Friday, September 10, 2010

Does SEX really matter?

Ok, numerous people have told me before, SEX doesn't play ANY type of role in their relationship. It's all about caring, loving, trusting the person you're with. If the birds are chirping and dogs are barking when you and your lover walks Lover's Lane, then everything is right with the world. My thoughts; you've gotta be f#@king KIDDING ME!!

Let's start off by saying that I am in NO WAY, one of these sexual maniacs who puts sex above breathing. Sex is what it is, it's SEX. On another note, I do think that sex plays a major part in a relationship. You may think different, and that's totally cool. That's you, but what about your partner?

If the sex is terrible, what happens then? Are pointers given out? Do you move on? Do you go the drastic route and get it from someone else? I would most certainly hope not, but there are are some who have AND has used that as an excuse!!

How much of a role does SEX play in your relationship? Can you stick around if the sex is horrible? If your guy or girl has NO CLUE of what's going on in the bedroom, what is your next move? Does SEX REALLY MATTER?

I've given you my take, let me know what you think on the issue.


  1. Sex has to come after we're both comfortable enough to say what we like and do not like. Then I'd have no problem telling him what pleases me and vice versa. Sex is important, and it may be a deal breaker if I can't feel shit and you're not making it up for it in other areas. But if you have something to work with then lessons are always fun.

  2. Sex definitely matters. Sex has always played a big part in my relationships (it has fueled relationships and in others has led to the demise of the relationship.) Compatibility in the bedroom is important.

    I can stick around if the sex is bad. A horrible lover can learn what you like (if they are willing to do that). I think it's something you can work on together and grow in that aspect of your relationship. It just takes time. What I can't deal with is when the amount of sex is too low.

  3. Great points, completely agree with you @JMach, the same things have happened to me as well!
    And ClaSsC has nice points, you've got to be making up for it in a major way if the sex is a nogo!