Wednesday, October 6, 2010

MY Top 10 Video Games of All Time

With the release of NBA 2K11 this week, I figured I would post a list of my top 10 video games of all time, due to the buzz that this will be one of the best created sports basketball games ever. Scan over my list and post a few of your own.

10. Blades of Steel - Whoever thought kids in my neighborhood would be lined up to play a hockey game? When they're fighting involved, it makes it much better. This is prolly one of the only hockey games I've ever played more than twice.

9.Street Fighter 2 - This game set the score between who had skills or not. I was undefeated with Ryu.

8.NBA Live 2000 - First one for Playstation 2 I think. Graphics were amazing.

7.Halo 3 - Remember staying up 47 1/2 hours straight the night this dropped.

6.WCW vs NWO: World Tour -Wow, what do you know about this? Getting four people together and going at it in the ring with Sting, The Hulk, The Giant, Rey Mysterio and more.

5.Golden Eye 64 - Best multiplayer game EVER.

4.Zelda - Getting lost in the trees are we?

3.Metal Gear Solid 2 - My good ol tennis teammate Jeff put me on to this while we were in college. Couldn't believe I'd never heard of this before. After that, i even went back, bought, and finished the original Metal Gear Solid.

2.Grand Theft Auto 3 - Stealing lowriders JUST to hit the switches.

1. Contra - Wooooow what can I say? This has to be MY BEST GAME EVER. The action was crazy and so was the multiplayer. I remember fighting over who would get which gun. The (L)aser was cool but everyone wanted the (S)pread. Hahaha! Even the code will never be forgotton.

Your thoughts?


  1. My top 10:

    1) Tecmo Bowl- Best football game of all time. Period. I don't care how many Madden's they release.

    2) Nox- Best multi-player game of all time. 8 hours a day back at old JCJC. I call it a "crack cocaine substitute". It was that addictive.

    3) Metal Gear Solid- I'll never forget when this game came out. The way it utilized the Dual Shock, memory cards, and the incredible gameplay.

    4) Starcraft- Another online gem.

    5) Battlefield 1942- Best online FPS.

    6) Mario Bros. Series- The king. So many good games in this series it's impossible to choose one. I still haven't played a 3D adventure game that stacks up to Mario 64.

    7) Castlevania: Symphony of the Night- Freddie Mac, if you haven't played this one, check it out.

    8) Half-Life- Best offline FPS. Incredible.

    9) Zelda Series: Take your pick. So many great games.

    10) Super Mario Kart: So many great memories with this one. The 2 player mode was fantastic.

    BTW, absolutely loved Blades of Steel. The mini-game in between periods was ultra cool.

    Did you really stay up that long playing Halo?

    I still remember when you brought over GTA 3 to the dorms. I was blown away.

  2. Hahaha yeah man, I think that was my first Halo too, and I had prolly just got back into playing games and got an Xbox for my bday that summer, so it was the first online game I got into. LOL, I was up forever it seemed.
    Niiice list, I knew you had one! Thanks