Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Meet Ciroc Clark

I came across Ciroc like I usually do with everyone else, randomly searching Twitter. We all know twitter is full of a couple things; models,bloggers, rappers, promoters, and djs. When I saw that she was an artist, I decided to give her a listen, like I do with most artists. After visiting her page, I was impressed with a few tracks. Not what I expected, mostly because I'm use to female artists rapping about how bad they are and niggas aint shit, she came across much different, in a good way might I add.

After listening to a couple more, I was sold that she was very talented and had a few skills on the mic. I could tell she took time and put a lot of effort into her recordings, some people can't notice that off the top, but I did. I think she's really going to be a fresh ear in hip hop. To read more about her, check out her Reverbnation page. As for the music, skim through the tracks below.

You can also follow her on TWITTER.

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