Wednesday, July 7, 2010

DJ JONASTY - Workout Mix

Just in time for the summer, DJ JONASTY comes through in the clutch with a few mixes for you ipod including this WORKOUT MIX and a few others.

For those who love Dirty South music, which probably includes everyone who reads this site, check out DJ JONASTY DOWN SOUTH MIX where he's goes HAM with hits by Wayne, Rosco Dash, Gucci and more..

Also for the old school lovers, check out The Old School Mix with a li Slick Rick, Cypress Hill, and even Whodini!!!

Yes, this is the best and only mixes you need for the moment. He has all avenues covered. Follow him on Twitter at @DJJONASTY and tell him Thanks!

Check out his Chilly Chill Radio site as well and tell we need some more mixes ASAP haha!

1 comment:

  1. So..I'ma go ahead & leave a comment letting you know this workout mix is my new playlist for when I go workout. =D thanks for posting! & give DJ Jonasty thanks on my part! (by the way,I am liking your blog! I subscribed.)