Monday, October 4, 2010

The Dazzel Cartel

A couple days ago I was invited to visit The Dazzle Cartel’s studio, located in the heart of Northwest DC. I went in not knowing that I would be blown away by the lovely ladies who were there. CoKo and Cici, as they’re known to many others in the area, discussed numerous things such as projects their working on, events their hosting, future plans for TDC, and of course, what would a studio be without the conversation of MEN!? Yes, they shed some light on guys in the area as well. Unfortunately, THAT PART will not be heard in the video below, but don’t worry; I’ll try to explain later.

The Dazzel Cartel from Freddie Mac on Vimeo.

TDC are way more than just a hair studio. They specialize in fashion as a whole. After entering and expecting only to see a few hair accessories, I was surprised by the extent and deepness of their catalog. From shoes, to frames, to diamonds, very articulate I may add. I could tell by this look these girls were serious. Very goal driven.

As Cici entered the room, she began talking about how earlier, she had a conversation with herself about "how she has been slacking and really needs to get on her shit," this shocked me to hear that. For one, because of the buzz they have already received, I thought they were already going harder than Baltimore. I could tell that they wanted more, and even when they got more, it still was not going to be good enough.

CoKo had a client who I spoke with shortly about what TDC provided. She assured me that “CoKo really knows what she’s doing,” and also “some of the stylists I go to can not even do the things she does, and they have their own salons.” That says a lot with the numerous amounts of hair dressers in the DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia) area.
They told me earlier they were from Detroit; I wanted to know the difference in the aspect of fashion because that always seems to be a topic around DC. They explained that Detroit is “flashier, more competitive.” CoKo evens stated, “Niggas wear Prada to the grocery stores!”

Invisible part weave

They also told me besides hair, they design accessories and are in the middle of starting a non-profit, in which they will make wigs for cancer patients. They’re also doing a lot of charity events. They plan on hosting a prom for a school in DC, consisting of styling, make-up, getting dresses etc. Also they are looking for help as well. Any make-up artist, stylist, seamstress, and designers who would like to help should contact them (contact information below).
Another huge upcoming event included going to Africa. Cici explained it as, “a great opportunity to give back to our community. It’s really important for us to do it. We have been so blessed so we feel like it’s only right that we bless other people as well.”

Overlay on Nails by TDC

After this visit I could tell that they were all about their business. I could see the hunger for more within them and in this industry, it’s very much needed. With the events and projects mentioned, I look for TDC to have a HUGE year and I’m happy I got a chance to visit and talk to them before they went all Hollywood, even though that probably wouldn’t happen to them, but I’m not sure about LiLi. Oh, I never mentioned Lili, you can check her out on twitter and she also got a little camera time in the video above.

Any one interested in contacting TDC there are numerous ways to do so. You can follow them all on Twitter:
The Dazzle Cartel

Styles by CoKo
Cierra Ross

Styles By CoKo

Telephone (202) 630-0467 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (202) 630-0467      end_of_the_skype_highlighting


  1. And it all started five years ago with a sew-in out of of your mom's kitchen : )

    So proud and you already know!

  2. Other ways to contact us:


    6925 Willow St Nw Suite 222
    Washington DC 20012

  3. That's crazy. I was thinking about giving Coko a call a few days ago. Great post.