Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Signs that She's Not Interested In You

Yes fellas, it is fall and cuddle season is fastly approaching. You did a lot of running around this spring and had yourself a very good summer. Pool party here, rooftop event there, lounging through the weekday, etc.. Now you're thinking of bunnin someone up for the winter. Nothing better right? I agree. There are just a few things you need to know, and a few signs you need to look out for before you go chasing a female over these next few months.

Believe it or not, some women, even some of the ones you were checking out over the summer, has found their cuddle buddy for the winter. Tough luck. That's on you playa. So you out there now, "finagling with the hoes" as my homeboy use to call it. Let me give you a few signs that will show you that shorty's not interested in you.

1. If during a conversation, she tells you "This is not the right time."
Ladies know WHAT THEY WANT and WHEN THEY WANT IT. They are not like guys, do we EVER say "this is not the right time?" No. If a female tells you this, keep it moving. Even if she's being truthful, who are you to wait, I told you above, the winter is APPROACHING!

2. When asking for her number, she says, "I'll call you."
Now this could also be true. It has happened a number of times. Although its a 86% chance that she will not give you a call, EVER. The next time a female tells you that, you reply with, "Call me now, so I can save your number." Rude? Maybe, but so what, she wasn't going to call you anyway. Keep it moving.

3. If you poke a female on Facebook and she doesn't poke back.
Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. The "poke" on Facebook has been known to mean anythings. Who really knows what it means but it's always inviting to receive a poke back from a female, don't ask me why.

4. After meeting her, if she doesn't answer your call OR return/respond to your text message within 24 hours.
This should be a cleat message but some guys don't get it. They continue to call, write, email, tweet, etc. Believe me, if she wanted to talk to you, she would. Keep it moving, remember what I said, the WINTER IS APPROACHING.

There are a few others that I could name but those are the major ones. Keep an eye out for these signals the rest of the fall and you should be good to go. Ladies are slick and sneaky and also readers of this blog, so don't let them switch it up on you pahtna!

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