything these days) PRs we know. I need you to visit Elite DC Awards and nominate Candice Nicole as Best PR. It also would be helpful if you passed this message along to those you may know as well.
Even without the award, she still will be placed on top of my list as PRs in the game, but I would love to see her win, it would be a great start to this new year.

Let's make this happen!!

Thanks for everything,


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