Saturday, January 2, 2010

Freddie Mac x Megan D - LOG IN

With the takeover of the internet social sites for the past few years, internet crushes are at an all time high! Believe it or not, we've all had that one friend or follower (now that twitter has popped on the scene) that we've just maaaaybe thought "hmmm, what if." So it was only right that I touched on this subject on the upcoming mixtape with this song entitled "Log In."
After I scooped this beat, I knew I needed a female on the chorus to make this complete. So after listening to a few songs from some of DMV's finest, I knew Megan D would sound perfect on the track, the hard part was getting her to give me the ok (she's quite busy you see). This however, seemed to be the easiest part, she agreed with no problem and actually took this song to another level.

You can download Log In ft. Megan D HERE.

This track would not be the same without her, so please show some support by visiting New York Z100 and pressing play!

You can hear more of Megan D's work HERE

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