Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The One Third Rule

Yesterday morning, Big Tigger asked on his Morning Radio Show, "DO YOU WANNA KNOW HOW MANY SEXUAL PARTNERS YA MAN/WOMAN HAS HAD?? IF SO, WHAT NUMBER IS TOO MANY??"

I responded with this:

Now let me explain. I for one NEVER ASK how many PARTNERS a woman have been with. Mostly because I don't want to know how many niggas have SMASHED, that's just me. Secondly, WOMEN LIE JUST LIKE MEN DO. Right, can't fool me! So with that said, I just apply 'The One-Third' rule to every woman, which is that a woman should have had as many sexual partners as one-third of her age. Anything above that means she GETS DOWN in my book. Anything below, she's good to go. So for those you didn't like fractions in school, lets say you meet a woman who's 30. In my mind I say anywhere from 10-15 is cool.

Let me repeat, this is just from the Freddie Mac handbook. Give me your thoughts.

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