Sunday, July 4, 2010

#6 Eva Mendez

El Numero Seis, Eva Mendes! It's only a few women in this world that I will marry on site. As crazy as that seems, I still stick by saying that Eva is one of those few women that I would pop the question to on the first date. Who cares if she has baggage from her previous relationship, can't cook, bad drivers, etc... I'll see pass all that. My list is kinda slim. Cute smile (she has it), nice hair (she's got it), sex appeal (oh yes!), pretty feet (check!), and also a mole on the left cheek, ok just playing about that last one but still, if it was on my list, she possesses that too. Sheesh! This is one of the reasons I hope I never get too famous. Because when you get to that level and can have your picking of some of the most beautiful women in the world, shit happens, and at this moment I probably couldn't take it. So yeah, I'm working on that.

Any how, scroll below for more pics!

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