Monday, January 25, 2010

What Im Wearing Pt.1

So finally I could say the DMV really must have an affect on me by my latest few purchases. When I moved here from Mississippi, I really thought a few souls had THEE WORSE sense of fashion by some of the places I went. Of course growing up in Mississippi, I was limited to only a few new and hot items and places to shop, that is until the internet came along. After being up here a while, 3-4 years to be exact, I always frowned upon some shoes that seemed the WHOLE WORLD couldn't get enough of, but I couldnt stand them at all. One, I still can't see myself purchasing are the, what I call "Ronald McDonald" shoes. You know the ones I'm talking about, right?

But yeah, anyway. These foamposites or foamPOCKETS as my sister refers to them were the other hot item that kids could not get enough of. I just never really saw the point of these shoes. I just always kinda felt like if shoes came out, and they were $150 and above, everybody just copped just to say they copped even if they weren't hot. Well anyway with that said, last week I fell into the trap and copped some Eggplant Foams, crazy I don't even know the correct name of them, just goes to show how much of a sneaker head I am right?

Guessing now I have to find something to rock with em right? Guess I'll be a Colorado Rockies fan for the couple times I lace these shoes up.

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