Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Who Does It Better pt.1

Now I can really testify that these guys have been putting in work since day one. Dating back to 2006, JackMobb.com has been on the cutting edge of marketing and advertising. Its nice to see someone I know personally STILL going at it 4 years later.

Here's a statement from their website:

Since 2006, JackMobb has provided advertising services. Over the past four years, we have established a web presence by attracting over 1 million hits a month. We have supported social organizations, music artists and other event promoters.

In 2010, we have decided to offer our merchandise online in addition to the services we've offered in the past.

As a company, we understand that planning an event or running a business can be a very challenging task. So, we provide a number of marketing services to give our clients the ability to reallocate their focus on other areas, thus maximizing their profit potential. JackMobb.com was launched in 2006. After extensive promoting, our website received over 1 million hits a month. This opened a broader window of opportunity for our clients a more visible presence online.

I have worked with Young Jones, CEO of Jackmobb.com on many projects and the guy is very serious about his work. Trust me, you won't find too many of his cloth in the game today. I'm happy to say I know this guy personally and professionally.

You can follow JackMobb on twitter for all upcoming events and latest info.

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