Thursday, October 28, 2010

The 2nd Date.

Ok, so by someway possible, you've made it to the second date. A few questions float in your head on how things should go, what you should do, things you should talk about, where will you take her, what does she expect out of this one? All common concerns, but chill. To me, a second date is ALL POSITIVE from what I've seen. For one, she likes you, hence the reason she's out with you on a second date, and even if she doesn't like you from what you've shown her on the first one, you still have one more chance to show her why there should be more dates in the future.

A lot of people disagree with me and my labeling of this date as, the "spend out" date. I say that to say this, the first day for me is more so of a meeting, a walk and talk type of environment. A quick lunch, stop and drop small gifts off type of date. Nothing major. After a few more phone calls, text messages, retweets and dms, the 2nd date is where you show her what you are about and what she can get use to. I label this one as the "spend out" date because this is usually where the dinner, movies, live music, etc takes place.

ING Direct did a survey on how much money women expect guys to spend on a FIRST date. Most women said somewhere around $85 was a reasonable amount. I guess that really depends on where you are living as well. However; the second date has always been known to me as I stated above.
I asked a few of my friends on twitter questions about the #2ndDate and I really enjoyed some of the answers they provided.

When asking "What Do Women Expect On A #2ndDate," I received:

So what if sex happens on the #2ndDate, what does that mean? To me, I always thought if that happened on the #2ndDate, it very well could have happened on the first. Does it means she's easy, of course!! Just kidding. No, it just means, well I asked that to a few followers and they responded as follows:

Hmm, so what do you think? How do your #2ndDates turn out? Lemme know.

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