Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Real Housewives of Atlanta: Season Three, Ep. 1 [Recap]

Wow, where do I begin? Real Housewives is probably the only housewives show I pay attention to outside of OC, the original one. It's mostly because of the drama, not to catch up on fashion or the "in-crowd" of Atlanta, trust me.

The season returned Monday on Bravo, I missed the episode due to flipping back and forth between The Event, House, Monday Night Football, and a slew of other slows that were way more important. I noticed people on twitter talking about the show and I could tell it was a disaster, but in a good way.
Let me start by saying, Sheree, who was my favorite from last year, HAS TO BE GOING THROUGH some type of break down or mid-life crisis. She starts with saying she has put her fashion line on hold to become an actress. I guess this means she got her divorce settlement and now has to time to just do what she wants, ok cool.

Nene. Poor Nene. Still after attention. I remember Nene from the first season, so plain, still cute and adorable. Guess this is what happens when you make someone a reality star. I couldn't get pass how much she looked like Kaleena from Diddy's group Dirty Money.
Kim Zolciak is still reaching for the spotlight as well with this lesbian fiasco. She mentions that Big Papa is STILL getting divorced, I guess she is still "sick" and losing hair as well since she's still rocking these ridiculous wigs. Who knows?

Kandi, Kandi, Kandi... I'm gonna let you make it till episode two. You good for now. Plus I'm a Ravens fan so as long as you keep McGahee happy, we straight.

They also have two new ladies on the show this year. The one they introduced on this episode was Phaedra Parks. *Cues Kayne West You Cant Tell Me Nothing* Phaedra is the shit, let her tell it. Cool with me, do you.

Also the kid, Dwight is back and he gets into an altercation with Nene over rumors that were started with her husband borrowing money. This situation was handle very poorly while they attending a "highly exclusive" chic shoe release event in which Sheree noted that all the shoes were outdated.

By the looks of it, this will be an interesting season, I hope. It's Atlanta at it's finest, perhaps. Unlike Bad Girls Club, which I have boycotted, I may continue watching the Housewives, mainly because I know what to expect.

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