Tuesday, January 26, 2010

**Ipod Worthy: D.O.E x Baddie**

Lets face it, through Twitter we've met a whooole rack of people. Models, Celebs, Rappers, Trappers, etc.. We've established bonds with certain people, friendships, and networking with others. That's the good and sometimes bad thing about this social site. Music-wise, Twitter can make or BREAK or career. I mean, one trash song and thats mostly what you're known for from that moment on. Over the past year, doing a few collabs with the homie @TravDave he has introduced me to another up and coming artist residing in Ohio (a place I use to get it in at, no Killa) who goes by the name of D.O.E.

I first heard his skills on the CO3 track, once again from the Usual Suspect mixtape, where he and Trav completely murdered Snoop's "I Wanna Rock" single. Then later in the week he put me on to "Baddie," a laid-back club banger I must say. The beat was crazy when it came on so I was hoping that he would murder it, and that he did. Here for yourself:

Download the track Right HERE!

This track is featured on his upcoming mixtape NEW DAY NEW MONEY which hits the innanets on Feb.1st.

You can learn more about D.O.E by visiting http://doe614.blogspot.com/
Also check him out on Twitter as @getdoe614

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