Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I am PRO Tramp Stamp, are you?

Umm where do I start? I'm sure JUST by the topic some of you all are already thinking, "Uuugh, how could you be pro ANYTHING tramp-ish?" That's where the confusion comes in at. Now I'm not agreeing with ALL lower back tats because some or horrible, but I have seen a few in my day that were sexy as hell!

I've always said that there are two/three things on a woman that will get my attention. One is a nice pedi/mani (not the ghetto type either) and the other is a sexy lower back tat, or tramp stamp as you may call it. It's just something about them, I really haven't figured it out yet.

Now let me also add they are not for everyone. As much as I love my dark skinned women, they really don't mesh with them too well. If I have to squinch my eyes to try to figure out what it is, then that's most definitely NOT the type I'm talking about.

Keep them sexy! A butterfly or rose or maybe a Chinese letter or two is all you need. I don't need to be getting ready for the doggy-style and look down and read "Tyrone, this is all yours!"

You get what I'm saying don't ya? Thoughts? Do you have one? Send it to me!


  1. Of course men(including YOU) like the lower back tats. And honestly, the only reason women get them is specifically for the attention/entertainment of men. Most can say it's not but really, ain't nobody gonna see it but the guy you're bangin', whether they're your committed man, or your "when I have an itch" man. Or whoever happens to be walking behind you when you bend over or get up. Whichever it is...you're not fooling anybody. :P

    MY tats are for ME. ;)

    I'll pass on the lower back tats, but whoever gets 'em...PLEASE don't get genitalia, sexually suggestive, or names of your second or third previous exes inked on you. It's not cute and they're expensive(and painful) as hell to remove.

  2. Yeeessss!!!!!!! Shoulder tats are hotter!!!!