Monday, May 17, 2010

Mixtape coming soon..

If you've heard my last couple mixtapes, you've heard me scream out BUX a time or two. He has done numerous tracks with me over the past few years. I'm probably just excited as he is to hear that he is finally dropping his mixtape later this year. He came through the studio a few weeks ago and dropped off this interlude to the upcoming "Sardines with Mustard" project he's releasing a lil later.

Bux - Interlude

You can cop this track here.

Just incase you forgot, Bux spit on this joint with me as well entitled "Take It Back," download and listen to it here


  1. thank 4 da luv big bro, its a slow process dont wanna overcook da bird.SMELL ME

  2. dat aint da real Bux....GOOGLE: BUX "Nuthin Fya Cant Kill" @ datpiff ...MIXTAPE OF THE YEAR...if you want the real ish

  3. BUX "Nuthin Fya Cant Kill" @ datpiff ...MIXTAPE OF THE YEAR...

    Go to this mixtape (its trash)
    wtf mixtape of the year. 1 urself.

    this is da real bux. Look up at da picture. c da water. there aint water like dat in the states, we living ova here nigga. Catch up or get caught up