Sunday, July 18, 2010

Too much ASS cannot be GOOD

Maybe its just me. It has to be. I say this because I have never been an ASS GUY. Sure when females with voluptuous hips pass me, I quickly give the head turn and check them out, but I don't fantasize over bottoms. If you would like to know, I'm more of a legs and breast type guy, even when I'm ordering chicken but that's another story.

Some guys think and have told me, the bigger the ass, the better the sex. I disagree. Then you have some guys who say they don't have sex with fat women but they do have sex with women with HUGE asses. TRUST ME, it's no difference, other than lifting up the stomach, its quite the same. I just don't get it. The only advantage during sex with a woman with a big ass is during doggystyle, the #ASSWAVES are quite a site to see. That's all I can think of. This huge ass movement has to stop. Ladies, please don't get ass shots for US. If you do decide to get them, do it for yourself, you the fucking coldest!

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