Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fellas, are we THAT bad!?

Yeah. You see the picture above? Yeah that's how my Blackberry messenger recent updates look at the moment. I just didn't wait until these status popped up to take this picture, this could be taken ANY day of the week and the same thing still remains. Women, having "so called guy problems." Before you get ready to scroll to the bottom and leave a comment Or curse me out on twitter. Let me break it down so that it can and will forever be BROKEN.

Ok, I understand that WE, MEN, do some crazy things from time to time. I get that. We fuck up. Women do too. This is not about who fucks up the most, we KNOOOW we got that covered. I'm just saying from WHAT IM SEEING, it's like we're ALWAYS putting you all through something. This is what has me wondering. Like damn, we put women through shit ALL THE TIME? I mean, seeing status' change from one to the other daily puts me in that mind state.

The next time I see one go up, I'm going to question that person. If it that's bad, just leave!

What's the problem?
'I am tired of your shit!'
'You are useless..'
'Why am I with you?'

Smh. Do something about it. I for one just cant believe we put women through THIS MANY MOOD CHANGES without you all doing something to us or deserving some of the treatment/feedback that you are given. Have you (not you but you know) ever thought the reason that you are getting that treatment is because of something you said, did, or didn't do? Just a thought, just a thought.

Now I know some guys can put women through the most, I just think lately it has been overwhelming. Don't believe me, set your alarm for 2:00 am EST, wake up and log onto twitter. I'm sure 60% of the tweets you see are some form of male bashing.
Thanks for reading and putting up with my rant, these are just my thoughts but what do I know, I'm just a nigga with hazel eyes who raps well!

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  1. Well said. A lot of the problems women have with men are self induced. Women want men to be mind readers or do things uncharacteristic of normal male behavior.
    Invest some time in getting to "know" your man or men in general and I guarantee 70% of your problems will be solved.