Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sex with Heels On?

I've been trying to figure out this fascination for a while now. You know, the one that guys have about having sex with women in only heels. I mean, I have that fascination as well but I couldn't even begin to tell you where it came from. I've also learned that some women have this fantasy as well. Hopefully after this post, you and I will have a better understanding of how this cam about and why there are so many who try to cross this challenge off their sex list.

We all know sex is a wonderful thing, well the ones who have had their share of course. Not speaking for myself, but I've heard from friends that it is a pretty nice activity to partake in. Over the past few years, through college, work force, lounge hopping, and gallivanting with the in crowd from time to time, the topic of sex comes up. From there, it goes into what do you like? How do you like it? What are some of your fantasies? Some of the answers remain the same, some vary. Often someone brings up the question, "have you ever told a female to keep her heels on?"

I can remember growing up, a young buck in the backwoods of Mississippi, and this question had NEVER crossed my mind. Heels are no heels, who cared, and why? During college and after, I started noticing women who mostly wore heels, seemed more powerful, more confident, more dominant. I believe around this time is where those thoughts started to mature. That, and every R&B singer telling chicks to "leave your heels on" was probably the determining factor.

"Yeah, I want you to leave those heels on tonight. I'm coming over." Sounds sexy right? I mean, at least you giggled a lil bit (females only of course). Ok, let me retract a previous statement from earlier. I have had this take place. I say that because if I were a virgin, you wouldn't believe the things I am about to describe.

Seeing a woman enter the room in only heels says two things; she's about her business and she's ready to handle business. That's just my observation. One word. SEXY. That's all I can say. SEXY. Nothing turns you on more than the sexiness of a woman, and that adds major points in my book.

So, did I answer my own question? I might have to scroll back up and read it again. On another note, how do you feel about this? Is it a turn-on? Is it non-sense?

Ladies do you think it adds or takes away from the moment? Ever participated in this? If so, who's idea was it?


  1. Absolutely love heels and "stripper shoes". There are numerous benefits to the shoes but I mostly dig the height bonus and the long legs effect.

  2. Yeah I think that height bonus is a plus for me too!