Friday, September 10, 2010

Reggie, Reggie, Reggie

Over the last few weeks, Reggie Bush has been under fire about the Heisman Trophy award and whether he'll be able to keep it or not. I find it sad that they would even be THINKING of taking this trophy back, something they've NEVER done in it's entire history. Whether Reggie Bush took money or not, his performance was what won him the Heisman a few years ago. He was the most explosive, dominating, aggressive running back to watch that ENTIRE SEASON. He deserves it.

Now here's where the bad part comes in. The NCAA punished USC with a few fines, taking away a few scholarships and bowl games, AND VACATING ALL THE WINS from that Reggie Bush season. This, is where we have a problem. As I mentioned up above, the Heisman Trophy Awards Trust has NEVER taken back an award from a player before, now I would also like to mention, NO PLAYER HAS EVER WON a Heisman Trophy without playing ANY GAMES. That is how things are looking now. If Reggie keeps the Award, he will become the first person ever to hold the Trophy without playing a game. No receptions, no yards, no touchdowns. That season is WIPED AWAY.

However, I still do not like the fact that they are trying to take it away, but I feel it needs to be GIVEN BACK. I think they are stalling because they want Reggie to feel this way as well. They've given him enough time. He should take the classy way out, beat them to the punch, and offer to give the award back.


  1. He was the best college football player that year and he earned the award.

    I don't care if he violated NCAA rules. The NCAA rules are unrealistic. They expect these kids to work their butts off and not receive a dime of compensation (scholarships won't help feed and house your family).

    Whether Reggie took the money is not important in regards to the award. I think he should be allowed to keep the award and he shouldn't give it back.

  2. Yeah the rules suck as we have seen in this short NFL season, two games have been lost because of CRAZY RULES, but there are rules and until they change them, they have to play by them.
    We all know he deserves the Heisman but when you break the rules, you have to suffer the consequences.
    It's sad but true.